Deck the Paws Holiday Giveaway – Win your Dog’s Favorite Holiday Chews and more!

Win the Ultimate Holiday Stocking Stuffers Pack!

Redbarn has teamed up with Pawstruck.comDexas, & our holiday pet partners to bring you tidings of joy this holiday season! Enter the Deck the Paws Holiday Giveaway to win the ultimate Holiday Stocking Stuffers pack for your dog!

Deck the Paws Giveaway

You can be one of 5 people to win:

  • Redbarn Filled Bones
  • Fetchers Braided Wreath
  • Fetchers Candy Cane
  • $30 Pawstruck Gift Card
  • Dexas Mudbuster & SrubBuster
  • Redbarn Doggie Denta
  • Redbarn Bully Slices

Redbarn Special Holiday Chews Available at!




Whether you are looking to occupy your dog, or want to give them a special holiday treat, Redbarn may have what you are looking for. Redbarn has special holiday bullies and bones to help your dog feel included this holiday season. Now available in stores and at our preferred online retailer!


              Redbarn Fetcher Candy Cane                                      Redbarn  Holiday Filled Bones                             Redbarn Braided Fetchers Wreath  

Get to know our holiday giveaway brand partner Dexas!





Dexas is a Texas-based designer and manufacturer of cutting boards, kitchen tools and gadgets and silicone heat-resistant items. Dexas provides innovative kitchenware in today’s trending colors to the world’s leading retailers. Looking for a unique gift for your favorite four-legged friend? Dexas created the Popware™ for Pets line of pet care and pet travel products. The food and water bowls and cups are durable and collapsible, which means you can take your pet anywhere you go. Pets are such an important part of the family!

Check out their full line of great holiday gifts here!

 Special Thanks to our Deck the Paws Holiday Pet Partners!

Nika and Kira photoed with their pet parents


For Redbarn’s Deck the Paws Giveaway we teamed up with some pawsome pet partners this holiday season. Get to know these beautiful pups and the humans that fill their holiday stockings with cheer! Check them out here.

There are 44 comments

  1. Polly

    My Jackabee loves veggies but I don’t let him anything harmful. He loves carrots, tomatoes , green pepper , lettuce and we found out cabbage . Although he loves carrots about the best.

  2. Sheena Jennings

    Gracie has had Redbarn as her first Chewy, Treat as well as this is her third Christmas and she gets excited when the stocking comes out cause she knows there are Redbarn twist in it as well as other great treats from her favorite place made with care and love Thank you Redbarn for providing great products that we know are safe for her.

  3. Sheena Jennings

    Gracie had her first Redbarn bully stick as her first treat. She continues to enjoy the Redbarn treats and foodstuff. WE thank you for providing healthy and safe rawhide as well as other interesting chews and treats.

  4. A L Kelty

    Thanksgiving casserole:
    Sweet potatoes, apples, green beans, carrots, some potatoes, with enough bits of turkey to flavor. Bake at 350° until carrots are soft.

  5. Lucy Doyel

    Nugget, my Caanan dog, loves baked lean ground burger chunks that are frozen ( makes them last longer and promotes chewing) as bite sized treats when adding a couple of teaspoons of natural peanut butter before freezing. Some butchers will sell bags of meat scraps that can be cooked into a loaf to render off the excess fat, then cut into bit size chunks for a special snack or add a few to the kibble bowl. Nugget also loves ham but I only give him a rare bite due to salt content. And never say “McDonald’s” in earshot.

    My 2 cats are each different. NinjaSue is pickier and just likes a little water packed tuna juice in a small bowl or poured over a little of her dry food. Johnny Boy, at 20 lbs of monster muscle, loves to eat Greek yogurt right off my spoon. Water packed tuna, fresh organic kale or spinach. He’s a bad boy when it comes to grapes, but I limit him to licking the bag so he thinks he’s getting some, same problem with bbq potatoes chips bags. I think he just likes the sound of the bag crunching. They both love Temptations treats which is a shocking find for my NinjaSue. All I have to do is say treats and she talks incessantly as I tell her to go to her spot. Obedient girl.

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