The Best of Redbarn: Our Customers’ Favorite Treats and Foods

Back in December, we asked customers on our email newsletter what their cat’s and dog’s favorite Redbarn treats and foods are and why they love it. We received so many great responses that we had to share! If you’re looking for product recommendations or curious about what makes Redbarn great, this is a great place to start!

Bully sticks are one of our most popular products and we can understand why! They’re a single ingredient treat, high in protein, and support dental health. They also come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that’s perfect for your pup.

“Sophie LOVES Redbarn Bully Sticks. Our local grocery store carries them, and she knows that
when we make our twice-monthly grocery trip, she will get a yummy spiral or braid to chew … She deserves every Bully Stick I can give her.” – Jude M. & Sophie the Lhasa Apso service dog. 

Dogs with Redbarn Bully Stick
We know the work of a service dog is incredibly important, and we’re so glad to hear our bully sticks help support Sophie in her important job!

Dixie’s favorite is Redbarn braided bully sticks. She begs for one every day, sometimes more than that. We’ve tried other brands and she only likes the Redbarn brand.

We keep a supply in a closet and will sometimes find her laying in front of it staring at it. When we ask her if she wants a “stick” she goes crazy!” – John D. & Dixie the Golden Retriever.

Every pup has their favorite type of bully stick— some like ’em straight, some want barbells, Dixie wants braided!

Did you know that Redbarn manufactures over 1 million inches of Bully Sticks every year? If you lay them end to end, that’s over 15 miles!

Want to know more about Redbarn Bully Sticks? Read our blog post “Are Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?” to learn about the benefits of bully sticks.


Redbarn Bully Slices are pieces of beef ear and beef hide, trimmed into rectangular chews and covered with a delectable coating to help tempt picky eaters.

Redbarn Bully Slices. They each get one every night at bedtime in their crates, then afterward they come sleep with us in our bed.

They love their “Chewies” and would do anything I ask to earn them as a reward, but just being their own sweet selves is good enough for me to give them one. They love the taste and I love the healthy ingredients.” – Darlin M. & Azizi and Sherlock the Basenjis. 

1At Redbarn one of our biggest goals is to be at the intersection of “taste they love” and “healthy ingredients you’ll love!”

They both absolutely love Redbarn Bully Slices. Berry is seven years old about 45 lbs and has a bad tooth. Braun is maybe 1 1/2 years old, weighs about 75 lbs and is an EXTREMELY aggressive chewer.

This provides a nice treat for both of them. They know where their treat cabinet is. It is so nice to be able to pull out this bag and be able to give them both something at once!” – McKenzie B. & Berry and Braun

We agree that Bully Slices are great for dogs of many shapes and sizes! We also offer four different flavors— Beef, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, and French Toast— so there’s one to try no matter what flavor your dog likes. Click here to learn more about Bully Slices.


Redbarn Roofles

Redbarn Roofles are like a waffle for your pup. Made from chopped rawhide and natural maple flavor, the Roofle smells and tastes delicious!

Roofles…..We don’t know why but when we say……” YOU WANT A ROOFLE” . She goes crazy and runs up and down the stairs and dances and goes by the cupboard that we keep them in and then we totally lose her attention while she enjoys this goodie for about 30 min. (we cut them in half because she only weighs 18 lbs.)

And she always finishes them and then even cleans up any scrap treat…….Enjoyment and no mess…..We have tried almost all of your product treats but, ‘This Is The One For Her'” – Frank W. & Sandy the cocker spaniel-dachshund mix. 

Sandy and Roofles go together like, well, waffles and syrup!

Roofles – The minute she sees the Roofle come out of the cupboard, she starts dancing around and can’t wait to get it. She starts eating it and will not leave it until it’s gone.” – Kathy C. & Sandy

We’re starting to sense a trend with dogs that can’t stop eating roofles!


Redbarn Filled Bones

Filled bones are another great product which come in a variety of sizes and flavors! From lamb to peanut butter to bully, you can’t go wrong. We offer seven different flavors: Lamb, Cheese & Bacon, BeefPeanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter & Jelly Duo, and Greek Yogurt & Jelly Duo, as well as a Peanut Butter Filled Knuckle Bone.

My pets favorite product is your filled bones!!! We have them all over the house! They have the big ones and the small ones, and they carry them around and chew on them all day!

They love these because its challenging to get all the filling out!!! We love these as pet parents because they keep our furbabies busy, so they don’t chew on our furniture or bark at Unnecessary things! Thank you!!” – Ellie E. & Connor and Piper

Filled Bones are almost two treats in one: a filling that dogs are happy to work for, and a durable bone for gnawing on!

“Rhody-Large Natural Filled Bone-Bully. Rhody loves to chew and try to get the filling out. Keeps him occupied for quite awhile.

Noah-Small Beef Bone. Noah has a Napoleon complex. He likes to see what everyone else gets and wants one too. He likes to chew, and this is just his size.” – Gail G. & Rhody the Beagle and Noah the Chihuahua

The different sizes of bones we offer mean that whether you’re a chihuahua or a great dane, we’ve got a bone for you!

“Redbarn Duo Flavor Filled Bone Peanut Butter & Jelly. He loves to chew and loves the filling, he’ll sit and lick at it and chew on it for quite a while, and he is not a dog to just sit still, he’s constantly from one thing to another.” – Katrina A. & Loki the Alaskan Malamute

We think our duo bones are pretty great— they bring two great flavors together in one bone, like peanut butter and jelly and greek yogurt and jelly!

Want to learn more about filled bones? Check out our article, “Are Filled Bones Safe For Dogs?”


Redbarn Treats made with Beef Lung - Choppers

Redbarn Choppers are beef lung that has been baked into a crunchy texture that is bursting with natural flavors. They are a high protein, low fat, single ingredient treat that your dog will love.Frank the Dog Loves Choppers

Without a doubt, CHOPPERS. I have no idea why Frank loves them so much, but when you
pull a piece from the cupboard, his eyes immediately light up, and he grabs it and takes off into the other room.

