Meet Our Protein Puffs Video Giveaway Partners

We are so honored to partner with five amazing pups and the dog parents who take such great care of them. Take some time to get to know them below, and of course, don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram. We have so much fun connecting our Redbarn pets and building a community together.


Bryn, Quincy Bean, Yoda, And Thier Mom Bryn Nowell

Bryn, Quincy Bean & Yoda are adorable puppies that love to hike and have fun with their mommy. Their favorite activities include wiggling around in the grass, peering over mountains and munching on Redbarn treats and chews!  Keep up with these fun puppies on Instagram! @beanparty.yodabash

Ellie And Her Mom Brittney

Ellie is a half Border Collie and half Aussie.  She loves to climb, explore and dress up with her pet parents. Ellie does all of this with the most adorable smile on her puppy face.  Check out all of her adventures! @exploring.with.ellie

Poppy Basset And His Mom Karen

Poppy is a Champion Trick Basset that wears many hats including a loving therapy dog, adventure pup, beach lover and not to mention a winning agility star! She loves to train with her mom and recently took home the AGK award. Watch her strut her stuff! @PoppyBasset


Saylor Rose And Her Mom Maddy

Ms. Saylor Rose is a Labrador Retriever in Southern California living it up wither her mom Maddy. Only 2 years old, Saylor Rose loves being outdoors whether it be soaking up the sun year-round or frolicking in the grass. Watch her go on adventures!  @sayl_awaywithme


Bear The Corgi And His Mother Veronica

Bear the Corgi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Orlando, Florida where she travels around town with her pet parent. She has a big, inviting smile that will make anyone’s day!   Bear also loved Redbarn treats and can’t get enough of our Protein Puffs! @thecorgi.bear

Don’t forget to enter our Redbarn Protein Puff giveaway for your chance to win three packs in flavors of your choice. Good luck and have fun mingling with our newest pet partners!

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