Are Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?

Kronos with a Braided Bully Stick

Ask most dog owner what their dog’s favorite chew is and “bully sticks” will likely be the answer.

Here at Redbarn, we happen to be pretty familiar with bully sticks for dogs. For more than 20 years, Redbarn has been one of the leading producers of bully sticks for the pet industry. Over the years, we have fielded many questions about bully sticks: Are bully sticks safe for dogs? Are bully sticks good for dogs? What are bully sticks made of? The list goes on and on…

Since we have such a robust history with bully manufacturing and sales, who better to set the record straight about bully stick facts?

With many positive things to talk about, we thought we’d focus on a few of the best things about bully sticks.

What are Bully Sticks?

If you’re new to bully sticks, the first thing you might be asking is, “What are bully sticks made from?” That’s a great question! When it comes to bully sticks ingredients, you’ll be happy to know that they are a single ingredient chew (so no long and complicated ingredients panel). But if you look at a chart of cattle anatomy, you won’t see ‘bully stick’ listed on there. So what are they? The short answer is that bully sticks are beef pizzle. Pizzle is an all natural muscle and is very similar to single ingredient products like beef tendon straps or other dog jerkies. You may also hear them called ‘bully bones’ or ‘bully chews’ – these are just other names for bully sticks for dogs.

If you’re still asking yourself, but what is beef pizzle? That’s a great question too. You might want to sit down for this one though. Are you ready? Beef pizzle is bull penis. If learning that makes you want to swear off buying any more bully chews, we suggest you keep reading.

Why Pizzle?

When people find out that bully sticks are made from beef pizzle (bull penis), their reaction is often, “Ew. Why?” It might seem gross to us, but dogs love beef pizzle because of the strong flavor and taste. Dogs love organ meats, like pizzles, because they closely mimic their ancestral diet.

Beyond being a treat that your dog thinks is tasty, there are a lot of things that make bully sticks a great single ingredient chew.

Bull Pizzle is:

Free From

  • Preservatives
  • Soy
  • Grains
  • Wheat
  • Artificial flavors


  • 100% Beef
  • Highly Digestible
  • High Protein
  • Great for All Life Stages

Point being? Beef Pizzle makes a GREAT single-ingredient treat for your dog. For dogs with stomach sensitivities, allergies or who just love the taste of beef, you can’t beat bully sticks.

Sustainable Dog Chews

At Redbarn, it’s important that we don’t just make products that are good for your pet but are also good for the planet.

Did you know that that beef requires 28 times more land, six times more fertilizer, and 11 times more water compared to those other food sources? That adds up to about five times more greenhouse gas emissions.

At Redbarn, we work with ranchers to buy parts of the cattle that might otherwise be thrown away. To be clear, the reasons these parts would otherwise be thrown away is not because there is anything wrong with them, but because outside of the pet industry there is little to no demand for them. 

While there are some companies in the human food space that are working to use the whole animal, there are many body parts that are not considered appropriate for human consumption and/or many people aren’t interested in eating them (pizzle, anyone?).

While some people are dismissive of these byproducts, we believe that when they are high in quality and from an ethical source there are many animal body parts that can become great chews for your dog! This includes the beef pizzle that we use for bully sticks, along with hooves, steer horns, tails, esophagus, lung and ears. We use every part of the animal, which helps farm operations become more sustainable.

The Benefits of Bully Sticks


Australian Shepherd with a Redbarn Bully StickBully sticks are 100% beef muscle. They contain only one ingredient– beef pizzle. Bully sticks are a highly palatable, tough chew that most dogs find irresistible.

Redbarn bully sticks are a great chew option for your dog. They are all natural and have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives. We slow roast them in their own juices to bring out the natural flavors that dogs’ love.

Redbarn Bully Sticks are a single ingredient chew that you can feel good about giving to your dog because they are highly palatable and fully digestible.

Complete digestibility and our stringent QA testing ensure that Redbarn bully sticks aren’t just good for your dog but are one of the best chew options for almost any dog no matter breed, size or age.

As with any treat, though, supervision is important. Bully Sticks are highly digestible, but be sure your dog isn’t breaking off large pieces that can pose a choking hazard.

 Dental Health Benefits

Corgi with a bully stick

With all of the emerging information about how important dental health is to the overall health of dogs, pet parents face the challenge of how to keep their pups teeth clean.

If your dog has a buildup of plaque, the best thing you can do is to schedule a professional cleaning. Next, start a regular routine of wiping or brushing his teeth. You’ll also want to start providing tough chews, like bully sticks, to help maintain your pups pearly whites.

If you have a puppy, start brushing his teeth right away so he is comfortable with the process. You should also provide tough chews on a regular basis to support healthy teeth and gums. Incorporating the act of chewing and gnawing on tough chews into your dogs routine helps to maintain clean and healthy teeth and gums.

Curious about how Bully sticks help improve your dog’s teeth? At first, it might seem counter-intuitive that by eating, your dog will have cleaner teeth. The easy answer? It’s all in how your dog chews.

The mechanical action of chewing tough chews, like Bully Sticks, promotes dental health by naturally scraping teeth and gums. This “Scraping” helps to remove harmful plaque and reduce buildup, keeping your dog’s teeth cleaner. This is because chewing scrapes away any buildup before it has a chance to really stick onto the teeth.

High Concentration of Protein

stereocavalier with a bully stick

Dogs are opportunistic carnivores. That means that they prefer and thrive on protein but will certainly eat most anything. Since we know that they are healthiest and thrive on a protein-based diet, why not give them chews that foster their best health? One great way to support your dog’s protein intake is with natural chews!

Redbarn bully sticks come from high protein beef muscle. They are also rich in amino acids which support muscles, brain, skin, and coat.

Redbarn bully sticks are fully digestible, high in protein and support dental health. Show your pup how much you love him by giving him a treat that supports his dental health and gives him the protein he needs to thrive!

Types of Bully Sticks

We offer different sizes, from 3 inches to 36 inches. Redbarn even has a line of mini bully sticks, which are perfectly sized for smaller breeds! While straight bully chews are the most popular, Redbarn produces a variety of bully shapes so you can find the best bully for your dog.

Shaped Bully Sticks

Wondering what varieties of bully sticks are available? If you’re already a fan of bully sticks or a natural chew expert, you might be asking yourself “Why Should I Choose Shaped Bully Sticks?” What’s special about them?

For dogs who need something more to chew on, shaped bully sticks offer a fun challenge to keep pups happy and busy. Every dog is different, so your dog will have their own personal preference for bully stick shapes.

Here are a few of the bully shapes available:

Why Choose Redbarn Bully Sticks?

When it comes to dog treats, you have a lot of options out there! There are a few reasons that we believe we produce the best beef pizzle on the market.