I enjoy giving them to him because they are such a loud treat and it makes me laugh how he crunches through them. It’s a special treat in our house!” – Tracey U. & Frank

If your dog likes a crunchy treat like Frank does, Choppers are definitely a good choice!

“Duke goes crazy for the beef lung treats. He will sit by the cupboard with the treats and bark, sit up and roll over just to get one. I love them because they’re natural. Thanks for making them” – Mandy M. & Duke

Curious about Choppers? Read our Review of the Week on Choppers.


Redbarn Canned Cat Food

In 2014, in response to the overwhelming number of requests from our customers, we added a line of Redbarn Grain Free Cat Foods and Treats. After years of only manufacturing dog products, this put us in a whole new category. We developed our cat products with the same unwavering commitment to quality that requires only top quality ingredients and stringent QA standards.

Riley and Kai here. We thought we would give you our opinion straight from the kitty’s lips so to speak. We are both senior cats (18+) and love the Beef and Lamb can cat food our owner provides. Yum. We both have kidney issues and IBD. We think we are both allergic to grain, chicken, seafood, etc.

Our owner did a lot of research to find the right food for us. Redbarn products help us, and we love the flavor. Thank you Redbarn! Sending meows to you and your Redbarn family!” – Kristin S. & Riley and Kai

We hear from many pet owners that decided to try Redbarn canned food after doing a lot of research. We’re always pleased to hear it and we strive to create products that choosy pets and their owners will love.

My cats love the Redbarn Naturals Lamb Pate Skin & Coat grain-free canned cat food! They always finish their plates when I feed them this one.

With other cat foods, they go through stages of liking and disliking the food, but this never happens with the Redbarn lamb canned food! I love that it is healthy, has quality ingredients, has a low carbohydrate content for my little carnivores, and is made in the USA.” – Marie-Odile F. & Serena Pumpkin, Key Lime, Dorothy, Jean-Ralphio, Hugo, Disney, Caribou, and Biscayne

Redbarn Cat Food - 20 Years of Experience in a Can

We’re so passionate about providing animals with high-quality food and introducing kitties everywhere to our cat food, and we donated $14,000 of our canned cat food to the Golden Belt Humane Society in Great Bend, Kansas.

“Mollie-Natural Lamb Cat Pate-Mollie is always dressed to the nines (she wears her tuxedo everywhere). However, she tends to get dander, and this product helps her coat and skin look and feel their absolute best. Of course, she doesn’t realize it-she just knows it tastes good.

Sophie-Natural Ocean Fish Cat Pate for Weight Control-Sophie has a tendency to gain weight. She LOVES to eat and will often be sitting by her bowl an hour before her dinner time!

This product helps her not only control her weight but to satisfy her cravings and of course her hunger.” – Gail G. & Mollie the tuxedo cat and Sophie the Tortie.

Functional ingredients are one of the things that make Redbarn Canned Cat Food great. All of our canned foods contain superfood ingredients like coconut oil and New Zealand green mussels to support your pet’s health!

Redbarn Natural chicken stew. Pop the lid and they coming running. They like the texture, and taste, and even eat the veggies,(other foods they tried before, they would not eat the veggies, and then gave up on the food), and Redbarn also has no grains and carrageenan. Excellent ingredients for the cats.

Love the sound of meow in the morning as they are waiting on their breakfast, and then leave me licked clean cat bowls, that is why we love Redbarn.” – Kym M. & Templeton, Butterscotch, Gus, Isabella and Raven (and a few strays)

If you would like to learn more about our Grain-Free Chicken Stew Cat Food, read our chicken stew review of the week!


Redbarn Treats for Cats - Freeze Dried Cat Treats

Freeze Dried Cat Treats are one of our newest products and we can’t wait for all our cat customers to try them!

“Whitefish Freeze-Dried Cat Treats is the cat’s meow according to my 4 kitties. They absolutely love it so it must taste great and I feel good knowing I’m giving them healthy treats.” – Robert H & Scroatie Girl, Mr. Tubbs, Monkey Boy, Calypso, and Mama Kitty.

We made our freeze dried cat treats limited ingredient because your cat doesn’t need additives to stay healthy. Our Whitefish treats have only one ingredient— fish! These natural, grain-free treats are low-calorie and highly palatable—purrfect for picky eaters.

“Whitefish Freeze Dried Treats-Princess is dainty and enjoys her treats. Whitefish is her favorite.” – Gail G. & Princess the domestic long hair.

Want to learn why new freeze dried cat treats at the cat’s meow? Click here. 

What is your pets favorite treat? Let us know in the comments!

There are 647 comments

  1. Dee Moscoso

    Oh without a doubt, the peanut butter and jelly filled bones!!! All of the dogs in my house LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! I also foster boxers and boxer mixes and they love them too!!!
    Dee and the pups-Falcor, Bahama Mama, Nanki, Teddy, Maggie and Sheena! They send sloppy boxer kisses and hugs to all at Redbarn.

    1. Stephanie Hanson

      My dogs have enjoyed filled bones for years, and have all lived long lives with no problems from these sticks or bones.


      my missi loves peanut butter, also you never know what you are uying in the stores and missi needs grain free, has bad bad allergies.

  2. Donna

    I fill the white bones with nonfat yogurt and freeze them. Makes a great treat especially in the hot summer. Remember to wash the bones thoroughly to avoid mold. Yep, I’ve ordered more than a dozen non filled white bones one time.

  3. Angela Van Tilburg

    Jake, Leah, and Blunare addicted to you peanut butter filled bones and knuckles! I recommend these to everyone because it is literally the only bone we can give our three due to the fact that they can not physically eat it in one sitting of chewing! We look forward to trying more red barn products to give our three ring circus more of a variety of fun 🙂

  4. suzanne esaine

    The freeze dried cat treats must have something great in them because my cats go nuts! They even lick my fingers after they get the treats.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Evie is definitely not alone, a lot of pups love the Choppers. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide treats for Evie!

