Meet Our Rolled Food Giveaway Partners

We are so honored to partner with four amazing pups and the dog parents who take such great care of them. Take some time to get to know them below, and of course, don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram. We have so much fun connecting our Redbarn pets and building a community together.

Quincy Bean, Yoda and their mom Bryn 


Meet two loveable Boston Terriers by the name or Quincy Bean and Yoda. These dogs are lovable and well taken care of by their mom, Bryn as they make memories in the sun and on the shoreline. @beanparty.yodabash

Grizzly, Simba, Rizzo, and their mom Bryn 


Meet the dream team that resides in sunny San Diego!  This huskitta, Pomeranian and Pomsky are a playful bunch with tons of personality. Follow along with their shenanigans! @fluffybuttbrothers

Sapper and his mom Sidney 


This notorious shoe bandit is loved and taken care of by his mom Sidney. Sapper has a huge smile that would make any tongue out Tuesday contender green with envy. You can follow Sapper and his mom to keep up with their adventures! @Sapperjeanthepuggle

Bella, Terra, Kronos and their mom Tiffany 


This photogenic crew loves Redbarn treats and chews. As trick dogs, models and companions, this bunch is beyond lovable and talented. Stay in touch with the diamond dogs and follow their Instagram! @tiffanysdiamonddogs

Don’t forget to enter our Redbarn Protein Puff giveaway for your chance to win three packs in flavors of your choice. Good luck and have fun mingling with our newest pet partners!

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  1. Laurie Skinner

    Love these sweet pups! Can’t wait for my two pups #elsathegreatpyrenees and #samsonthegreatpyrenees to try the new rolled food!

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