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What Do You Love About Your Pet?

We all love our pets, but we want to know what you love about your pet. Is it the puppy kisses they wake you up with in the morning, or how your cat never wants to leave your side? Let us know and you could be one of the 10 winners that receive a custom treat jar, $100 worth of their favorite Redbarn treat, and a 10% discount ALL YEAR LONG to!


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  1. Robert Mulrooney

    I Adopted a Deaf cat, and even though he cannot hear a thing, he is the sweetest most gentle cat. Doesn’t care a bit about the vacuum running, which other cats I’ve owned run for the hills.

  2. Alice Brunner

    Mr. Kevin is a black and tan Lab that my daughter adopted from Southeastern Guide Dogs. While she is serving in the U.S. Navy, he is living with my husband and I. He has become a member of our family, but I know he misses his Mom. He is very affectionate, loves to snuggle (I don’t think he realizes he is a big dog and doesn’t quite fit onto my lap), and enjoys playing with his toys. Taking long walks on nature trails is one of the highlights of his day…so is the morning when he wakes me up, and breakfast, and playtime, and naps, and dinner, and anytime actually! He gets excited for anything that comes his way. What’s not to love about that? He’s wonderful and we love him!

    1. Brooke Bonds

      Hello Mrs Brunner! It’s so great to hear about Mr Kevin. I used to work with your daughter and she loved to talk about Mr Kevin with me 🙂

  3. Beth

    There is nothing better then waking up to look into the eyes of my sleepy 13 yr. old white golden Mia. She is absolutely the love of my life <3

  4. Erin Fosler

    I really like to use the food roll for training treats. I cut it up into small pieces and it works great and my dogs love it. Thanks

  5. Dean West

    Our cat powder stands on her back paws & puts her front paws on my leg while i sit on my computer chair wanted to be petted. She also walks down the hall in front of me then lies down on her back stretched out while i rub her belly with my feet

  6. Lynn Millwood

    My Cocker Spaniels Mollie (10) & Ollie (5 1/2 ) would love any kind of jerky treats. They are spoiled ROTTEN babies. They are my Heart !!

  7. Charlotte Wolfe

    Wrote a post already, it must be in dog and kitty heaven.
    My Remington is a character. Reminds me of Tiger.
    When I’m not waking up the way he wants, he has different things to wake me up.
    One of his favorites is, let’s talk real loud in her ear. He can really meow Loudly.
    Ok, that didn’t work out the way he wanted. So let’s bounce all over the bed like Tiger.
    He is a big boy and I don’t think anyone could sleep after his
    I love him dearly, he’s my first orange cat. He is such a character.

  8. MaryLynn Hayes

    #6 – Always happy to see me. If I go out to the mail box and come back in 2 minutes, it’s like I’ve been gone for days. I get such a happy, excited welcome!

  9. Dana MATTHEWS

    I love my Sadie’s sweet nature. She is so passive and such a great caregiver. My health is not good and my Sadie senses those days that I am at my worst and she sticks with me. She makes me feel needed and wanted and I get nothing BUT unconditional love from her.

  10. Jilda McGee

    My Rudy is a rescue miniature Dashaun and Min-Pin. He was abused and has a hard time trusting people. He is so sweet and loving once he gets to know you. He loves to sit on your neck and when you at least expect it he will give you a big “kiss” on your face!

  11. Jeanine Carlson

    1. They know just how to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. This is why I love my dog- he’s always looking out for me.

  12. Debbie Penney

    My doggie is just so sweet. She is loves me as much as I love her. I have medical issues so I am at home a lot and she is like a best friend to me. As she gets older she just gets smarter and smarter. She brings me happiness and joy.

  13. Liz Morris

    Cats and dogs, any pet (which is more then a pet, a family member) have a way of tuning into you and when they look you in the face, they are looking you right in the eyes. They totally focus on YOU.

  14. Beth M

    They always make you smile! Whether it’s our Dixie girl’s sweet nature (80lb shep/lab, going on 12 and still thinks she’s a puppy) or Dallas goofiness (he’s an 80lb hound/pit that insists on wearing jackets), one of them is bound to brighten your day!