  5. Denise M Hall

    ALL of my fogs LOVE the filled bones!!!! They LOVE the taste and I love the security of knowing that they are safe for them and keep them busy for hours.

  6. linda cassidy

    Bully Sticks are my guys fav. They love to walk around with them for an hour before they start to chew them like they have a prized posession.

  7. Alejandra Carrillo

    My dog and cat have never tried any of these. I know for sure my dog would love the filled bones and my kitten would love the canned food and the freeze dried treats.

  8. lorri langmaid

    My Hailey loves any treat of these I give, but her favorite is the peanut and jelly chomping treats!!! She just loves these the best!!!

  9. Sheri

    Filled bones are the best.
    The bully stick ones especially. I have an extremely aggressive chewer, 3 1/2 year old lab who can get through anything. Once he finished the filled bones, I take the canned version of his kibble stuff the bone, freeze it and then give it to him as an extra added treat when I leave for work. Gives me an additional 20 minutes to get myself out the door!

  10. Sheri

    Filled bones are the best.
    The bully stick ones especially. I have an extremely aggressive chewer, 3 1/2 year old lab who can get through anything. Once he finished the filled bones, I take the canned version of his kibble stuff the bone, freeze it and then give it to him as an extra added treat when I leave for work. Gives me an additional 20 minutes to get myself out the door!

  11. Alexa Muri

    I decided to try Redbarn canned cat food chicken and turkey pate after doing research on natural, holistic pet foods that were grain free, no corn no wheat no soy, and did not contain controversial ingredients like carageenan.

    This was the only brand of all the healthy options my cat would eat. And its one of the few brands that meets all of my stringent requirements for healthy food.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Alexa, we appreciate hearing that so much! We put a lot of hard work into creating the best products and we can, and hearing from our human and animal customers really makes our day.

  12. kathy m

    My dog loves peanut butter filled! when his anxiety starts to rise he is always calmed by chewing on it. I feel so much more secure that he is channeling his anxiety into his treat, instead of ‘worrying’. He often lets me know he ‘needs’ on by going to the treat container and just staring. Thanks for making them, it has helped rock his world.

  13. Cheryl Chervitz

    My two boys, Cain and Junebug, love the Bully sticks. It keeps them busy and happy and no need to worry about them choking.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hey Rachel, we weren’t sure if you were referring to our Bully Slices or our Bully Sticks so we wanted to be sure to clarify that our Bully Sticks are processed in a company owned facility in Paraguay. Our Bully Slices are made in the USA. Both are great products!

  14. Debbie bickford

    I buy the canned Redbarn food because they are made with wholesome ingredients and my dogs who are allergic to most foods, love this product.

  15. Carrie Maly

    My girls love the bully sticks! They will chew and chew and chew until there’s nothing left! I think the only time they take a break is to get up and see how the other is doing on her bully stick. At least that’s what I tell myself: it’s probably more like, “Hey, I’m going to steal yours if you’re not guarding it very well!”

  16. Michele Cupp

    I know that my dog will love the filled bones, probably the Bully sticks too! She loves to chew on bones and her level of curiosity is so high for anything with filling in it!

  17. Linda Szymoniak

    My pack had their first taste of your Bully Slices at Christmas and absolutely love them! I think they’d vote them as their favorite Red Barn treat!

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Wow. Steve, thank you for supporting our business. We’re so glad Gus likes our treats and that we’ve been with him since birth!

  18. Kathleen Amato

    Redbarns natural lamb ears are the only treat my bully can have because he has allergies to ebverything. Thanks for making them all natural

  19. Gabriela Lopez

    My furbabies have all tried filled bones and bully sticks oh boy do they go crazy! But we haven’t tried choppers would love too!

  20. Suzanne Drews

    I just found you so I look forward to trying the freeze dried fish treats for cats and the barky barks and Bully Slices for my Lucky.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hey Barrie, we’re so glad your pup likes our bully sticks! So you’re aware, our bully sticks come from free range, grass fed South American cattle and are processed in a company owned facility in Paraguay. Our plant in Paraguay is held to the same standards as our facility in the US.

  21. Nicki

    LuLu’s favorite Redbarn treat has got to be the All Natural Piggy Puffs. They seem to last the longest & satisfy her need for chewing. After all pitties like to chew 🙂

  22. Regina Henske

    My dog really loves the bully nuggets. I plan on ordering more when she is close to finishing what I have already purchased. Also some family members gave her some for Christmas.

  23. Beth

    My Mia has never tried Bully slices but I’m sure she would love to give them a try 🙂 She a strong chewer and I need something that lasts. Redbarn just might be the answer 🙂

  24. Melissa Ashbrook

    Our Angie loves the Denta Doggie treats, Beef Filled Biscuits, Large Meaty Bones and Smoked Pig Ears. That’s all the stuff she’s tried so far but there is probably more. LOL

  25. Angie Shannon

    My furbabie Jake loves your sweet potato slices as he has to watch what kind of treats I can give him since he had bladder stone surgery!

  26. Marcella Ward

    Our favorite redbarn product is probably the bully rings. Long lasting, high quality and an affordable price. That’s what makes them a staple in our home. I always recommend redbarn products to dog training clients because they’re quality I can trust.

  27. Claudia McGee

    YoYo loves his Redbarn Bully Sticks ,small puppy with big chew lol and I never have to worry about quality because they are top notch like so many other Redbarn products! We are both happy choosing Redbarn 🙂

  28. Jeannie Pratt

    Although Little Bit hasnever tried them, I know for sure she will fall in love with the small beef bones and the Choppers. She would slip them up so fast. My little teacup chiahua and mini Doberman pincher mix.

  29. Paula Gillespie

    My dog’s favorite are the bully sticks but I know she would love the Choppers. She has never tried them before but after reading the description of it I think it would be her new favorite from Redbarn.