High-quality products are important to us.

Good Bully sticks start with good raw materials. At Redbarn, it starts with the cattle.

Redbarn Naturals Bully Sticks come from free range, grass-fed cattle that are raised with a healthy grass diet, as nature intended. Our grass-fed beef chews come from both Bulls and Steers. In the end, the result is a natural goodness manufactured in our own plant to strict quality control standards. The same standards we expect for our own dogs passed down to the ones you love!

Redbarn Bully Sticks are whole and never sliced in half.

At Redbarn, we think that you should get more Bully for your buck. What does this mean? Some bully stick multipacks feature bully sticks that are cut down the middle. When sticks are sliced, they’re thinner and can be chewed through more quickly. Look for the green label to make sure you’re getting guaranteed Redbarn Bully.

Other Redbarn Guarantees

  • We sort steer sticks from bully sticks, so you’re getting a thicker stick. Better yet, we even identify them differently on our packaging, so you can be sure to get the size your dog prefers.
  • Redbarn processes our Bully Sticks naturally, without artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors, etc. Nothing artificial, nothing added.

Redbarn has been producing bully chews for 20 years and is one of the largest Bully Stick producers in the world.

When We Say Natural…

We don’t add any chemicals or artificial ingredients to our Bully Sticks. Many consumers don’t realize that odor free bully sticks are treated with chemicals to eliminate the smell.

Redbarn produces only natural low odor bully sticks. After we clean and cook them, we give them a bath with a natural Yucca solution to reduce the odor. That’s it! When you’re treating with Redbarn Bully Sticks, you’re giving natural ingredients, minimally processed to your dog.

Safely Sourced

Where do we get all this great beef? It’s a good question. While we actively try to source ingredients from the United States, some ingredients from abroad are higher quality than ingredients found in the United States. Our bully sticks are sourced and manufactured in South America at a Redbarn-owned plant that we hold to the same quality assurance standards as our Kansas-based facility.

Redbarn Pet Products believes in keeping the quality of our products, like our natural bully sticks to the highest possible standards.

Our Guarantee

Treat your pet with confidence, each and every stick! At Redbarn quality is #1. We have strict quality assurance specifications in our factories to ensure the freshest bully sticks go out our doors for your dog to enjoy. Learn more about the Redbarn Guarantee.

Our Quality Assurance Procedures

At Redbarn Pet Products, we work hard to ensure that we manufacture the highest quality and safest pet food and treats. We take our Quality Assurance standards seriously. We invest both time and money into our quality assurance programs: purchasing new machinery, hiring skilled and educated staff, and utilizing up-to-date and improved processing and testing protocols.

Redbarn maintains three fully equipped labs: one devoted to quality assurance physical and chemical testing of materials and product, one for microbiological testing, and one dedicated to product development.

Our in-house labs are set up to test pH, moisture levels, water activity levels and salt levels as well as perform microbiological tests such as aerobic plate counts, anaerobic plate counts, coliform counts and Salmonella screening. We do initial testing on the raw bully materials, then test them again after they’ve been cooked!

Our product development lab has capabilities for trial batches of new and improved items in our product line.

Finally, we utilize an outside ISO accredited laboratory for additional biological and chemical testing, for verification of our procedures and tests results, and for special projects.

Every product that we manufacture in both our Kansas and Paraguay plants is subjected to our high-quality control standards.

Your Pet’s Safety is Our Priority

Together with internal and external monitoring and auditing, we feel that we have industry leading quality and safety protocols in place to ensure the final product you receive is of the highest quality. With this degree of quality, you can feel confident giving your pet our Redbarn products.

Bully Sticks are great, but don’t just take our word for it

If you’ve made it this far, we know you really want to learn all about bully sticks and finding the best beef pizzle for your dog. We’ve told you why we think bully sticks are great and why we think Redbarn bully sticks are the best, but you should also hear from the customers that use our products! Here are some bully sticks reviews you might want to read:

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Bully Springs

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AKC: Why Redbarn Bully Sticks Are A Great Treat For Dogs

New to feeding your dog bully sticks or other natural chews? Want to talk about why bully chews are good for your dogs? Our friendly customer service team is here to answer all of your questions! Either fill out the form here or call us at 1 (800) 775-3849, Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm PST.

This post was originally published on April 9, 2015. We’ve since refreshed it because we’re constantly working to bring you the most up to date and relevant information about the health and nutrition of your pets.

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All information is provided on an as-is basis. Please note that each situation is different. You should always consult your veterinarian should you have any questions about your pet’s health.

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  1. Creepy McSteezerson

    I absolutely LOVE that you posted about dogs being opportunistic carnivores! I have been saying that for YEARS!

  2. Susanlynn Acimovic

    I haven’t use your company. However,I agree bully sticks are great. My red nosed pit Jade loves them. With her being under a year old, she is still teething. I rather her chew the sticks, than chew anything in my house that’s not hers.

  3. theflyingacc


    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi there,
      By ‘fully digestible’ we mean that bully sticks safely breaks down in your dog’s digestive tracts. Some items, like rawhide, are not digestible and so they come out more or less in the same condition as they went in. We would encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing in terms of taking the sticks away when they become too small since small chunks can be a choking hazard.

      We wanted to clarify that while 80% of our product line is Made in America, we do have some products that are produced in our company-owned facility in Paraguay. Our bully sticks are made from free range, grass fed South American cattle and processed in our facility in Paraguay.

    2. Doug

      Just read the package and they are from a plant in South America. My only concern was that they might be treated with chemicals but apparently not. Just a yucca treatment.

      1. Darion Barlow

        Hi Doug,

        To address any concerns you may have, Redbarn Pet Products is dedicated to keeping the quality of our treats and food to the highest possible standards. We have a plant in Kansas and Paraguay of which both operate under HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Learn more about our quality assurance here 🙂

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi John, while your veterinarian is always the best person to get dietary recommendations for your dog, in general, we would say one bully stick a day is fine. If your dog is very active and doesn’t receive other treats or chews, you can consider going up to two bully sticks (depending on the size of the stick and the size of your dog).

  4. Alicia T

    Bully sticks are my dogs most favorite chew. They are my favorite to give him too since they are all natural and digestible unlike other chews.

    1. Molly

      Same! Colby my little cockapoo LOVES bully sticks and they are safer than rawhide and keeps him occupied and out of trouble

  5. Mochi's Mom

    While our dog loves chewing them, after having one she tends to get runny poo. Each time we’ve tried it, same result. We think maybe she just has too sensitive of a stomach. Have you heard of this side effect before? She’s a 10 lb rescue poodle mix 2yrs old (had her since she’s 3 mo old).

