Meet our Pet Partners for the Love My Pet Giveaway

As part of our Love My Pet Giveaway we teamed up with five of our favorite pets and their people from Instagram. Learn more about these adorable pet influencers and the people who love them!

Nika & Kira and their human Katlin

Nika and Kira Nika and Kira are Siberian Huskies living in Wisconsin.  They enjoy doing anything and everything outside including daily runs together, hiking at their local state parks, paddle boarding on the lake, attending dog festivals and events such as Bark in the Park, making friends at the dog park, urban dog mushing, and cheering on the Badgers and Packers. 

When the weather gets cold, the dog sled comes out and Nika and Kira especially love pulling their owners through the snow or lounging in the freezing temperatures and snow until they are forced to come inside.  The best part about this pair is their adventurous and outgoing personalities, which always keep their owners on their toes and laughing.  

Visit @2husketeers on Instagram.

Kronos, Bella + Terra and their human Tiffany

Tiffany Diamond DogsTiffany’s Diamond Dogs is a lifestyle blog featuring Bella the Blue Heeler, Terra the Aussie, and Kronos the CowDog Mix with their human, Tiffany. Bella is 13, Terra is 5, and Kronos is 4.

All are professional models, trick dog, brand ambassadors, rescue helpers, explorers, and companions. We aim to inspire others to be active with their dog along with living a healthy lifestyle and love going on outdoor adventures.

Visit @tiffanysdiamonddogs on Instagram.

You can also visit their website, Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs.

Bean + Yoda and their human Bryn

Bryn Nowell

Bryn Nowell loves two things – Dogs and Drinking, which is what she talks about on her blog A Dog Walks into a Bar. 

Bryn was nominated for the “Best New Pet Blog” award through BlogPaws and was a finalist for the BarkTank Book Pitch proposal at BarkWorld.  She’s passionate about pups and pints, and would love for you to come visit!

Visit @beanparty.yodabash on Instagram.

You can also visit their website, A Dog Walks Into a Bar.

Kai and her human Rae


Hi everyone, I’m Kai and I’m a German Shepherd who is 1 years old and loves going on adventures. I’m willing to chew on nearly anything since I’m the destroyer of all things.

Visit @wrangling.kai on Instagram.

You can also visit their website, Bark With It.


Charlie + Sammy and their human Brooke

Charlie and Sammy Bond

Charlie and Sammy Bonds are two rescued mutts soaking up the sun in California. They love to chase squirrels and make people smile in their Instagram @thebondsbrothers. 

Visit @thebondsbrothers on Instagram.


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    Awe – fun stuff – I just love that dogs exist. They simply are the best companions and so much fun to love! Enjoyed reading about these dogs and their humans.

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