  30. Janet Ritchie

    The filled marrow bones without a doubt. I order multiple shipments several times withing a 3 month period. I have 4 dogs and all enjoy the peanut butter, the yogurt and the bacon and cheese filled ones(the small size). I wish you weren’t doing away with the sweet potato as they are so nutritious and one of mine suffers from digestive issues a lot. I do find them where I can, while they are still out there stocked by various companies. Please bring them back. All of your bones last long enough for me to get a few things done. I like that they provide them with a healthy chew and satisfaction and that I can refill them later on too.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Janet,
      We’re happy to hear your pups like our filled bones! We don’t have any immediate plans to bring back the sweet potato filled bones, but we definitely pay attention to what our customers are asking for and want to accommodate popular requests!

  31. Nancy Dionne

    Our old dog will only eat your delicious Red Barn Beef Meat Rolls. And it is also great for training treats for our young dog.

  32. Christina Wall

    My dogs would love the Red Barn peanut butter filled rolled rawhide. Peanut butter is a favorite of theirs and of course chewing!

  33. Karen Frewert

    Tigger’s favorite treats are the dehydrated chicken and turkey treats. I use them to “bribe” him. He loves having a tiny bit on top of his food to get him to eat. But I also use them in training and when taking photos of him. He is a professional model/actor and will do anything for these treats!!! Including riding a skateboard in a tv commercial!!

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Wow, Karen! We hear about a lot of tricks that pets are willing to do for our treats, but I think this is the first time we’ve heard about them motivating a skateboard ride!

  34. Dawn Warner

    The Sweet Potato Slices are one of the few snacks all 3 of my dogs love. My Maltese can be picky, but he loves them. I feel good about them being a healthy snack, too.

  35. Dawn Rasor

    BULLY STICKS! My dogs love Bully Sticks. It’s hard to find a safe & healthy chewing option for them and I am so glad we found Bully Sticks!

  36. Kaylee L.

    My dogs LOVE the beef bones! My puppy loves them too! They last us a while and they have fun chewing on the bone part once the filling inside is gone! And they only like Redbarn treats!

  37. Shelley P

    My dog’s love the Natural Pig Ears and the Puffed Sow Ears. It keeps them busy, they love the taste and doesn’t upset their tummies 🙂

  38. Karen

    Both of my dogs love the Redbarn beef, chicken and lamb roll. I mix it in their kibble and use it )and share it with friends) as ring bait. They are very obedient when they know I have a yummy in my pocket!

  39. Laura B.

    Redbarn Dog Food!
    I buy a roll and cut it into 1/2 pound chunks and freeze them. Then about once a week I take out a chunk, thaw it, and then cube it into small pieces to use as training treats.

  40. wendy browne

    My Boston loves bully sticks and I like the Red Barn Brand. He might like the Roofles, I have looked at them but never bought them.

  41. Sandra T.

    My cats love Redbarn Chicken Stew. It’s the only canned food they both enjoy and also the only one we’ve tried that doesn’t make my older cat have digestive issues. They wake me up early every morning just to get it and make sure I don’t fall back asleep without taking care of them first. I love that it has excellent ingredients and helps them stay healthy.

  42. Tina M. Counterman

    My dogs love all kinds of different treat, puperoni sticks, beggon strips, Denta bones etc… But they go crazy over the Bully Bones and the peanut butter filled bones! My dogs are totally spoiled when it comes to treats!!!

  43. Heather Mitchell

    My dogs love bullie sticks although they annialate them in 2 seconds flat. We stick to more durable chew toys and give bullie sticks as treats.

  44. Brandi B.

    My dogs absolutely LOVE the peanut butter and Jelly filled bones! They get so happy when I get them out of the cupboard! Thanks for making such great products and treats for our pets!

  45. cindy cook

    bully sticks is my 3 dogs favorite but they will eat everything you make like they are the best thing on earth to eat which makes me happy to see my 3 dogs happy

  46. Tamra Gibson

    My sweet dog Levi lives the cheese and bacon filled bones. It’s a toss up between those and the Bully sticks. It’s safe to say Levi is a fan

  47. Trish

    The bully slices are called “go see” in our house. After all four eat their dinner, they come into me and I say, “let’s go see if you ate all your dinner.” We all go look at the 4 empty bowls, which I’m pretty sure Tuck did most of the empty-ing and then I say, “who wants their Go-See?” They all want them and I don’t really need to ask.

  48. Debbie

    I have trusted Redbarn for years. They have quality products that I have counted on for years. I don’t think there is anything that they produce that my dogs don’t love!

  49. Tracey Smith

    I use the grain free canned dog food as a treat filled inside their bones. My boxer and goldendoodle love the chicken, turkey and beef pate. Also use it at snack time to give my doodle his meds. Works like a charm.

  50. April b

    I’d like to try the bully slices. I’m thinking they would be the perfect size to treat and entertain my Doberman when I have to go to work. Its hard but it’s a a bully slice to pamper my baby until I hit the gate

  51. Ramona Hupcey

    I have a very picky Chihuahua, so I never know what to try for him. I have never tried any of these products mentioned on this page, but am always looking to find things my Chihuahua would like.

  52. Carol

    Bella absolutely loves your bully sticks! She must know where it is at all times….spending hours on end hiding it after enjoying a “chew session.” Then when we go upstairs to bed, she carries it up and puts it beside her as she sleeps 🙂 Thank you for such healthy, enjoyable treats.

  53. Christen

    My Audrey loves the bully sticks. We have them on auto ship every month and she gets so excited when she see’s the box! She knows it’s for her. She goes everywhere with us, so she has some at everyones house.

  54. Izzy

    I haven’t tried these yet, but I think Bijou would love any of them! In particular I bet she would love a stuffed bone. I will have to let her try one soon.


    Our dogs loved the Choppers! My mom bought them some for Christmas. They get so excited now when she comes over, always thinking grandma brought them more treats lol.