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Mochi’s Mom (hi Mochi!), while we think bully sticks are a great chew, they are not a good fit for every dog. Sometimes bully sticks don’t agree with some pups with sensitive stomachs. More than likely this isn’t a problem with the bully sticks or with Mochi, just an indication that other chews might be a better choice. If you have any more questions or would like some alternate product suggestions, you can contact our customer service department toll-free at 800-775-3849 or by email at

  6. Polly

    My dog Jack loves bully sticks and other products. He is a real chewer . He is beagle mix and I have tried others products but after research Redbarn are the best and last longer.
    Thank you so much for a great product.

  7. Tracey L

    I have a “heavy chewer” of a dog and nothing lasts long with him except bully sticks! He’s not too picky with what flavor, but I make sure that I give him the best quality bully sticks that I can and with Red Barn I know that’s exactly what I’m getting!

  8. Jennifer Koshurin

    I love that your Bully Sticks are healthy for our dogs. Being all natural & fully digestable is great! Keep making these and we will help get your brand out more so everyone knows about them.

  9. Demry Hardesty

    Bully sticks are my favorite chew chew to give my dogs because they last so long and are great for digestion. They also keep their teeth clean.

  10. Demry Hardesty

    Bully sticks are my favorite chew to give my dogs because they last so long and are great for digestion. They also keep their teeth clean.

  11. Nicole

    Rudy and Harley have tried Red Barn’s bully slices, steer sticks, and chew-a-bull rings. They love them all! Our vet recommended bully sticks over rawhide. Bully sticks are a great natural chew for the boys for a treat and quiet time. They know to go to their beds and enjoy their bully sticks. It promotes positive chewing and dental hygiene, and they really enjoy them, so that’s always a plus!

  12. frank whobrey

    Our little dog Sandy is 8 now and she was raised on Red Barn Bully sticks for special treats. At this point in her life she is very healthy and enjoys when we look at her and say….” Want a Bully” she goes nuts-o. Also very happy they are made in America…Thanks Red Barn

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Frank,
      We love hearing about dogs like Sandy that are raised on Redbarn. Thank you so much for supporting our business and letting us provide treats for your pup. We wanted to clarify that while 80% of our product line is Made in America, we do have some products that are produced in our company-owned facility in Paraguay- including our bully sticks. We use only the highest standard South American free range, grass fed beef for our bully sticks and hold our Paraguay plant to the same standards as our U.S. plant.

  13. Vicky Curtis

    My Boxers love and look
    Forward to Redbarn Bully Sticks. I’ve used this company
    for years and they’re the best at what they do!

  14. KRR

    I’m very picky about what treats, toys and chews I give my dogs. I trust the Redbarn products and the natural bully sticks … and my dogs are happy for a safe, tasty treat to chew!

  15. Shea Lawhorn

    My two dogs are big fans of bully sticks! I feel great about giving them bully sticks because they’re natural, good for their teeth and digest well. They are so much safer than other chews.

  16. Cathy Cameron

    Our two greyhounds LOVE bully sticks! We have confidence in giving them only treats that are sourced in the US. Bully sticks are high on protein and not greasy so they are easy to digest. Keep it up, RedBarn!

  17. Caroline Youngblood

    I have 3 dogs varying sizes from 77 pounds to 11 pounds. They all love Bully sticks. They are one of my favorite treats to give to the dogs.

  18. Cynthia Chatham

    Bully Sticks are the only way to go for mind at ease snacks for your fur balls. No matter age and size, there’s a bully stick for them. My 5 raptors LOVE Redbarn Bully sticks. Good for them, but not good for my pockets. Lol I give them one 6″ a night before bedtime to help them wind down. They have the routine down. Perfect way to keep them calm and knowing it’s easily digestible and good for them.

  19. Leslie Merritt

    My dog loves the braided style. I like the fact that they are all natural and they’re digestable,unlike the rawhide.

  20. Mark

    We have two boxers that love the 12″ straight bully sticks. They keep their teeth clean, they love the taste, they have always been easy on their digestion and with their energy level, gives us a few hours of down time in between hours of play.

  21. Christina W

    My chihuahuas have not yet had the pleasure of trying bully sticks but I think they would be beneficial for their dental health. I brush their teeth often but have trouble reaching the back teeth and these might be helpful. Thanks for the chance!

  22. Sherry Brown

    All dogs have a natural need to chew. Bully Sticks like the perfect chew toy to satisfy a dog’s need for meat. All natural so the dogs love them. I love that the Bully Sticks help clean their teeth while they chew.

  23. Shari

    Bully sticks are amazing we have given them to our dog since he’s a puppy. He is now almost 5 and he continues to chew them and love them. They are one of the only treats I trust for him to have as they are digestible and he is able to chew them with no problems and no worrying about choking.

  24. allison hoffman

    My dog loves all bully sticks but i think his favorite are the braided ones! I love that they are more digestible than rawhides and I don’t have to worry about him choking on the smaller pieces.

  25. Caitlyn Orr

    I love bully sticks because they help keep my dogs teeth cleaner and keeps them occupied for longer periods of time! They love all sorts but the bully rings are their favorite!

  26. Cassie

    My dog absolutely loves bully sticks.. they have been her Christmas treat every year since she was born. She does a little dance each time she goes and picks ones up.

  27. Kate

    My eleven year old retriever loves your bully sticks. They satisfy his need to chew, but are malleable enough for his old teeth. And they’re one of the few treats that won’t upset his stomach!

  28. Lorraine

    Our German Shepard loves your bully sticks. He tends to take his time – chew a little and stash part of the stick for later. Keeps him busy and a great treat

  29. sara

    My dogs love the braided Bully Sticks. My dogs are both under 10 lbs and the braided sticks can last more than a week. They love them and it keeps them entertained for long periods of time. I think it helps to keep their teeth clean together with the nightly tooth brushing that they get.

  30. Ash

    Bully sticks are the only chew I feel comfortable giving my dog. He’s a tough chewer and they are the only type of chew he can’t break apart, plus they keep him busy and occupied for hours at a time! Discovering bulky stick was one of the greatest for both myself and my dog.

  31. Lynn Millwood

    I think that Bully Sticks are VERY good treats for MY dogs. It gives mine something to do “busy time” & they REALLY do ENJOY them

  32. Nadine Livingston

    Bully Sticks are Waldo’s favorite treat! He will hide it around the house and then go back and “find” it. It makes him so happy! Plus momma gets a break while he’s chewing on it!

  33. Joy

    My dogs love bully sticks, and each of the 4 tend to like a different shape! I love that they have something tough to chew on, which spares my shoes, but doesn’t fill up their tummies with yucky rawhide.