  15. Katerina Savelieva

    We have 2 dogs: we found and adopted Rosie who is pure-bred German Shepherd, and then discovered she was pregnant. She had 9 puppies: we kept one of them (found good homes for others). Our dog Sandy (Rosie’s daughter who was born in our house) thinks she is a human being. She likes to do everything with us (including sleeping on the bed), my friend says she is “eavesdropping” on our conversations because she always listen what we are talking about during the walks in the nature preserve and looks back every time we say anything interesting:) She has very human behavior and it is so unusual….

  16. Cheryl Pate

    MY pets are members of my family. I work for them to have the best of what I can give them. Red Bard is pre inin food that I all the time afford to feed but when I can I buy it for my pets the best. Especially one of mine the ocean fish is the one and only food for her.

  17. Vicki Wurgler

    we have a beautiful black lab that we love. he waits at the door till we come home and then does a happy dance, he is so excited to see us

  18. Kelli A.

    “hey’re always happy to see you.” They greet me like I have been gone for days when I get home and sometimes when I just return from the mailbox. The other two reasons I listed before reading your list! 🙂

  19. Alicia Hewitt

    My rescue dog, and 5 rescue cats are all my furbabies! My dog is the best emotional support dog ever. I have PTSD and be always calms me down. So do my cats.

  20. Jeanne Coulombe

    What I love about my pet is she’s my suggle buddy when I’m down and sick from Rheumatoid Arthritis she makes me laugh with the silly things she does. I love her so much she is the queen of the house.

  21. rose cantu

    I love it when my kids fall to sleep my cat check on them and if my sons not where he usually sleep he goes and finds him and make share he’s ok and lays right on him . Also love my dog because he thinks he’s little but he’s not he’s a big babies lol

  22. Sebastian Eastham

    My dog Tad was our “empty nest” child.
    My wife unexpectedly passed away Dec 21st since then Tad has become the center of my universe. Would not be able to get thru this without him.
    I love my dog oh ps he does not know he is a dog so shhhhhhh don’t tell.

  23. SALLY Mahaffey

    I love my cats, and we also try to fix all stray cats that get dropped off and find them homes. My indoor kitty is my baby he is part of our family

  24. Nancy Fiorenza

    I love my princess and chili they are the best they are always by my side follow me everywhere and cry when I am gone I so love cuddling on the bed with them watching tv.

  25. Kim O

    i love my mom’s dog. he’s the happiest when he’s happy and even when he’s sick. he has a health problem and the vet doctors told us he wasn’t going to live past 2 years old. he’s still alive.

  26. Lisa Roach

    I lover everything about my dog Phoenix, but my favorite thing is his playfulness. Even if he has no one to play with he will make up games of his own. One of his favorites is to steal the bath mat and drag it out to the living room and cover his tennis balls. Then he digs and digs it until he finds his ball. He will do this for hours.

  27. Dawn Haberman

    My “dogs” (shhhh… they don’t know) are the best therapists (physical & emotional)!! They know what I need before I do!!

  28. Kimberlyn C

    My favorite thing about my 10-month-old Siberian Husky puppy, Joe, is when we are obedience training. When we first get to class, Joe always sits down and when he looks up, his eyes are shining, he’s smiling, and his little tail just doesn’t stop wagging. He’s such a happy boy, and he loves our one-on-one time.

  29. Christina Tong

    I love my dog, Bagel, he is like a good friend of mine. He watches my door, plays with me, walks with me. I enter to win the treat so that he can have a chance to try this pets favorite treats.

  30. mary

    Buck is a very lovable Malinois, but one thing I really love about him is how he now, at almost 2 years old (after a lot of silly puppyness), protects and watches over our chickens when I ask him. He also helps me round the chickens up when its time for them to go back to their coop. He’s come a long way!

  31. Carole

    I remember the first time I met Lala, she was a little puppy full of life and energy that loves to cuddle and howl out of excitement. I love the way when I come home from work and am at the front door she is wagging her tail and barks excitedly and jumps with joy when she sees me. She’s my little sunshine and brings lots of love into my universe.

  32. Ann Miller

    I love how my dog Lucky, who I saw someone drop off in front of my house, kisses me most of the time when I ask him. I love how he jumps around excitedly before being fed. I love to see him run fast, and keep looking back to make sure I’m there. I love how he likes to be close to me. I love his mismatched toenails. I love his unconditional love.

