12 Adorable Dogs Excited To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Click here to see 12 adorable dogs ready to celebrate new year's eve!

You thought you were the only one looking forward to New Year’s Eve? Your pup wants to get in on the action too!

1. “I do not appreciate this cone human” & “Look how handsome I am in my hat!”










2. “What do you mean it’s the end of the year already?!”












3. “My headband is crooked human. How am I supposed to celebrate like this?”















4. “This is totally candid. I just always look this flawless and ready to party.”










5. “CONFETTI!” We’d like to think they’re also happy about the new year.










6. “So…who brought the corkscrew? Anyone?”












7. “New year means new treats!”















8. “This is how you use these, silly human.”











9. “Are you sure I won’t be overdressed at the party?”




















10. “Yes, now everyone will know we are ready to party.”












11. “Like this human? I’m ready!”





















12. “Posing next to it means I get some too right? The humans always seem so happy after having some.”















Is your pup ready for the new year? How did they celebrate (or not celebrate)? Let us know in the comments below!

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