  34. Theresa Spaid

    I have one old dog that digestability and helpful for her teeth is good and a pup that it would help with his young teeth. I t would also keep the young one busy from getting himself in trouble. Love him anyway!

  35. Jude Morris

    Not only does my dog love bully sticks, but her 3 best doggie friends love to visit our house to share in the bounty. We always have more than one lying around for a good chew. No digestive problems, no choking problems, and the vet says 4 year old Sophie has “fantastic” teeth. Now Sophie’s doggie friends are buying their own (since they learned about them at our house), but they still love to come to visit and have a communal “chew fest.” Bully sticks are the best investment I make for my dog.

  36. Camille4

    My 11month old Labrador puppy’s favorite bully sick is red barns braided bully stick. I love that when I come home from school I can give that to her and she can spend about 15-30 min chewing, this helps her teeth and her mind. Love the product!!

  37. Brianne

    My dogs absolutely love Red Barn’s bully sticks! They are very picky about EVERYTHING they eat, but not these, they LOOOOOVE them!!!

  38. Betsy M.

    What a great variety of Bully Sticks .. sure to keep any dog challenged and provide dental health benefits (always a great benefit as I think my dog doesn’t get as much healthy chews as she should.) If I had to choose one, I think my dog would enjoy any of the 3 packs so there would be enough for her.

  39. Shannon L Beason (melucky27)

    Our Italian Greyhound is a power chewer and he absolutely LOVES bully sticks. I will only buy Redbarn brand – they are simply the best and don’t smell to high heaven like some of the others do. Brody is a young IG, but has all of his adult teeth as he is now 9 months old. He gets a bully after breakfast and again after dinner. He LOVES them as I already mentioned, but they keep him occupied for at least 1/2 hour each time we give him one. I don’t always let him finish it – I try to make one last about 2 days (but 1 & 1/2 days is more accurate). His favorite is the ring as it’s easy for him to hold on to and maneuver. His 2nd favorite would be the braid as halfway through, it breaks apart into 3 different ‘sticks’ – these last the longest. His 3rd favorite would be the springs – also very easy to hold on to, but don’t last as long as the rings or braids. I can’t imagine our lives without bully products! If we need some ‘human’ time – a bully always entertains our needy little rugrat!

  40. Jodi Scaife

    Any chew can be dangerous if the correct size is not chosen and if the dog is not supervised while he or she enjoys the chew. However, I personally find bully sticks a great way to allow my dogs to engage in their need to chew (okay, so my 17 year old dog doesn’t need it so much anymore, but my 8 year old loves chewies) because if the risk of broken teeth and blockages are so much lower than other options. Sure, they can smell, but it’s worth it when I see my dogs’ happy faces.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Jodi, we totally agree. Choosing the appropriate chew for your dog is very important, and the need for supervision can’t be overstated! We think bully sticks are a great product for all the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for the great comment!

  41. M Thon

    My dog loves Bully Sticks. He eats them so fast though!! Wish I could find something to go along with them to keep him busy a little bit longer 🙂

  42. Dana Henry

    No more dangerous rawhide .
    Thank you red barn for bully sticks I have been giving them to my Dobermans for several years now when they first came out. I ran across them at Big R with your other products. And I don’t trust anything else to be more healthier and safe for them.

  43. Kristie

    I prefer my 2 fur babies to chew on bully sticks rather than rawhide. Bully sticks are full of protein, last a long time and are fully digestible unlike rawhide.

  44. Tammy Horn

    My dogs love Redbarn products. The Braided Bully sticks are their favorite. We have been buying them by the case for years. I like that they are one ingredient, and they are highly palatable. I do always supervise my dogs with them because one of my German Shepherds, would swallow the last 3 inches of one and would always vomit that piece back up exactly 24 hours later. Several of my other dogs have never had issues, but due to my shepherd, and me always worrying, I always take them away when they get to only 4 inches left. My house is never without a case though. Thanks for making awesome products!

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Thank you for the great comment, Tammy. We always recommend taking the sticks away when they get small enough to be a choking hazard, so you’re definitely doing things exactly as you should.

      One thing some of our customers have told us they do to help deal with the problem you described with your Shepherd is to use a vise grip type object to hold the end of the stick. There are also a few companies that make bully stick holders or toys that can be used to hold the sticks.

  45. Saki AB

    My dogs LOVE bully sticks! I usually order from Amazon, 6 inch, standard regular sticks. It’s a great treat and last longer than regular treat and much healthier.

  46. Kerry

    Scout loves your bully sticks. She’s an big chewer so we love the ring ones. There’s no end and it takes her a while to get through it.

  47. Sarai

    Hey there,

    We are adopting our bully in two weeks. He will still be a puppy, about 7 weeks old. Are the bully sticks too dangerous for that age (the possibility of chipping and stabbing)? Thank you!

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Sarai, we always recommend supervision while giving natural chews- especially when your pup is trying something for the first time. That said, we believe bully sticks are appropriate for all ages! Because bully sticks are a natural beef muscle, you don’t have to worry about chipping in the way you would with bone products. Bully sticks become soft as they are chewed, so no sharp edges either.

  48. Cathy Truman

    Our boy Bailey loves bully sticks he like them for the flavor and chew
    We like them for his dental health and they have protein for him.
    Bailey favorites are the bully sticks and the braided bullys.

  49. Mary

    My German Shorthaired Pointers (1 year and 1.5 years) are bananas for bully sticks. They keep them busy (a nice distraction for when the hoomans leave the house), they help keep their teeth clean, and they don’t smell bad like some treats. We buy them in bulk!

  50. Linda Szymoniak

    I think my dogs would like the regular, straight Bully sticks the best. I really like that they are fully digestible, unlike rawhide chews. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and they all love to chew. Especially my girl, Kyoko, and one of the boys – my Seiji. I know that chewing on things like this are good for their teeth, too, so I would love to be able to give them these all the time.

  51. wendy browne

    My Boston really likes bullysticks. He will choose them over trachea, his other favorite chew. They don’t upset his belly and the high quality ones last a few days as he has tiny teeth.

  52. Andi R.

    The Braided Bully and Bully Barbell sound ideal for my Am Staff! She loves beef chews and these would be a giant step up from the ones I usually buy her. They sound very natural and healthy.

  53. Christin Navarrete

    I absolutely love bully sticks!! I have an 8 month Australian Shepard and she chows down any bully stick out in front of her. They keep her busy and they are so good for her teeth. I love how safe they are and how I don’t have to worry about her choking. She loves the braided ones the most or the circle ones.

  54. Luis Navarrete

    My dog loves bully sticks!!! They keep her so busy and are so safe! She loves the circle ones the most I think but she loves them all!