  33. Pat S

    Our mini Aussie does the funniest thing. When we get home he is so happy he grins showing all his teeth! it cracks us up and makes our day! Treats for Quigs!

  34. Angela Nicole

    We have 3 dogs and they are the coolest, most loyal FAMILY i could ever ask for. They can sense my sadness and will comfort me in the best way!!! Playful, Funny, Adventurous and just down right awesome!

  35. Valerie kuehn

    All of these reasons stated is why I love our dog Shira.. I have to say she’s one loyal pup-pup & she gives unconditional love! Especially now that I have a non removable brain aneurysm & breast cancer, she sensed something was wrong & doesn’t leave my side ..especially after I return home from my surgeries.

  36. Valerie kuehn

    We haven’t had the opportunity to try these treats I live out on Long Island in New York & I wouldn’t even know where to purchase them for Shira.. nor would I have the funds right now being disabled but would love to give these treats to Shira

  37. shelly pitt

    bear our black cat we adopted last yr.through the shelter.he loves to chase his toys and bring them back to you.naps in the sun,and is a great cat.

  38. Holly Wright

    I love everything about my 2 cats & 2 dogs. They all have very different personalities an each are so loving also.

  39. vicki lorenz

    My dog loves our family so much she runs around in circles when she sees one of us. But a stranger forget it! She will warm up once she knows they are safe. For a little Shih Tzu I feel very loved and protected.

  40. Kim Niland

    I love how my pup greets me when I come home like he hasn’t seen me in a week, even when I’ve only been gone for 10 minutes!

  41. Bonnie Blake

    I love my rescue dog because he actually takes care of me. I experience bad dreams. When he hears me, he comes running to my bedroom and brings his favorite toy to my bed to comfort me. I have no idea how he thinks to do this. He is something. I named him Remington, he’s a pistol.

  42. Cathy Bradford

    Jesse would love to have her very own treat jar! Thank you for the chance! She brings me so much joy every day!

  43. Teresa Paz

    They are so uncomplicated, cats too. Dogs adore us and cats appreciate that we are an asset and ally to them. A sweet union. They can detect and warn us of impending dangers we can’t. There is so much peace and harmony. There is so much love in both species, and I will always have a place in my home and heart for an needy homeless pet.

  44. Darla Peduzzi

    I love my little girl, Bella. She’s always ready to cuddle or play. She’s such a sweet little girl and is the best company when I’m home alone too.

  45. Cynthia Edwards

    So many reasons I love my dog Bristol. To be honest, I have Lyme disease, so there are many times I don’t feel good or just really down. She never leaves my side! Such unconditional love from our furbabies is amazing.

  46. Angie

    I have 3 furbabie’s and one is a Jake Russell and the other 2 are Rat Twrriers ( Mom and Pup) I got my old girl when my friend retired her as a squirrel dog and when I adopted her I took her to the Vet to get spayed since my two are males! Well I’m glad I took her when I did because I found out she had cancer. She is now 16 years old and cancer free!

  47. Patricia Donoher

    Well here it is a beautiful morning an another reason I love my JJ.he wakes me up with lots of kisses.then we sit an watch the birds that JJ just loves then he waits for me to get dressed.And were ready to take on another great day.He goes out to the field an has a blast.What a lovely way to wake up.JJ is my reason for everything that’s good in my life.

  48. Ashley

    My pom prince means everything to me! He is always there when I need him and loves attention! He has the biggest heart in the tiniest body! ❤️ He has the greatest personality sits with me when I am sad! Treats make him so happy! He always greets me when I get home from school! If he feels he has not gotten enough attention in the day, he will kick the floor with his foot and proceed to force his bottom and body onto my lap! He loves to learn new tricks and go on long runs with me! I love my pom and I wouldn’t trade him for the world! ❤️

  49. Ashley Passino

    My purebred Bombay cat was a rescue. He was literally 30 mins away from being an owner return to the shelter. He had already had 3 different homes in under a week.. due to behavior issues from being declawed. We took him just in time to prevent him from going back to the shelter… he is, and has been, an excellent cat, no more behavior issues, he is smart as a whip, can clear me, (i’m 5’5′, if you bust out his laser toy, he can clear me from a sitting position), can walk on leash, and best hunter you can ask for, we are rodent free! 2 yrs after we gotten Victory, Cujo came into our lives. He is a Beagle/Sheltie mix, who also came from the pound, than ended up with an old woman who kept him in her kitchen for 6-12 hrs a day while she worked. So we ended up adopting him. He is Daddy’s boy, loves my bf to death! cuddles with him at night and greets him when gets hm from work every day. He has never met a person he didn’t like. He also helped raise a stray cat’s litter of kittens, he bathed them and made sure they never got out of his sight! Victory is his buddy/brother, they are the best of friends. They even cuddle and share the same bowl. I could not ask for a better dog! He also has the Beagle nose, and can find anything/anyone!

