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XL Center Cut Antler

Redbarn Antlers are from wild, free-roam deer. They are long lasting and very durable so they are great for young dogs who are vigorous chewers. They are not stinky or staining. Because of the chewing action, antlers are a natural dental aid.


Country of Origin: Canada

Shelf Life: 36 mo

Unit Of Measure: inches

Product Dimensions(Approx.):

Length: 7.625"

Width: .25"

Height: .25"

Weight: 2.12 oz

Case Count: 20

  • Natural, long lasting chew
  • Good source of calcium and phosphorus
  • Durable for even aggressive chewers
  • Non-staining

Treat Responsibly: If antler breaks or splinters remove immediately and discard any pieces that could be swallowed by your pet to avoid injury. Hard treats can damage a pet’s teeth. Recommended chew size is slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. Always provide a fresh supply of drinking water.

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A newborn puppy can’t see or hear, has no teeth and won’t be able to control his bladder until he about four months old.