All the Information You Need to Know About Redbarn’s Rebrand!

Back in May, we announced a rebrand of the entire Redbarn product catalog, including a new logo and tagline. We’ve been hard at work since then and are so excited to see the new look reaching your favorite pet stores and online retailers.

 We also know that as discerning pet owners you have a lot of questions. You want to be sure that you’re receiving the same quality product and aren’t paying more for less. As pet owners, we share these concerns and, in the words of our co-owner Jeff Baikie, when our customers pick up a Redbarn product, “we want them to be confident, knowing they made a safe, reliable and nutritious choice.”


Redbarn Rebrand FAQs

Why does the packaging look different? Was Redbarn bought by another company?

As a brand celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2016, we’ve grown a lot over the years. We started with one product and now manufacture over 200! Redbarn decided to change our packaging and rebrand because we wanted to best represent our premium products.

Times change and our company evolved. As our customers changed their desires, we’ve worked hard to listen to them and provide more variety in our natural product options. The Redbarn Naturals line has over 150 products. We truly appreciate the customers who helped us grow our brand over the years and loved our older packaging. We loved it too! However, we felt that our packaging didn’t clearly communicate the benefits of our natural chews, treats, and food to new customers finding us for the first time, and so we updated the color scheme of our packaging to better complement our new lines of canned food.

 As one of a few brands on the market that feature functional ingredients in both our treats and food, we wanted to help educate customers about the different solutions that help support their pet’s health needs across our whole product line. We still make the same, great products that we’ve always made—we just have a new look.

Why did you discontinue Beef-a-Palooza/Tricky Chicky?

As part of our rebranding efforts Beef-a-Palooza and Tricky Chicky became Beef Stew and Chicken Stew, respectively. In an effort to improve based on feedback and testing, we made some adjustments to these recipes, including a thicker gravy (which is why you’ll see agar-agar listed in the ingredients rather than guar gum) and the addition of functional ingredients like cranberries and dried green lipped mussels. These functional ingredient additions increase the product’s nutritional value.


Why has the consistency of your cat food changed?

In the past, our Tricky Chicky recipe contained guar gum and had a more soup-like consistency. The feedback we received was that the recipe was too watery, and in our Chicken Stew we made the change to agar-agar to create a thicker gravy. The “chunk” size hasn’t changed, but because the small particles are now inside a thicker gravy they don’t spread out the way they used to. If your cat preferred the more soup-like consistency, an easy fix is to add some warm water to the Chicken Stew.

Why did your prices increase?

Redbarn has limited control over what distributors and retailers charge for our products. If you’ve seen a price increase in your product, your vendor may have decided to raise the price for a variety of reasons.

Why did you remove certain vitamins and minerals?

In some cases, the added functional ingredients like cranberries or dandelion greens mean that fewer vitamins and mineral need to be added in. In other cases, the amount of another similar mineral was increased for more efficient delivery or to better pair with other ingredients. Changes, like adding and removing protein sources, alter the ingredient percentage in the formula, which will always need to balance out at 100%. So if you see something increase, you will more than likely have something decrease. Remember, ingredients are listed in order of weight in the finished product.

Why did the recipe change?

Most of our products are single or limited-ingredient treats, so there’s not much to change! However, Redbarn is constantly analyzing the marketplace to make sure that our products don’t just meet customer expectations, they exceed them.

Wait…I loved the old formula. Why did you change it?

We loved the old recipes too–but as a company, we’re not content to stay with the “same-old, same-old”. Some of our food underwent minor changes in order to increase the amount of meat and deliver your pet the most nutrition. In some cases, functional ingredients like cranberries and dried green lipped mussels were added to support your pet’s health. This year, we decided to update our rolled food formulas to enhance the quality. In short, the new formula has more fresh meat, less wheat and higher amounts of protein and fiber for the same price as the old roll. We see this not only as an improvement to our current product but something that will actively support your dog’s nutrition and lifestyle.

Do you have a question about specific changes? Please contact our customer service department.


 Why is there less product in the bag?

If you compare ounces on any of our bags, you’ll find that they’re getting the same amount of goodies as before. Based on feedback and testing we moved to a larger bag for some of our products, which in some cases, unfortunately, makes it look like you are receiving less.

I’m not satisfied with my product. What do I do?

The Redbarn Guarantee means that we’ll go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Contact our customer service department within 30 days with any questions or concerns, and you can receive a refund or replacement.

I can’t find your product in stores anymore. What do I do?

If you have a preferred retailer, start by asking them where you can find Redbarn product on their shelves. Sometimes products get shuffled around or might be out of stock temporarily.

If you don’t have a store where you regularly buy Redbarn products, you can check out our store locator online! We recommend calling ahead as not all locations carry all of our products.

If you’d like to buy from one of our preferred eCommerce retailers, visit the product page and click the “Buy Now” button to find out which of our partner have it in stock.

Have more questions?

Contact our customer service department by telephone at 562-495-7315 or Toll Free at 800-775-3849. You can also get in touch with Redbarn customer service by email via

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