  55. Heather Taylor

    My pup’s favorite bully stick style are the Bully Barbells and I love that they are great to aid in keeping good dental health! And that picture for the dental health paragraph is an extra bonus for me as my pup is a Corgi too!

  56. Michelle Thasitis

    Billy sticks are 100% beef muscle, whY more could you ask for in a healthy snack for your beloved pet!! Our favorite one is the barbell but I have to say we do enjoy all of them…if you havent tried them yet please do, you will not be diaappointed!

  57. Amanda Blajeski

    I do not see the harm in an occasional one when they are from a safe USA maker such as Redbarn. Everyone should just remember everything is better in moderation otherwise some dogs may very well get sick.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Amanda, we definitely agree that everything is better in moderation! We wanted to clarify that while 80% of our product line is Made in America, we do have some products that are produced- including our bully sticks- in our company-owned facility in Paraguay. We use only the highest standard free range, grass fed beef for our bully sticks and hold our Paraguay plant to the same standards as our U.S. plant.

  58. Julia

    I personally have not tried these but from what I’ve been reading they look amazing! I will be purchasing some Bully sticks for my two girl immediately!

  59. Samantha Krava

    I love bully sticks for my dog! She is a very strong chewer and other treats she will have finished in a matter of minutes- but not bully sticks! She is also super active and busy. I like to give her one at the end of the day to calm her down! We love em!!

  60. Victoria C

    Our dogs were given a Bully Stick by a friend (do not know the brand). They LOVED them so much & I can’t wait to get them some more!!

  61. Beth Knapick

    My English Mastiff Oryx loves bully sticks. They are an excellent source of protein and fun for them to chew. Highly recommend Red Barn bully sticks

  62. Pamela A McDermott

    Our 3 dogs LOVE bully sticks! They are a fantastic treat, and we know they are healthy for our furbabies. 🙂

  63. Concetta Avila

    My Freddie loves bully sticks! He could eat one every day, if I let him! They are super good for dogs, high in protein and good for their dental health.

  64. Tom

    My dog is an American Bulldog named Brewski and he loves bully sticks. He can make it through them somewhat quickly now thet are his absolute favorite thing.

  65. Janet Tu

    My pup loves bully sticks! I love giving them to him when I have a bit of work to do. It helps him keep busy and keep his teeth healthy!

  66. shannon fowler

    both of our dogs adore these. One is an anxious dog, and chewing really helps calm her down. the other one just constantly loves to chew on things.

  67. Kayla Lussier

    I have never tried your products yet but have heard and read nothing but great things about them and knowing my pup would be getting a safe and healthy product is awesome! I hope to get these for my 6 month old to try as I’m always looking for the best treats that will benefit her health.

  68. Jan Roberts

    My dogs LOVE Bully Sticks! I do too, due to their long life and “melting” quality. I purchase them often.That said,as with all chewy type treats, I only offer them with supervision and remove them when they get too small. Nobody wants to come home to a dog who has choked on a chewy or pay a huge vet bill for an abdominal obstruction. #JustaHeadsUp


    We love the braided bully stick keeps our Olde English Bulldogge Marcella chewing away from us and the furniture it is so cute how she takes and hides until she is ready for it again. We keep a few in the house ready for when she can’t find it.

  70. Ronafish79

    I wanted to try Bully sticks for my dog, but has good allergies. Then I got my puppy. He can eat anything so now I want to have him try them, he loves to chew.

  71. Uva

    My dog loves Red Barn bully sticks!! This is the only brand we found that she can chew on for an hour before she eats the whole thing! ❤️These!!

  72. Heather Mitchell

    My dogs love bully sticks. The braided ones are my fave to give them because the destroy with their chewing. We are never without something good to chew on.

  73. Patricia c LaMontagne

    My dog Blueberry has never had Bully sticks. After reading about pizzle and the great benefits I will have to give them a try

  74. Emily pooley

    My dog loves chewing on everything! These would be perfect for him. Knowing that they are healthy as well is a plus! We have never tried the bully sticks but reading this I will definitely be buying my dog them!

  75. Allison Weiser

    Phineas loves his bully sticks, sometimes so much that he wants to hide it. I love that they are a single ingredient treat that is better than rawhide.

  76. Jamie F

    My pup, 4 months old now, has been loving Red Barn straight Bully Sticks (and other Red Barn treats) since I was lucky to adopt him. I accidently bought another brand once and he immediately knew, was not as eager to chew them and didn’t even finish. Needless to say, Red Barn Billy sticks are the only ones Franklin snacks on now!

  77. Shirley Smith

    Yes Bully sticks are great for our dogs. I mean 100% beef, What other company does that. And there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors, etc. Nothing artificial, nothing added. And that is why Bully sticks are great for our dogs.

  78. Dave Binder

    The Bully Springs are my pups favorite. They are long lasting. I love that they help keep their teeth strong and clean

  79. Mike r

    My dogs love bully sticks. They help maintain dental hygiene(well not their breath unless they are odorless) and keeps them occupied for hours at a time. Fantastic for people with puppies that just need a break occasionally

  80. Chasta howes

    I like that bully sticks are good for keeping healthy teeth and gums considering this is vital to them being able to eat and stay healthy.

  81. SchatzieNoel

    I haven’t given my dogs bully sticks before but I’m looking forward to seeing how they like them. Glad this is a healthy alternative to rawhide.

  82. AngelaS

    Romeo would appreciate a bully stick Juliet our cat will not steal. He says to keep in mind she out weighs him by 6 pounds. When he gets his chew on she decides to practice her pounce. It’s so not funny!

  83. Jo Painter

    I have a Labradoodle who isn’t a strong chewer, but he LOVES Bully Sticks. I don’t have to worry that they will block his stomach or windpipe as you do with rawhide chews.

  84. Judy L.

    I love the fact that Red Barn is a USA product. The bully stick will keep my dog quiet and occupied for the longest time! He will sit and chew on one for an hour at a time. It’s great knowing that it is an all natural product too.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Judy,
      Thank you so much for supporting our business and letting us provide treats for your pup. We wanted to clarify that while 80% of our product line is Made in America, we do have some products- including our bully sticks- that are produced in our company-owned facility in Paraguay. We use only the highest standard South American free range, grass fed beef for our bully sticks and hold our Paraguay plant to the same standards as our U.S. plant.

  85. Angela Slocum

    My dogs prefer bully sticks, as we call them around our house, over any other bone or food, including people food. I have never seen any dog go after any toy like they do the sticks. I have seen them be over protective like never before. It’s quite unbelievable.

  86. Liz Beyer

    couldn’t have done without these when we brought a new dog into the home that had a chewing problem. easy to focus her on chewing “her” chews, rather than the furniture!