  56. Melissa Debus

    How do we choose just one item?! For a quick snack, my dogs Ben and Bramble like the lamb ears. For a longer lasting, keep ’em busy chew, we like the marrow bones. The meaty ones keep their interest, but the white ones are fun to customize with my own fill-ins.

  57. Jill Jackson

    Abi loves the lamb filled bones, they keep her busy. We are able to leave her unsupervised and not worry about her destroying the 4th couch

  58. Mary Cummings

    Have not tried your products for our Scarlett (mini-dachsund). I have been looking for a good chew treat for her. She had to have some teeth removed and needs to have a small stick to chew to help her other teeth. So I feel your Mini Bully Spring would be great for her.

  59. Shelly Van Dyne

    Molly’s favorite Redbarn treat is her Peanut butter filled bones. She absolutely will do any trick for her favorite treat!

  60. Gemma V.

    My miniature dachshund, Zelda absolutely goes bonkers for RedBarn’s Roofles! The large disk keeps her busy and the maple flavor keeps her chewing. Best of both worlds for this Mum and her furkid!

  61. Julie Tedesco

    My dogs love bully sticks! They make sure theyve got every bit chewed and lick their “lips” and paws after finishing their tasty treat!!

  62. Brianna Ketchum

    My dogs absolutely love Redbarn’s bully sticks that they got for Christmas from you guys! I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else as of yet though.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Brianna, so glad to hear your pups like our bully sticks! If you’re having trouble finding them at your local store, try one of our online retail partners like

  63. Emily

    Their braided bully sticks are the best. They last a long time and my dog loves them. They do not smell bad and I leave one in the car for times Colby needs to chew and relax

  64. Jessica Dewey

    My kat George He has,never tried any of the kat treats here but I would love to get some so he can try them.

  65. Kayla Lussier

    My pets have never tried Redbarn products but I think my 5 month old pup Myla would love the Greek Yogurt Filled Bones and my cats Julius and Diego would love the Freeze Dried Cat Treats!

  66. shannon fowler

    Our two love the bully sticks. My pomchi also loves the filled bones. He actually will sit there for hours with one.

  67. Carol Ann

    Boomer would love to try the piggy puffs. He needs a softer treat since he doesn’t have many teeth left. and his brothers Mack and Toby love bully sticks..

  68. chuck derr

    our new cat breaks into the cabinet to get the Whitefish Freeze-Dried Cat Treats our for her and our other cats. we had to childproof the one cabinet and put them in there.

  69. Kim Bakos

    I’ve never tried any of your products, but with 6 fur babies at my house, I’m sure there isn’t a single treat you make that one of babies wouldn’t love!

  70. Colleen Schilinski

    I buy Bully Sticks all the time. I used to purchase them at my local grocery store, and let me tell you, they were expensive. I now get them on the internet…..Redbarn has some of the best, and they are much cheaper too.
    My Ashley cannot get enough, and she gets super excited when I get back from the mail box with that bag……she knows goodness when she smells them.

  71. Amandas Monkeys

    I know my boys would love to try the Filled Bones. I just told Google to add those to my order list so they can try them soon.

  72. Susan West

    All the great reviews! I have never seen them in a store in Pennsylvania or I would have bought some for my Daisy. If there is a store in PA please let me know. The Choppers would be a treat that I know she would go crazy over. I cook beef and chicken livers off for her every now and then for a special treat and she actually drools for them. I just may have to place an order for the Choppers online. Although Daisy has not had the honor of trying them I can guarantee you she would be a big fan.

  73. sherry butcher

    Blackie my 13yr. old love to play with other dogs. his toys are fine for all but not the bones and bully sticks.

  74. Lynn Millwood

    My babies love the Bully Sticks !!! They get ALL excited when they see them coming & will Speak- Roll over- High Five’s …..All of the tricks for the TREATS !!

  75. Heather Bridson

    My pugs would love anything they can get…they are very food centric! But, with a lot of the bones and such they fight over them, so I limit them to crate times and such. But the Choppers look like a perfect treat for them!

  76. Anne Yedlin

    All of these treats sound like a great alternative to what I have been giving my fur babies. It’s hard to find a wholesome healthy food that doesn’t have all the additives in them. I definitely want to try this and see what my babies think. May be switching if they like it!

  77. Jan Schmidt

    Red Barn has always had excellent quality treats! My 3 rescues LOVE the Red Barn Choppers! They are their absolute favorite! Thank you for producing such quality products when there are so many unhealthy treats available. Will always buy Red Barn Products, I feel they are the best!

  78. Brian H

    Bully sticks are great! They smell bad but my dog loves them and they don’t make her breath smell bad. Finally something she doesn’t lose interest with and takes her more than 5 minutes to get through!

  79. Katie Milliman

    Sarafina’s favfurite treat from Redbarn is your filled bones. We like to freeze them to make them last a little longer. When she’s finished with the inside she carries the bone around the house to chew on. Sketcherz favfurite treat is your bully sticks. She’s not much of a chewer but she’s never passed up an opportunity to devour her and anyone else’s bully sticks!

  80. Janet Ritchie

    Your filled marrow bones(it was the sweet potato one but when that was discontinued and I bought out just about every vendor I could find); it is the cheese and bacon. I like how they still will work with them even after they are completely emptied of contents!!! I also will put peanut butter in them and freeze so they get double use out of them. I have to say, when I buy treats, yours are the ones I definitely look for first and they are bought in numbers of 12-24. Thanks for making something that helps with their teeth and gives me peace of mind they are getting something natural too.

  81. Jessica Chica

    I haven’t ordered any products yet but everyone seems to love the filled bones so I will be ordering some for my pup asap!

  82. Shannon B

    Our Iggy LOVES the small bully rings. Keeps him entertained for hours! When we sit down for dinner, he gets his bully ring. When we are cooking in the kitchen, he gets his bully ring. When I am busy doing laundry, he gets his bully ring. He never seems to tire of them and they continue to entertain him and keep him busy (not to mention all of the great dental benefits!)