  50. Denise Jones

    I have 4 dogs that I love dearly!!! There like my kids!!!! They wake me every morning by jumping on me and they give me Morning kisses. When I’m down they are right there to make me smile!!!! They make me exercise lol!!!! They all around are the true best friend!!!!!

  51. Maggie Lauria

    My mastiffs have provided me with things that another human just isn’t capable of. Unconditional & selfless love, constant companionship by their own choice, and they are willing to put themselves in the line of danger to protect me and keep me safe…They would literally give their life to save mine. They have listened to my dumb jokes, watched me dance alone in my living​ room, seen me naked with the lights on, and have never laughed at me for any of it. They are always up for snuggling or clowning around in a moment’s notice. They bring a sense of calmness, peace and security to me in a cruel, hectic and dangerous world. And they ask for nothing in return except to be by my side. I couldn’t expect anything more from another living creature. Dogs were God’s most perfect creation! ❤

  52. Amy

    I love that my pets keep me company when I’m lonely. I love that my pets make me smile. I love that my dogs inspire me to walk even on days when I don’t want to.

  53. Angela Borden

    He makes me laugh, he is a super smart dog with lots of energy and love to give. And he loves our kids and cats.

  54. Heidi Sparks

    I love Bubba my Beauceron!!! He is my best friend, constant companion, mobility service dog and brother to my daughter. I love the way he understands me, so much so, that he often knows that I’m going to move before I’ve consciously even decided to move. I love the way that even though he’s always there for me, he also has such a sweet and generous nature that he knows when others are hurting and he reaches out to them. I love that even though he’s 10 years old he still often acts like a puppy. He has fans and admirers everywhere we go. I love the fact that he will protect me and remains alert to danger, but never would show any type of aggression unless it was absolutely necessary. I love it when he decides to be an 88 lb lap dog. I love it when he sleeps next to me with his head gently curled over my hip. I love that he is so in tune with me that if I cry, even at a sappy movie, he will rush to me as if to say what’s wrong and what can I do to fix it. I love Bubba!!!

  55. Jill Roth

    Well, we have 7 dogs. Used to be 11 but a lot of them are old and sadly had 4 pass away over the last 2 years All rescues minus 1.

    Cuddle bug (chihuahua) she’s the snuggler, she’s so patient with our 10 month old. Makes me love her more and more.

    Snickerdoodle (chihuahua) she loves to jump all over you then lay her neck on ur lips so you kiss her lol. She won’t go away until you do.

    Hank (blue heeler) he’s such a happy boy. Loves to be loved on and will snuggle right on ur legs.

    Maxi (lab) she’s the sweetest. She waddles over and will lavish you with kisses.

    Skippy (jack) he’s the boss. He keeps everyone in line and keeps everyone safe.

    Daisy (jack) she’s a sweet girl. Like a kangaroo!! She loves to jump up and be carried in your arms.

    Last but not least is sweet duke aka dukuss (boxer) he’s getting old (13) and his back legs are slowly dragging. He loves to play fetch and still tries to bounce around, he’ll love on you and then go lay down and just watch everyone. He’s been a super sweet baby since we got him.

    We’re very blessed with the sweetest pups of all time. Our dogs range in age from 2-15. Unfortunately all of them are 7+ minus snickerdoodle. We absolutely love our pups but even more blessed with the unconditional love they show us!!

  56. Nadine

    My Savannah is part German Shepherd and part Husky. She is spunky and twirls at the end of her leash because she wants to go further! She has a bounce when she runs because she’s part Husky. She was abandoned in a backyard in the 100 degree heat of July, she ended up in rescue and I adopted her and she likes to cuddle in my lap and she likes my cats. She is my partner and my family.

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