  87. sandy smith

    I like them for my dogs because it helps to keep the tartar off their teeth. They also love to chew on them and keeps them satisfied so they don’t eat as much food and stay a healthy weight.

  88. James Weaver

    From what you’re saying above it appears that Bully Sticks are fantastic for dogs. My dog has digestive problems but love rawhide sticks. Maybe, Bully Sticks will help her, I’m going to get some and see.

  89. Kevin

    Our sons Rudy and Harley love bully sticks. My wife gives them one almost every night. We really enjoy RedBarn products. She introduced them to me a long time ago and we always try to find them in the pet stores were in. Thank you

  90. Casandra LaMonaca

    My Boston/Pit rescue absolutely loves bully sticks. I love that they are healthy and she enjoys them. We normally only get the sticks but I love how they come in different shapes.

  91. Deborah Denn

    My dog Bandit is 17 & LOVES his bully sticks.You have an awesome website-very informative-& now I’m going to make sure I only buy Red Barn.

  92. StephRur30

    Of course bully stick are great for dogs! There is nothing better than just full blown protein chews like these that are totally digestible. My thought is why not use the bull pizzle for something, no need to waste any part of a butchered animal!

  93. Krista Wilkerson

    I work at The Bluegrass Barkery, a local store in Lexington, KY. We love red barn and all of their products but the ones that sell the most are the bullysticks! They have bullysticks of all different shapes and sizes. It’s amazing! My dog definitely loves them!

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hey Krista, we so appreciate businesses like Bluegrass Barkery that support our business. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  94. Susan P.

    Beef parts include everything from the cow and using beef puzzle is just as good as any other part! Plus, the dogs love them.

  95. Amanda

    These are fun yummy treats and my pittie loves them. She’s a strong chewer and these help get all that nibbling energy out! Fantastic safe treats!

  96. Brisa silva

    I love giving my dog bully sticks. They last long and keep them entertained which is nice. They also have great protein!

  97. Larry Hess

    ALL 4 of my dogs are NEW to these, but after reading the ingredients, and watching how much they LOVE the, what more can I say??? GREAT STUFF!

  98. wyatt earp

    I replaced rawhides with bully sticks after one of my dogs choked on a rawhide and then I read info on how they are not good for dogs with allergies. My dogs LOVE their bully sticks! I give them one if I plan to be gone a few hours, and they don’t even care that I am leaving, they just are happy they are getting a bully stick.

  99. Lisa Vincent

    My boy Toby just loves his bully sticks. Every night after dinner he waits patiently for his bully. If you try to ignore him , he will hit you with that pry paw or try and lead you to the cupboard. If it was up to him he’d eat the whole bag in one night.

  100. Peggy Rydzewski

    Our 4 month old yellow lab puppy just loves these. with these there is no chewing of things she shouldn’t have.

  101. Nicole

    Bully sticks are good for your dog if… It’s in moderation and if you get the correct brand. There are a lot of them out there that aren’t good for your dog even in moderation.
    My dog absolutely loves bully sticks. I love all the information you provided on this page. It was full of information that I was unaware of and find it very useful. So thank you so much for the education.

  102. Erin Spradling

    Bully sticks help clean my dogs’ teeth as well as keep them entertained. Bully sticks are made up of one ingredient and do not contain grains. I love the original bully sticks!

  103. Jess Mulliniks

    Flat Bully Weaves are my dogs favorite! The regular bully sticks use to steal the show, but the flat weaves are easier for them to hold with their paws and they are all about using their ‘hands’. Every time I open their treat cabinet they all come rushing in hoping for one!

  104. Debbie Latchum

    Are bully sticks good for dogs? Yes, all natural, no added ingredients, easily digestible and best of all for my 2, it’s the answer for keeping them busy especially when they are being boarded when I’m away. The keeper of my 2 says she gives them one at night so they will chew until they go to sleep. I found bullies several years ago and my kids have white teeth and love cleaning them with bully sticks daily.

  105. Emily

    Bully sticks are an amazing treat for my pup, Bentley. He literally chews anything he can find (even plastic), but I know I can depend on Red Barn’s bully sticks. They are a healthy and wonderful alternative as a treat that are packed full of protein for my part Jack Russell Terrier! We could definetley use much more of these at our home!!

  106. michelle weitzmann

    Don’t understand the people willing to give their pets rawhide but won’t give them or talk down about them, my dogs loves them

  107. Carolyn

    Red Barn bully sticks were a huge help in acclimating our retired greyhound racer to life at home. He’s been with us for two years now and still enjoys his bully sticks. Our adoption group told us that he was a high-power chewer and needed lots of chewables to keep his anxiety at bay. Being able to give him an all-natural, long-lasting chew really helped a lot to calm and reward him–thanks Red Barn!

  108. Nicole

    Bully sticks are something my veterinarian sells and recommends as far as a natural chewing stick for my dog that sometimes has allergies to other products. She truly does love these more than any other type of rawhide.

  109. Lisa Grassetti

    RedBarn is one of the very few I will buy for my Husky. He loves them and I know it’s all good ingredients and made in the USA!

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Lisa, thank you for supporting our business! We wanted to clarify that while 80% of our product line is Made in America, we do have some products that are produced in our company-owned facility in Paraguay. Our bully sticks are made from free range, grass fed South American cattle and processed in our facility in Paraguay.

  110. Cheryl Chervitz

    I didn’t know what beef pizzle was, very interesting fact! My dogs love bully sticks, and its good for them.

  111. Denise Hall

    My dogs would LOVE to try these bully sticks!!!! They love to chew and I can’t imagine anything better for them to chew on. I believe they would prefer the braided bully sticks but I am sure they would love ANY of them.

  112. Polly

    My dog is a beagle mix and a rescue puppy.
    He loves these bully sticks. He begs for them.
    Thank you for a fine product. Made in the USA

  113. Ashley

    Bully sticks from RedBarn are one of my top recommendations at work, I especially am fond of the circle bully sticks since it takes longer for the dog to chew them down than the straight. Plus it’s harder for them to noodle which is great!

  114. Dawn w

    Bully Sticks are a great way to entertain your pup on a rainy day.. plus the chewing action is great for their teeth! An all natural alternative to some of the dental treats on the market that are loaded with chemicals and preservatives !!

  115. Selma

    I have raised both my small poodles on bully sticks. They are 12 and 11 years old and still love their bully sticks. I have introduced my children’s pets to bully sticks as well. Excellent dental cleaner and extra protein. I cannot say enough about bully sticks.

  116. Bill Meacham

    My dogs LOVE Bully Sticks! I love hoe I can give them to my dogs and feel safe about them chewing them.
    I have recommended them to people for years!!