  83. Daniel Scott

    My dogs’ favorites are the bully sticks and filled natural bones. I can trust your products and that makes me happy too.

  84. Beth S.

    I have 2 beautiful cats & 1 pretty dog! 1 of my cats, Miffy is overweight & we looked and looked and tried countless foods to help her shed a little weight with no success. We finally tried Red Barn’s “Natural Ocean Fish Cat Pate for Weight Control” & she LOVES it!! I highly recommend the Ocean Fish Pate, she loves it & has lost weight!

  85. Susan Cheij

    My two Corgis love Redbarn bully sticks. I like that it keeps they busy for at least 30 min or longer. It’s healthy for their teeth to have something to chew on. When I see how happy they are then it makes me happy. Thanks Redbarn!

  86. cathy howat

    Ive never tried your products but you can bet I will be placing an order for my Chesney after reading all the wonderful comments. Im convinced they are what my furbaby needs!

  87. Kayla Atchison

    My corgi Abbey rose will only eat redbarn bully sticks, all the other brands out there she doesn’t finish. She also loves the peanut butter filled hoofs.

  88. Paula S.

    My doggies haven’t tried them yet, but I would love for them to try the Redbarn Peanut Butter Filled Dog Biscuits. They love crunchy biscuits and they love peanut butter. Combining the two is destined to be a hit. I can just imagine them gobbling these down! I know they would love these!

  89. Ann M.

    My golden retriever JJ and his buddies, Bandit and Sammie, love the peanut butter filled rawhides. I buy them buy the case and have to keep them hidden so that they don’t pester me for more!

  90. Deborah Fischer

    I love everything Red barn has to sell from the bully sticks to the delicious pate cat food. I have a dog and four cats and Redbarn makes it easy, safe and always available when I need to buy products. Thanks Redbarn you’re my number 1.

  91. Renee Mace

    Without a doubt, it is the sterlized knuckle bone, the large size, my two dogs share it and chew on it all day long.

  92. Kimie Hatfield

    Bully rings are my pups favorites!! Our older pup always chews thru his faster than his younger sister and loves the rings so much he will steal her ring when she turns away! We got a great ‘pets being shamed’ video out of it!

  93. Nicole Hart

    We haven’t ever tried any of your line of treats, but I will certainly be checking into them and see who the girls like like them. Our 10yr old female MinPin she is our service dog, she likes soft treats bc she has little dog teeth issues, and our 3yr old female cat loves crunchy treats. Total opposites. But both looove their treats. They beg for treats thinking it’s always treat time.

  94. Maggie Lauria

    All six of my English Mastiffs have gone crazy over the Peanut Butter & Jelly filled bones!! It’s like hitting the jackpot to them. Funny to watch how much excitement can be in each 200+ dog, as long as your not in the line of fire when the excited zoomies break out, lol

  95. Deborah Fischer

    I love Redbarn products from the filled bones to the tasty cat food. Their ease of purchase, variety of products and good quality, tasty, healthy, and nutrition ingredients make it a joy for my pets and myself. Thanks Redbarn!!!

  96. Dawn Redden

    I think my Justice would love to try a roofle. I will ask her do you want a cookie? She runs around barking and whining. I think a roofle would go over very well with her. I don’t usually give her anything sweet so I think she would absolutely LOVE it!

  97. Tacy Denby

    Bella loves bully sticks but she loves all treats and would have a hard time choosing just one.So she thinks an assortment would be just fine with her.

  98. Crystal

    My dogs go insane over the peanut butter filled bones! If I want to teach them a new trick these treats are my go to! They’re always willing to work for them!

  99. Bobby Joanne Cummins

    Although I love having a variety of treats on hand, Tiny, Bean, and Tsuk are going to be awfully disappointed if mama doesn’t get them some Red Barn treats to try so they can chime in on their favorites. I’d love some suggestions!! I have a 6 year old lab who can take a rawhide down in 0 to 6 seconds, her 1 year old yellow male who is a powerful chewer and an 11 year old french brittany who still has great chompers himself! What do you recommend that would hold up to these three and last more than 1 minute!? 🙂

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Bobby,
      It sounds like your power chewer pups would be great candidates for our Super Braids and Bully Weaves. These are similar to our braided bully sticks, which tend to be our most long lasting bully sticks, but they have even more sticks braided together. With 6 bully sticks braided together, that’s a lot to chew on! We find that giving dogs interesting and challenging shapes helps extend chew time.
      While it’s harder to do with bigger dogs, we also recommend choosing chews that are slightly larger than your dog’s mouth- this makes chewing more of a challenge since your dog can’t fit the entire diameter of the chew in their mouth at once.

  100. Jill Roth

    I think we should buy stock in your company because our pups LOVE choppers and we go through a lot with the amount of pups we have.

  101. Mya Murphy

    I have a feeling, Bam Bam would love the Redbarn filled bones the most.. we have never even seen the product anywhere. Would love to try!!

  102. Cyndi Kyker

    Bertie is a seven month old French Bulldog that is being loved by empty nesters.She has been a little picky eater till she tasted RedBarn Beef Pate for Puppies. Seems she has a bottomless pit when it comes to meal time. She loves loves loves the Beef Pate alone or mixed with her dry. One happy puppy……

  103. Vyktoria C

    Filled bones are great. They keep the dog busy for a great amount of time and when they are empty they can be refilled again. My dogs love them during the summer because I put them in the freezer or fridge and they are cold so they just lick them like it ice cream

  104. Jessica

    I would love to try the filled bones or the weave bully sticks for one of my boys. Would keep him occupied as he would lay there and obsess over it until he couldn’t do anymore with it. Knuckle bones he sits there and chews and crunches down to nothing. 4 yr old German Shepherd who will rip up a tennis ball as soon as you let him carry it off.

