Meet Our No Rawhide Giveaway Pet Partners!

For our No Rawhide Giveaway, we partnered with some amazing pups! Get to know these pups and the humans that take such great care of them. Don’t forget to follow your favorites on Instagram!

Tori, Cali, Riki, & their human Chris

Visit @The3aussmigos on Instagram

Three Aussies that love hiking and going to the beach.

Cocoa, Honor, & their human Megan


Visit @furandhappiness on Instagram

Cocoa is a Border Collie mix who enjoys hiking and snoozing on the couch. Honor is an 11-month-old Lab who is always ready for an adventure!

Digsby, Simba, Cinderella, & their human Tina

Visit @Digsby_n_Cinderella_The_Chows on Instagram

Or, visit them on Facebook: 

And Twitter: 

Digsby, Simba, and Cinderella are two-year-old Chow Chows that are part of a Motley Zoo of fur kids living in Council Bluffs, Iowa. (That’s a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska for those of you saying Whoobie, Whatty, Where??)

The Chows enjoy amusing their friends/followers on social media with their crazy antics and using social media as a platform to raise funds and awareness for pet charities/causes. They also to love to travel and explore dog-friendly events making new friends and showing Chow Chows are indeed friendly!

In their downtime, the Chows love to chase squirrels and frantically dig holes in the Momager’s once well-manicured lawn!

Poppy and her human Karen


Visit @PoppyBasset on Instagram

Poppy is a really fun and friendly Basset Hound. She is a trick dog champion and is also training for agility, obedience and other canine sports. Poppy really enjoys going to the beach, playing with other dogs and performing tricks. She also enjoys volunteering and is a registered Therapy and Reading dog.

Cooper & his humans Ashley and Coleman


Visit @cooper.thegoldenboy on Instagram

Cooper is a fluffy one-year-old Golden Retriever living his best life in Dallas, Texas with his pawrents, Ashley and Coleman. Cooper loves belly rubs, hiding tennis balls under furniture, and savoring every last bit of a bully stick!

Bidde, Belle, & their human Susan

Visit @bidde_belle_aussielove on Instagram

Bidde and Belle are Miniature Australian Shepherds living in New Jersey. They are absolutely the light of our lives! Belle is a water lover, Bidde is more of a land lover but they both enjoy spending time outside exploring! Some of their other favorite things are treats, photo shoots for their Instagram, and cuddling!


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