New Leather Shoe, Remote Control, and Chair Leg Flavored Filled Bones Available April 1st!

Redbarn Pet Products Releases New Chews to Give Dogs What They Really Want

Since 1796, Redbarn Premium Pet Products has manufactured chews, treats, and food with the health and safety of our customers’ pets in mind. Throughout our illustrious history, we’ve tried to create fun and tasty flavors that our customers’ dogs will love, like Peanut Butter, Cheese n’ Bacon, and Chicken.

While these innovations provided dogs with a variety of chew-time options, this Spring, Redbarn committed to developing flavored chews that truly spoke to their canine customers’ desires.

To Give Them What They Really Want™, Redbarn is proud to announce their new Leather Shoe, Chair Leg and Remote Control flavored filled bones for April 1st.

In the spirit of Giving Them What They Really Want™, Redbarn is proud to announce their new Leather Shoe, Chair Leg and Remote Control flavored filled bones. These new beef femur bones feature premium fillings made from tasty ingredients dogs already can’t get enough of.

Marketing Director, Rashell Cooper, remarked, “The current trend in the pet industry is to look to human foods when developing products. In creating our new line of dog chews, we wanted to look at what flavors and treats dogs were pursuing and develop a more premium version.” These bespoke flavors are free from common canine allergens, like grains and gluten, to help cater to dogs with a sensitive stomach.

New Leather Shoe Filled Bone Coming April 1st!New Leather Shoe Filled Bone Features a Delectable Flavor Filling

For dogs that decimate their owner’s footwear collections, Redbarn developed the Leather Shoe flavor filled bone. Using leather sourced from a human-grade tannery in Brooklyn, Redbarn added natural molasses, and real Redbarn Bully Sticks to create an all-natural flavor filling that is full to the brim with protein and flavor.

Redbarn then uses their patented filled-bone technology to fill each beef femur bone with the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic mixture. Co-owner Jeff Baikie remarked “We know that dogs have a very discerning palate and so it was important to us to create the most premium product possible. By sourcing our leather from the USA, we feel we’ve done just that.”

New Remote Control Flavor Filled Bone Coming April 1st

High-Protein Remote Control Flavored Dog Chew

For those dogs who never let you watch your show, Redbarn created a premium Remote Control flavor filled bone. We start with high-protein Remote Control meal, made from rendering the remote controls by cooking them down to remove the water. They are then baked until they become a highly concentrated powder. To the meal, we add superfood functional ingredients like Salmon Oil to help support joint health.

Co-owner Howard Bloxam added “One of the most common customer service complaints we heard was of a dog completely ignoring their treat and chewing on the remote instead. Especially the Roku remotes, they’re very popular with dogs. By using locally-sourced Remote Control meal, we’ve concentrated the remote flavor to help keep dogs’ paws off Netflix and on their chew.”

New Chair Leg Filled Bone Coming April 1stAll-Natural Chair Leg Flavor Dog Bone

To help save our customer’s furniture, our final new chew is our Chair Leg Flavor Filled Bone. By mixing real sawdust curated from Mennonite woodshops in Pennsylvania with a naturally-derived orange oil to mimic the polish flavor, Redbarn’s hit the nail on the head.

These innovative dog chews will help reduce your dog’s boredom by giving them something to chew on and reduce your stress levels by ensuring that your furniture stays fresher, longer. Additionally, the mechanical action of chewing helps to rid your dog’s teeth of harmful plaque buildup and can aid in preventing periodontal diseases.

Just as important as the nutritional content of pet treats is the location where the ingredients are sourced and manufactured. Redbarn is proud to manufacture our entire filled bone line in the USA, guaranteeing both high standards for quality assurance and over 250 American jobs.

Future flavors coming from our Great Bend, KS plant include Cat Litter, Cardboard Box, Toilet Paper and Scent of Mailman in 2018.

Remote Control Flavored Filled Bones Testimonial

Happy Customers

My dogs LOVE the flavored chair leg bone! It smells sooo good too! – IdahoBarks

Thank You @RedBarninc for creating these new tasty treats. Our five fur babies L❤️VE the Remote Control flavored filled bones something about that particular one makes them get in tune into happiness. They no longer chew our “Real TV remotes”

Satisfied customers,

Gouda, Kimchi, Oreo, Twinkie Winkie & Athena

When I first brought home my rescue dog, Sir Farts A lot, I realized he was looking for something that reminded him of home.  So, we zipped over to PetSmart and grabbed a bag of RedBarn treats in their new “leather shoe,” flavor.  Since he was being raised by a pack of wild leather shoes before we adopted him, he was more comfortable and calm having something that reminded him of his past.  Thanks!

Signed – Lea T. Hershoe

Our dog absolutely loves this leather shoe filled bone! I think it reminds him of the first time he came to our home and chewed up my leather sandals!  He’ll carry it with him into his crate and sometimes will leave it right next to our shoes. It must be a comfort thing and probably gives him great memories of the day he was rescued! – Janice & Axel

Give them what they really want! New Leather Shoe Flavor Filled Bone Available April 1st

Happy April Fools!

The Real Deal About Redbarn Pet Products, LLC:

In 1996, Redbarn co-owners (and lifelong friends) Jeff Baikie and Howard Bloxam recognized the need for a wholesome dog food that was developed, produced and sold with integrity and quality ingredients. They developed the signature Redbarn Rolled Food, enhanced with over 93% digestibility. Soon, they began manufacturing premium, grass-fed bully sticks and other natural chews.

In 2013, responding to customer’s demands, Jeff and Howard created the grain-free Redbarn for Cats line. Redbarn is celebrating 20 years of providing products and information to help our customers in making educated, nutritious decisions for their pets. While we might not make the weird products mentioned above, we’re proud to make wholesome ones that your dog or cat will love.Learn more about the best family-owned pet products company that manufactures flavored filled bones!

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    This was an epic April Fools Day joke. Loved how your company incorporated our fur babies. Excellent customer interaction service. You guys ROCK!!

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