  105. Lauren Costanza

    My dog and I love that red barn uses natural ingredients. It makes me feel confident that I’m giving him healthy bones and treats!

  106. Jeannie Pratt

    I DO believe the filled bones ARE safe for my dogs, there are different sizes that makes them more suitable per pet.

  107. Mary Angeroth

    depending on the size of your dog should help figure out what size treat to give your little friend, these filled bones are great and my dog loves them……………..

  108. Beth Paulsen

    Bully sticks are a fav! Have never seen the Choppers before and I didn’t know about the canned cat food! wow


    MY GIRLS LIVE FOR BULLYSTICKS! I use to drive 120 miles round trip into Atlanta to get them at a dog store there>> Now I just go to the web site and order even more for what I save on time and gas! I am excited to try some new things>> think the girls would love the filled bones… we will see if we are blesses to win

  110. Alicia Hewitt

    My dog loves Red Barn filled chews!! He loves the cheese and bacon flavor. I believe that filled bones are ok for did as long as they come from a great company like Red Barn!

  111. Barrieq

    My dog has never tried the filled bones but from what I’ve read about them, he’d love them! He loves to chew but we have a hard time finding him toys/bones that he likes. I love the above post from Donna to freeze them! My dog would love the lamb but I bet the PB&J would be a favorite too.

  112. Jennifer Cullar

    I’m new to the brand but my new pup whiskey found the braid in petco. I was hesitant because of the price but after getting cheaper chew bones at the grocery store and doesn’t like them I went ahead and got for her to try. The braid lasts longer and is better quality!

  113. Zella Mckheen

    The Chicken is what they both will choose. My two pups Max (8 yr old shih-tzu) and Dudley (11 yr old german spitz) love anything chicken.Dudley has a hard time eating them though, because he has no front teeth. Max will chew for hours and dare someone to touch it! LOL But when they get down to about nothing, I’m the puppy parent who digs the middle out for them so they can have the rest of the goodies! It keeps them occupied and lets me know what they are both up to! Content and safe!

  114. Cathy Truman

    Our boy Bailey loves the beef filled bones. I have never seen the peanut butter ones
    Bailey would love them too.

  115. D. White

    My Rambo is not picky at all – he loves all flavors. Just have to make sure he doesn’t swallow them whole – he’s a really big dog

  116. Debbie Dodge

    Willow Bugs Dodge says RUFF RUFF RUFF and wants to win this giveaway!!! She’s an adorable 2 year old Golden Retriever who LOVES to win 🙂

  117. Janet Ritchie

    I think Filled Redbarn bones are perfectly safe for dogs; I have been feeding them to my 4 small dogs for years! For one thing, there are no sharp edges, and they don’t splinter easily. As with all treats, you should be nearby to supervise and definitely choose a treat suitable to the size of your dog. The filled bones come in two sizes, small/medium and large.

  118. Robert Hogan

    I have been very pleased with Red Barn products and have incorporated them into my dog and cats treats. My dog loves the Roll Redbarn Small Peanut Butter Filled Bones Dog Treats and that’s how she starts her day off, happily gnawing away. I give these to her because I have complete trust in the brand and I know that only do they provide her enjoyment they are also healthy and helpful.

  119. Katie Smith

    My Ruger Loves The Bully Sticks 🙂 If we want to just relax and watch a movie or something we give him one and he’s Happy for at least a hour 🙂

  120. kathy m

    my chocolate lab loves the pb&J filled bones! I am going to try the lamb filled next for him. It helps with his anxiety

  121. Betsy M.

    For sure. Our sweet rescue dog is always looking for treats and the Redbarn ones would sure satisfy her cravings. I bet she’d so enjoy them.

  122. Eva D

    My boxers love your filled bones. The challenge of getting the filling out (usually peanut butter) is fun for them it is good for keeping tarter away and it is healthier than most other treats

  123. NicoleF

    My pups favorite treats are bully sticks, but she still does enjoy a nice filled bone to hold her attention all day. Exercising the mouth and the mind.

  124. Don

    Keira, my Belgium Mal. k9 unit enjoys them a lot. After working she likes to lay in her favorite place and enjoy her filled bones.

  125. Mya Murphy

    Absolutely!!! I would rather give my dogs filled bones than plastic toys that they can chew up and swallow and die!

  126. Theresa Spaid

    I would give my furkids these bones and bully sticks when I am at home but not if noone was there with them.

  127. Mark Fabela

    I have a dog that has never tried your bones, slices or treats and would like to try and will probably buy some if I see them in a Store.

  128. Melanie

    I think filled bones are safe for dogs. I always like to keep an eye on my dogs when they are eating anything like this.

  129. shannon fowler

    Both of our dogs love all treats really. The little one especially loves bully bones though. Our cat doesn’t really go for her treats, but she loves canned food.

  130. Finley_thedapperpup

    I adore filled bones! Finley is even an aggressive chewer so we often choose softer bones but he adores filled especially peanut butter it’s a nice soft treat!!

  131. Heather J

    I have a 100 pound Pyrenees, and an 8 pound Yorkie. They are best friends, at least until Piper (the Yorkie) tries to snatch King’s food and treats! Pipes is definitely the more aggressive of the two, but they both love any kind of long lasting, tough chews….just in different sizes. 🙂

  132. elizabeth

    I am really careful about what I give my dog these days. There’s so many contradictory articles out there, it has left me confused. Right now, my pup’s treat are his dental “bones.” He LOVES them.

  133. Launa7

    My daughter is very particular about the treats she gives her dog, so I always have to be sure they are good and safe! Im certain texas would love the peanut butter flavor! Im sure hed love all of them!

  134. ouida stokes

    the choppers are the favorites at our house. they love the crunchy treats. but I would like to try them on the filled bones, the flavors are appetizing.

  135. Becky Kite

    Lucy loves filled bones. But, she thinks she has to hide them from the cat. So you may find one under a blanket when you go to sit down in a chair.