  117. Gail Kretz

    Celeste loves the 7-t inch straight bully bone.
    She is almost a year old. I love Redbarn bully bones since they are almost odor free. We bought another brand and it made me gag with
    it’s strong odor. So Redbarn is the only brand we buy.

  118. bsr122768

    I would feel great about giving my dog bully sticks! Brand I trust, and I know he’d enjoy the flavor while getting nutrients he needs!


    Our dogs had a Bully Stick last Christmas. My sister gave me one to try. She has Mastiff’s, I have Shih Tzu’s so I really just wanted one (to try). We cut the Stick in half & gave each one. They loved the flavor, I suppose, because they wouldn’t stop chewing on them. We still have part of one SOMEWHERE! I love the Bully Sticks, because obviously they last forever in my house. But, I love that they’re all natural, 100% beef! I’d probably share some with my sister’s monsters! LOL

  120. Jodi Sinclair

    My dogs both English Mastiffs love the bully slices, chewables (good for their joints) and bully sticks. We go through several bags of each per month.

  121. Melissa Ashbrook

    I’m not sure which one is our favorite because we’ve never had a chance to try them but after reading this article I can’t wait to get one for our Angie. 🙂 I really like the fact that these are free from all the junk you find in other dog chews.

  122. Beth Paulsen

    My daughter and I both give these to our dogs. We always purchase the 3 packs. Funny, we didn’t know what “pizzle” was. Do now and are fine with it! Our dogs get one per day and we do take them away when small enough to choke on. We loved the grain free and also love the “one ingredient”. Rock on RedBarn

  123. Brynna

    Bully sticks are a great way for your dog to be entertained and to clean their teeth at the same time! I definitely recommend them over the white rawhide chews.

  124. SallySue

    My boy Reno loves his Bully Sticks & I love the quality of them! Healthy & Natural! Good for him & keeps him happy! I trust your products & that’s the most important thing when it comes to my fur~family! ❣❣

  125. Rogers B.

    Bully sticks are great for dogs. They are high in protein, and help with dental strength. They also make your dogs very happy!

  126. Stephanie Morgan

    Ginger loves the braided bully sticks. My kids think bull penis is gross but my dog loves this healthy treat and it satisfies her chewing desires!

  127. Melanie D

    I see the results first hand with my dogs. They have gotten bully sticks a couple times a week since they were pups. They love them and I love how great their teeth and gums look 4 years later. My pit mixes are voracious chewers so they like the thicker bullies.

  128. Lindsey

    My dogs love Red barn bully sticks! I really believe in the product and the company is safe, no worries when I give my dogs their favorite chew!

  129. Alejandra Carrillo

    I had no idea that that’s what it took to produce meat! I’m really glad you guys emphasize natural products that are from quality ingredients. I love that about you guys! Thanks for always thinking of our pets best interests.

  130. Susanne

    My dogs love the ring bully sticks! It keeps them busy for a long time! Plus it helps keep their teeth and gums stronng

  131. Alicia Miro

    Mohegan and Takoda love bully sticks – especially the braided ones! It keeps them occupied, keeps their teeth clean and I feel better knowing they are having an all natural treat!

  132. Dina McDaneld

    My dog loves bully sticks! They keep her busy and help calm her down she would love it if she could be the winner!

  133. Rachel Ingersoll

    I think my dog BJ would love these treats! Knowing they’re from Redbarn, it would be a treat I’d feel good about giving him!!

  134. Heather

    Our dogs King and Queen love anything that gives them a good cheer challenge. They’re Pyrenees and I think they’ll love these bully sticks and Ill feel good giving my babies these, insincere that Red Barn made them.

  135. Caroline B

    Chief loves BULLY STICKS! He isn’t the most careful chewer though, but has great teeth at 8 years old. Skeeter and Diesel have never tried them. Skeeter (3 yrs old) gets plaque buildup on his back teeth very easily and needs to chew more. Diesel is still a puppy and loves to chew! I think bully sticks are great! Beef pizzle don’t bother us The benefits of it outweigh the thought!

  136. Jen Paul

    My dogs and my fosters all LOVE bully sticks! Never had any issues with them, and they’re much healthier than rawhide.

  137. stacey emery

    They are a staple in our home for our hound boys. It cleans their teeth, makes them happy, and gives 20 minutes of pure delight to them!

  138. Lisa Munson Holerud

    My boy loves them and I would never give him something I didn’t trust or believe to be safe.

  139. Karen

    My boy loves bully sticks. He gets so excited when he knows he is about to get one. I love how it keeps his teeth clean and gives him so much pleasure. I recommend them to anyone with a dog, especially loves that love to chew. I make sure to have bully sticks on hand at all times.

  140. CathyLee Guzik

    Oh I am sure my beautiful beagle would love this…good for him and the twist is a great addition for chasing pleasure!!!

  141. kathy

    Love that the chew is all natural and not laden with chemicals! Bully sticks are great for my chocolate lab that gets anxious when left alone, giving him something to do in our absence. Helping keep the teeth clean is a great perk, too!

  142. Joy Windle

    My three borzoi love straight bully sticks; they are one of the few chews that provide chewing pleasure and exercise for more than a few minutes without the risk of broken teeth that a bone can cause.

  143. Michelle Webb

    My pup would love these bully sticks they sound delicious & healthy lots of protein love to give my pup treats with all natural ingredients

  144. Ashley

    my new puppy storm who loves to chew on everything would love the bully sticks. bet they will keep her busy!!!

  145. Kelly Jean

    I have a cattle dog (breed like the top picture) and she loves to have a chew toy. The bully stick is about the best choice out there – lasts long and good for her too!

  146. cheryl williams

    I have 2 BIG dogs.. A German Shepard and Standard poodle. With such high energy dogs, I get little peace because they want to go in and out constantly and play, etc.. so it makes for a long day and night.. I am so so tired!! I love giving them bully sticks because it takes them a good while to chew them up so I can at least get a nap in! LOL I know this isn’t the “normal” type of review but its truth and the main reason I buy them, besides them loving them!! My favorite ones are the 12 inch thicker bully stick because the longer and thicker it is, more time to be able to eat them up!! I want to try the braided ones also to see if those lengthen the time of chewing even longer.

  147. Cheryl Lister

    Never tried these – this is the first I’ve heard of them, but I think my dog would adore them! I love that they are all natural, and sound like they have many benefits to the dog. I think she would love any of the products, but I’d probably purchase the braided ones first.

  148. Martha

    Love these products, so much better than rawhide. Love that they are natural and easily digestible. My Jack Russell loves them. I will sometimes give him a shaped one, it will last him longer.

