Meet Our Natural Bone and Ham Bone Giveaway Partners!

Did you know we have new product videos? Did you know they feature cute dogs who genuinely enjoy Redbarn treats, chews, and food? It’s all true, and we are excited to share it all with you! So excited, we had to gather our #RedbarnFamily to help us give away free product!

We are honored to partner with fourteen (yes fourteen!) amazing pups and their parents who are helping us promote our Ham Bone and Natural Bone video. Take some time to get to know them below, and of course, don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram!

We always have so much fun connecting our Redbarn family and building a community together.

Raku and Fenix

Raku and Fenix are a pair of Black Tri & Blue Merle Aussies who love exploring nature and taking adventurous trips with their pet parents.

Redbarn Natural Bones make a great snack on cold hikes out in the snow!

See their breathtaking hiking photos on Instagram, @bend.brothers.


Boomer The LandCloud on Instagram

Boomer the Samoyed is known as the “Floofiest Good Boy” residing in Los Angeles, California.

Even after moving to California from New York City, Boomer still makes time to hang out with his Samoyed friends!

We love watching Bommer’s coat blow in the wind as he enjoys his delicious Redbarn Natural Bones!

Watch him being the cutest on Instagram, @boomer_the_landcloud.

Draco and Gemma

Bordercolliedraco on Instagram

Draco and Gemma are two beautiful Border Collies living it up in Florida.

They love to go on adventures together, whether it be in a competitive atmosphere or on nature walks! When they are not winning dog shows, these incredible pups are out in the farm herding sheep!

See how cool they are on Instagram, @Bordecolliedraco. 

Cooper The Golden Boy 

Cooper The Golden Boy on Instagram

Cooper the Golden Boy is living his best life in Texas with his pet parents and many, many friends.

Cooper finds joy in all things chewy, meaty and yummy!  This adorable power chewer pairs perfectly with Redbarn Natural Bones.

Check him out on Instagram, @cooper.thegolenboy. 


Cooper The Golden Retriever

Cooper the Golden R on Instagram

Cooper The Golden Retriever likes to think his doppelganger is Bradly Cooper! This pup loves the water and swimming when the weather is nice.

When he’s not getting wet or playing with other puppies, you can find Cooper munching on a Redbarn Natural Bone.

Check out this handsome guy on Instagram, @cooperthegoldenr.

Nugget and Hera

Fluffpupppnugget on Instagram

Nugget and Hera are your favorite “Smiling Corgi Siblings” who love to spread joy and pose for adorable photos.

Always showcasing incredible style, Nugget and Hera are definitely fashionistas.

You can watch them strut their stuff on Instagram, @fluffpuppnugget.

Grizzly, Simba, and Rizzo 

Fluffybuttbrothers on Instagram

Grizzly, Simba, and Rizzo are a dynamic pack of 3— a Huskita, a Pomeranian, and a Pomsky frolicking around sunny San Diego, California!

All three of these pups love boops on the nose just as much as their Redbarn Natural Bones.

Check them out on Instagram, @fluffybuttbrothers. 

Bane and Saige 

Grizzly.Bane on Instagram

Bane and Saige are two of the most adorable dogs you’ll ever meet.

Hanging out in Utah with their fun-loving mom, these pups get to enjoy some truly breathtaking views.

They’re super energetic when they go on hikes and drool for the delicious flavor of Redbarn Natural Bones!

To see their beautiful pictures on Instagram, follow @grizzly.bane.


Lucybelledew on Instagram

Lucy is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier in Florida that loves tennis, carrots, socks, and Redbarn Natural Bones!

Lucy is notorious for the coolest “Tounge Out Tuesday” pictures and can’t help but smile when she sees the camera.

Follow her adventures on Instagram, @lucybelledew.


Murry_thegsd on Instagram

Murray is a Liver and Tan German Shepherd in Montana who loves hiking, Redbarn Natural Bones, and showing off his beautiful coat.

See his mane shine underneath the sun on Instagram, @murray_thegsd.

Stan The Man

Stanthedoodman on Instagram

Stan the Mini Australian Labradoodle is known for being a stuffed animal look-alike!

Fluffy and friendly, Stan is also a super cuddly kisser and chronic “head-tilter.”

Check him out on Instagram, @stanthedoodman_.


the.dood.bruce on Instagram

Meet Bruce, the adorable Mini Labradoodle in New York City. Bruce loves taking pictures in exchange for yummy Redbarn treats.

When he’s not munching on a new natural bone, Bruce is a snappy dresser and loves to show off his outfits!

You check him out on Instagram, @the.dood.bruce .

The Three AussMigos

The3aussmigos on Instagram

These Australian Shepherds are as happy as can be!

When they’re not busy gnawing on a new Redbarn Natural Bone,

they enjoy frolicking in the grass, exercising in the park, and attending playdates with their friends. How can we get an invite?

Check out all three pups on Instagram, @the3aussmigos .

Bear the Corgi 

Thecorgi.bear on Instagram

Bear is a lovable Corgi in Northern California who loves playing catch and taking pictures for his mom.

Bear is known for being a great model,  a lover of puppachinos, and going to town on Redbarn Natural Bones, like meaty Knee Caps!

Check him out on Instagram, @thecorgi.bear .



Don’t forget to enter our Redbarn Natural Bone and Ham Bone giveaway for your chance to win. Good luck and have fun mingling with our newest pet partners!

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