Meet Our Filled Bone Video Giveaway Partners

We are so honored to partner with five amazing pups and the dog parents who take such great care of them. Take some time to get to know them below, and of course, don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram. We have so much fun connecting our Redbarn pets and building a community together.

Athena, Ares, and Their Mom Jennifer

Our Partners in Kansans city are two energetic Siberian Huskies that love Redbarn nutritional treats and chews. Athena and Ares love the outdoors, including swimming in lakes and hiking. @athenanares

Grizzly, Simba, Rizzo and Their Mom Colette

Grizzly, Simba, and Rizzo are an adorable pack of 3. A Huskita, a Pomeranian and a Pomsky all living together in San Diego where they soak up the sun and enjoy treats and chews from Redbarn. We love having them in our family! @fluffybuttbrothers

Sapper and His Mom Sidney

The adorable momma’s boy ❤️, Shoe bandit 👟,  and Toy expert 🎾 Sapper Jean. This puggle loves the outdoors and snacking n Redbarn treas and chews with the company of his loving pet parent, Sidney. @Sapperjeanthepuggle

The Dood Bruce and His Mom Nora

The Dood Bruce is a happy Mini Labradoodle in NYC. He loves sunshine when he’s not snuggled up by the fire with his loving Mom, Nora. We absolutely adore having him as a part of the Redbarn Family! ❤️ @the.dood.bruce

Winston, Ivy, and Their Mom Emily

Winston and Ivy are two playful pups that love hanging out with each other and keeping with Mom Emily company. When not playing fetch or chasing other dogs at daycare, they enjoy Redbarn Treats as a nutritious snack. We thank them for being a valued part of the Redbarn Family! @winstontheenglishsetter


Don’t forget to enter our Redbarn Filled Bone giveaway for your chance to win three packs of bully sticks, springs, and rings. Good luck and have fun mingling with our newest pet partners.

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There are 35 comments

  1. Heather Reynolds (Sanders)

    Redbarn filled bones are the best… It’s actually funny that I woke up to this email about this contest to win these filled bones because a few DAYS AGO (before the contest) I had tweeted to Redbarn about how much my dog LOVES their filled bones!!!!!

  2. Sarah Pagel

    I have two Great Danes who would love to work in your quality control/ taste testing department!
    They are nuts for femurs I’ve never heard of Redbarn filled bones, I’m sure they’d love them if I can find some for them!

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