  149. Marcella Ward

    We love the bully rings or braided bully sticks because they provide an even bigger challenge having an odd shape. They’re great for rainy days and I recommend them to clients for mental stimulation, appropriate chew outlets and puppy teething.

  150. CDM

    Great Article and very informative , thank you. We never tried them before but defiantly worth checking out with all the great reviews

  151. Judi Meade

    My dog is 5 years old and has used nothing but bully sticks all her life – the vet told me the other day that she had teeth that looked like a 2 year old.

  152. Christine Nelson

    Need entertainment – give a chew. Need training – give a chew. Need calmness – give a chew. Need quiet — give a chew. Need anything–give a chew. Chewing on Redbarn Bully’s allow the pup to “chew” as a reward on something delicious rather than getting into trouble and chewing on sofas, shoes or human ankles. Bully Chews ROCK!!! – Christine Nelson, Basenjis

  153. Tera

    I love that these are natural and don’t have a bunch of junk in them! My dogs are part of the family. We know what we are putting in our mouths so we should know what goes in our dogs mouths. I love giving my dogs treats! My problem is that all treats are so expensive! I can’t work due to health issues so it’s hard to afford good treats for the dogs.

  154. Meghan McMillan

    Bully sticks are the only chew that lasts any amount of time with my Rottweiler. Even though they are expensive I always have some around.

  155. Christine Yvonne Groce

    Bully sticks are great for big & little chewers. I have a 1 year old Min. Schnauzer and the sticks keep him busy and not chewing on things he shouldn’t. I like the fact that they are natural and healthy for your dog.

  156. Janet Ritchie

    I have 4 miniature Dachshunds which means I need something that pleases everybody and lasts a long time. The Redbarn bully rings pose a challenge for my crew as despite their size, their chew ability is up there with the fiercest!

  157. Cheryl Chervitz

    My dogs just recently tried bully sticks for the first time. They loved them, I like the round shaped the best.

  158. Linda S Davison

    My Lab/Mix has never tried Bully Sticks she likes other braided sticks, so I would start out with the braided stick. I was surprised to read the beef pizzle is bull penis, but it looks like dogs love them from the comments above.

  159. Lisa Peterson

    Well, I can’t say they are totally good for dogs as they can be a choking hazard (don’t leave your dog alone with a chew), I am unsure of their nutritional value, yet let’s disregard that for a moment and say………..

    Bully sticks must taste awesome as my dog use to leave the show ring without me to go find the vendor. They are highly digestible, way more so than the dirty sock he pulled out of the closet. I completely trust the Bully Sticks for my dogs more so than any other chew out there (especially those that break teeth!).

  160. Julie

    My dog Marley loves all shapes of bully sticks. They keep her teeth clean and last longer than many other treats available on the market!

  161. Barbara R.

    The Braided Bully Stick is the dogs favorite. I like the high quality of the product and the dental benefit to keep the teeth clean.

  162. Anne Zee

    Of course, bullies are good for dogs. My dog will do-si-do and promenade to get a bully stick! I always buy the foot long ones, that way she will be busy for a good, long time. I keep them in the freezer to keep them fresh and I think my girl likes them frozen too.

  163. Brooke Rose

    I agree after reading about the bully sticks that they are great for dogs~ I haven’t personally used them with my dog yet but would love to let my Pomeranian Onyx try them!

  164. Trisha Musgrave

    Thank you for the great information on how bully sticks are beneficial to dogs. My pup loves them, and I hear so much negativity about them. So this is great!

  165. Jerry Lafferty

    My dogs love Bully Sticks, they really help as far as dental hygiene for dogs, We have had our older dog in for dental work and the price is outrageous. Bully sticks work the best!

  166. Colleen Schilinski

    My pups love Bully Sticks. When I first found out what they are, I thought, “YUCK”….but after the ick factor wore off, and I saw how much my dogs love those things, I had to keep purchasing them.

  167. rebeccabasset

    I think my Puppy would love Bully Sticks, He is eating everything He can get His Teeth into, these would sure help! I like the fact that these are guaranteed to be the best possible Product out there.
    Thanks for the interesting article!

  168. Angela

    We haven’t tried these yet but I just bought three for our power chewer Weimaraners to try! We already love your filled bones and I love the fact that everything is digestible in these. They love treats every once in awhile and I like giving them things I know are good quality and won’t plug them up.

  169. Hillary Franklin

    I have 4 dogs that would love to try these out. Every time I head out to work, I give them a special treat so we don’t have any anxiety or “mommymissingitis”. I could really use these for them. Thanks.

  170. Laurie Emerson

    We have 3 dogs and they all love Bully Sticks. Our dogs are loved so much and a big part of our family. I want the best for them as much as I do for the rest of my family and trust Bully Sticks.

  171. Serena Tucker

    I have never seen these but my 2 puppies we adopted are now 1 and they absolutely love chewing treats. I would love to give them something all natural

  172. Amber-angel

    Bully sticks are a great nutritional treat for your dogs! I know my pointer mix absolutely loves having them atleast twice a week to keep her teeth nice and clean!

  173. Saundra Bowers

    I enjoyed the different topics in this article concerning everything from no preservatives to dental benefit and digestibility of the product. We just rescued a puppy a couple months ago, after losing an elderly dog a few years ago and I feel like a new confused parent! We have not yet, tried any of the filled bones, but they look like something I would like to have our pup, Zunebug, try.

  174. Karen Tomlin

    After a week of eating, my larger yorkie became sick with diarrhea, now is see where they are recalling the bully treats. Will never try new treats again.

    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi Karen,

      We have had no illnesses, injuries or complaints have been reported for our voluntary recall. However, we would like to learn more about your specific incident to better understand what may have caused your Yorkie’s diarrhea and relay that information to our quality assurance team.

      Please feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service department at 1-800-775-3849 or by email at info@redbarninc. We hope to hear from you soon!

  175. Dawn

    We have an Havanese for my daughter’s was. She works wonders for her schizophrenia and anxiety issues. As a much loved and valuable member of our family, I love to treat her to the best and that is definitely the braided bully. While being a smaller dog, she still prefers the longer braids seeming to enjoy the challenge of wrestling it into place to get her chew on. It always makes me giggle and her one happy puppy, even at 6yo. Thank you for making a natural, chemical-free treat for an amazing dog!

  176. Rachel

    I just want to say that I really appreciate the humor in this article about Beef Pizzle and also the fact that you appreciate the byproducts of the cattle industry. My 11-week old half-Australian cattle dog and half Rottweiler loves Beef Pizzle and is currently whining at the Bully Ring. Thanks for this.

    1. Jenna Murell

      Thanks so much, Rachel! We use many “unwanted” parts of the cow and other animals that have amazing health benefits for our four-legged friends. Beef Pizzle for everyone!

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