Meet Our Natural and Filled Hooves Pet Partners!

Did you know we have a new video out? Did you know it features cute dogs who genuinely enjoy Redbarn treats, chews, and food? It’s true, and we are excited to share it all with you! So excited, we had to gather our #RedbarnFamily to help us give away free product.

We are honored to partner with eight amazing pet partners to help us give away free product from the video, Redbarn Natural Hooves (Why Do Dogs Have Four Paws?)! Take some time to get to know them below, and of course, don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram. We always have so much fun connecting our Redbarn family and building a community together.

Banks the Golden Retriever

With a goofy personality and beautiful smile, Banks the golden retriever is here to steal your heart.

As a therapy dog in training, you can catch Banks comforting her loved ones and being a terrific overall companion.

Hair blowing in the wind, you can tell she’s a true free spirit. Check her out on Instagram: @banksthegolden


Bentley and His Pack

This All-American bully is the life of the party! Dashing around with his fun-loving pet parents and his human siblings,

this guy has a lot of personality and isn’t afraid to show it.

Check out their adventures on Instagram: @bullygeek


The Chow Crew

Kiki, Cinderella, Digsby, and Simba are a fun group of chow chows that love Redbarn Natural and Filled Hooves.

Always ready to take on a challenge together, they love going at the delicious fillings for hours! Who can finish the fastest?!

Keep up with the crew on Instagram: @digsby_n_ciderella_the_chows


Mr. Wigglebutt

Sherlock, aka, “Mr. Wigglebutt,” is a handsome pup that will do anything for Redbarn treats and chews!

Do you wonder how he got the nickname, Mr. Wigglebutt? Why not ask him!

Slide into his DM’s on Instagram and be sure to follow him to keep up with the shenanigans: @mr.wigglebutt 


Saylor Rose

Saylor Rose is a 2-year-old black Labrador retriever who loves the outdoors and adventure.

Living it up in Southern California with her pet parent, Saylor truly loves munching on Redbarn treats and can’t get enough of our Natural and Filled Hooves.

Be sure to follow Saylor’s adventures: @Sayl_awaywithme


Skateboard Henny

Skateboard Henny is just a simple girl who loves to skate!

As an official Cesar Milan backpack Supermodel, she is no stranger to the camera.

When she’s not showing off her best #TOT, Henny likes to take her Redbarn treats and her skateboard

for a cruise along the coast. Check out her impressive moves on Instagram: @skateboard_henny.


The Dood Bruce

Bruce the mini-labradoodle lives in New York City. He loves to go on long walks in the city with his pet parents!

With a knack for being adorable and a true love for treats, Bruce can brighten up anyone’s day.

Let him make you smile! See what he’s up to on Instagram: @the.dood.bruce 



This agility star is notorious for his distinctive facial features. Can you guess why? When you look into this pup’s eyes, you may feel a slight chill!

Although he may look scary, Koda, AKA, “The Evil Siberian Husky,” loves to show affection and cuddle up with his pet parents after a fun adventure in the snow.

Watch him having a blast every day on Instagram: @theevilsiberianhusky


Don’t forget to enter our Redbarn Natural and Filled Hooves giveaway starting Monday, March 4 for your chance to win. Good luck and have fun mingling with our newest pet partners!

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