  136. cheryl

    my little dog gets a treat when he come in from being outside,. he don’t always eat them right away , he likes to keep them for later — so cut

  137. cheryl

    my little dog gets a treat after he has been outside,. he don’t always eat the treat right away,. he likes them for later,. lol

  138. Kim Brooks

    The only RedBarn treat my dogs have had a chance to try are the Roofles and those were a HUGE hit! I am sure they would love the filled bones or anything meaty – they love peanut butter and they love anything chicken, duck, turkey and rabbit. They also love a good crunchy biscuit.

  139. Kim Brooks

    By the way, I never did find a blog post specifically titled “Are Filled Bones Safe For Dogs?”. Everytime I clicked on a link it brought me to this article about ALL products. I don’t have time to go and try to track down a specific post.

  140. Jessica Schindler

    Filled bones are one of my favorite things to give to my dog, Cooper. I also work at a pet store and we sell TONS of red barn filled bones. Very safe for the dogs and easy on the teeth! You can even refill them with other products after!

  141. Jamie E.

    My sweet pups love RedBarn’s bully slices! They know the packaging and sound and come running once they hear it. hehe!

  142. Julie Link

    my little dog loves the bully sticks – if you give him one and then even try to pet him, he will pick it up and run away to make sure you don’t steal it from him

  143. Linda Szymoniak

    I was a little hesitant about trying bully sticks for my dogs, since I knew what they are made from. But, I did give in a while back and they absolutely loved your bully sticks! They’ve had quite a few of your treats over the past few years, and even my cats enjoy your freeze-dried cat treats!

  144. Thomas

    REDBARN products are fantastic. I have five dogs who love the knuckle bones and filled bones. Items are shipped fast and are of very high quality. Highly recommend them.

  145. Cama

    My corgi LOVES bully sticks and flavor filled bones! He especially loves the peanut butter filled bones and he won’t stop licking it until he’s satisfied!

  146. Erika

    My little girl has yet to try these tasty looking treats. I will definitely be getting her some so she can experience the flavors!! My baby is only 7 months old so I’ll have to first make sure they are ok to give to her.

  147. Brynne

    My dogs love your filled bones! My older dog loves the PB flavor & the younger one is obsessed with the yogurt flavored one!! It keeps them busy for hours at a time!!

  148. Elizabeth Garcia

    My diabetic pup Mr. Moe loves the
    bully sticks (and it’s a treat he can have that doesn’t affect his blood sugar) He rarely gets the stuffed ones because of the fat and sugar but on the rare
    occasions he does peanut butter is his favorite.

  149. Fitz

    My dogs love filled bones! They’re a safe and fun way to help with their natural desire to chew! Like all bones and treats, you should supervise when enjoying!

  150. Cristin LaLone

    I love giving my dog filled bones because she seems to enjoy them and keeps her busy for a long time. She gets through biscuits and “busy” treats too quickly, but filled bones last a lot longer

  151. Sandy Weinstein

    my girls would love the filled bones with peanut butter, cheese, greek yogurt. i dont think they would like the jelly so much though. they love your freeze dried lamb lungs though. they like the smaller bully sticks, and the beef taffy is a real winner.

  152. Sandy Green

    My little girl Olive Green absolutely can’t get enough & llllooovvvveeesss the filled bones and I love that they are made in the USA and that RedBarn uses the most natural ingredients; I don’t feel bad giving one to her. A major plus is that they will keep her busy for a long time and I can get some work done.

    Thank you Red Barn for giving us products that we can trust and don’t have to think twice about giving them to our families.

  153. Lisa Queen

    Our three dogs love the Bully Sticks from Red Barn. I would love to try the filled bones (and I will soon) for them. These sound awesome! Thanks!

  154. clynsg

    I had never heard of Red Barn Treats before, but would be more than willing to try them for our cats and dogs. If they are as good as the comments say, I am certain they would truly be treats. I can see no reason why filled bones would be unsafe.

  155. Lori Q

    they love the peanut butter and unfortunately not all bones and treats are safe for dogs, I read, listen, watch and make sure they only get the best from the best companies

  156. Julian

    My two love the bully slices and filled bones. But remember always keep an eye on them! If they’re like one of mine, at times they think you don’t need to chew

  157. Barbara calder

    My grandpuppy love filled bones. I make certain the are made in the USA though, and a company I trust such as RedBarn!

  158. Devyn

    Bailey loves redbarn products! Redbarn is one of the only brands I buy for her. She has all sorts of filled bones that are great even when she gets the filling out since they can be refilled and frozen. She gets the cow hooves often and the cow horns. She loves their bully sticks too, just to name a few of her favorites

  159. Brandi B.

    Yes the filled bone treats are safe for dogs. Redbarn is a very trusted company and only wants the best for our dogs!

  160. JoAnn Kirk

    My 4 setters love the bully sticks (no smell) and it is great for their teeth. They also like the filled bones and it keeps them occupied and are safe for them to eat and once the inside is gone, the bones last forever and are drug around all over the house

  161. Kathy Nugent

    Filled bones are the best for keeping my dogs occupied. They hold their interest longer than any other bone. It is my go to special treat item for them.

  162. Larell

    My dog loves redbarn products. I work in a pet store and I purchase them regularly for her. She has a sensitive stomach and these never bother her!

  163. Shannon Bittinger

    Filled bones keep my dogs happy and busy for a long time, even after the filling is gone. They like every flavor.

  164. Lisa F.

    Roofles, LOL. What a funny name for a treat. I think I would like to try those for my dogs just for the name. 😉
    After my dogs eat the filling in a stuffed bone, I put canned food in it and freeze it for a continued yummy treat for them.

  165. Susan Bilger

    Filled bones are perfectly safe to eat. However with all treats you should always keep your eye on your dog to make sure that they’re not choking.

  166. K

    Redbarn bully sticks are the best. It’s so hard to keep my mini aussie shepherd entertained but these bully sticks do the trick!

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