8 Reasons Why You Love Your Pet

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We know that the reasons you love your pet are endless, but here are some universal ones most people can relate to!

1. They know just how to cheer you up when you’re feeling down.











2. You never have to worry about a cuddle buddy.










3. Being silly is part of their daily to-do list.












4. They’ve seen you at the oddest angles and still think you’re beautiful.










5. Your safety is always on their mind.












6. They’re always happy to see you.










7. Even when they’re at their worst, you can’t help but love them.












8. Because let’s be honest your pet is the best pet out there (and ours is too).










Did every reason on this list apply to you? Is there an important one we’re missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. suzanne esaine

    My cats each have their own way of showing me love, and that they also want my attention. i have a cat named Bugsy and he will stretch and. He reach up to be picked up and he is a hugger! He wraps his arms around my neck and needs to be held and hugged. He has his insecurity moments, but he’s a great cat.

  2. Joan N

    I love that my pup looks up to me for approval on all he does. I think he knows he was rescued and he shows his appreciation to me every day. He gives back so much love!

  3. Mary Ramirez

    My cats are such snuggle bunnies. My baby wants to be held all the time. When I am on the computer, he is chasing the mouse around the screen

  4. Emma

    Our pets love us unconditionally and that’s what makes it so great to own them. They give us so much love and we have to love them back.

  5. lorri langmaid

    So many reason, but on this list the top ones- 6. They’re always happy to see you. 7. Even when they’re at their worst, you can’t help but love them. Most importantly is # 1. They know just how to cheer you up when you’re feeling down.

  6. Lorraine

    That look that he knows this is his family, – that look when he knows he wasn’t supposed to do whatever it was and he hopes ok – the morning kisses; the happy walk – the let’s chase that ball together –

  7. Sheri

    He is the best at putting us before my himself. His unconditional love is tireless. He has the ability to look at you with his big brown eyes and melt your heart with giving you so much love that you know he would do anything to please you. The constant loyal companion that just wants to be with you, how can you ask for anything more.

  8. kathy m

    I love the way they can read your mood, and brighten up your day! They are always ready for a cuddle. You always have a friend to go outside and play with, and they never fail to do something that will make you laugh! Silly boys, they instantly bring your mood up!

  9. Bill Tweedy

    Dooney our Lab is a great travel buddy who goes everywhere with us and goes to the office everyday with his Dad. The best part is how he brightens our day by still being a lap dog and giving lots of kisses❤

  10. Cheryl Chervitz

    I love my dogs because they are always there for me. They get excited to see me and always there to cuddle. They can make me laugh by all the silly things they do.

  11. Debbie bickford

    He’s my sunshine when I’m blue,
    He’s my silly billy,
    He’s my constant companion,
    He loves me unconditionally,
    He’s my walking motivator,
    He’s my veg out partner,
    He’s got beautiful expressive eyes,
    He’s my gift from heaven!
    His name is Chichi

  12. Michelle Hassinger

    I love all of the above! If I have to pick a favorite, it is that they always know how to cheer me up if I am feeling down.

  13. Terry Poage

    I love my dog and cats more than anything and wouldn’t know what to do without them. I love to watch the cats place chase and when one gets to aggressive my dog steps in and breaks them up.

  14. Michele Cupp

    I can most relate to 3. Being silly is part of their daily to-do list. I got a new rescue 6 months ago. It’s been so fun to see the things she does, not having a very good idea of her personality and guessing at the breed, we didn’t know what to expect.

  15. Linda Szymoniak

    Gee, I agree with all eight – and would add something about the unconditional love they give us. I guess I would relate most to the first one – they always seem to know when I’m feeling down and do everything they can to make me feel better.

  16. margie cotherman

    8 Reasons I Love My Pet…1 He’s so stinkin Cute…2 He Loves me ..3. He loves to give kisses…I sometimes call him kissy Boy…4. He makes me laugh..5. He greets me at the door with a wagging tail and a little wiggly butt…6.. He is a Talker…7.. He won’t even let my Husband and I hold hands or kiss…He gets in-between us…LOL 8. He’s so Fun to play with…and he Loves his toys….<3

  17. Steve Calelly

    1 my best friend
    2 loves me unconditionally
    3 constant companion
    4 makes me laugh
    5 protects me
    6 makes me exercise
    7 smiles at me
    8 I love petting him

  18. Cynthia Chatham

    1. Unconditional love they give
    2. They don’t judge me
    3. They make me laugh
    4. They give endless kisses
    5. They help me cope during bad times
    6. They make me smile on any day
    7. They protect me and my family
    8. They help keep me healthy and push me to exercise

  19. Kathleen Amato

    1. He is funny and makes me laugh
    2.He is loyal
    3. his little snores are calming and help me fall asleep easier
    4. He is a great companion
    5.I love the way he sniffs the air when we take walks
    6. Walking him gives me exercise
    7.He knows when I’m upset and he nuzzles his face in my lap to let me know all will be ok
    8.He loves me unconditionally

  20. Vickie Kulp

    #3 applies to my cat Lola especially when I get the “tick” out! It’s a red laser light toy that she chases. She runs so fast that she “spins wheels” chasing it. Funny to watch for me and exercise for her!

  21. Beth

    1) I love her presence.. every minute of every day she is with me is a gift.
    2) I love how when she stands she puts her feet together pointing out like first position in ballet.
    3) I love how she makes me laugh.
    4) I love how she keeps me company in the kitchen while I cook.
    5) I love how she waits at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her harness to carry her up to bed.
    6) I love how she snuggles with me late at night and when I wake up in the morning.
    7) I love how she runs to get ‘her babies’ and greets me at the door.
    8) I love how gentle she is.
    Mia is the love of my life. (and she has a great nose too!)

  22. Cathy Truman

    Bailey is our joy and happiness he is always so happy to
    be with us and so happy when we come home. He is the best cuddle buddy.
    He is our little angel /

  23. Janya Seagren


  24. Angie Shannon

    I love how my furbabie Jake loves to cuddle up next to me at night in bed and I love how he shakes his cute booty for me when I come home. He loves to give me kisses and he is very spoiled rotten!

  25. Heather Taylor

    I definitely never have to worry about having a snuggle buddy. As a matter of fact my ole’ girl is snuggling next to me on the couch right now!

  26. Melissa Storms

    I love that whether I am gone for 5 seconds or an hour my dog is always overjoyed to see me. I feel the same about her too so it is only fair.

  27. Carol Burgess

    1. Molly is such a joy
    2. Snuggling all of the time
    3. Well behaved
    4. Loves to go on hikes
    5. Loveable
    6. Excellent company
    7. Loves to play fetch
    8. My protector

  28. Nadia Martin

    The 1. They know just how to cheer you up when you’re feeling down for sure. That’s always been true with my dog. Whenever i am down and i sit on the floor, he always come to me to comfort me and kiss me.

  29. randy hok

    What do you love about your pet?

    Dogs regardless of how they feel at the current moment always knows when you’re feeling down, they find some way to comfort you. They know how to snuggle and they uplift anyone’s spirit.

    Every day tasks turn into an adventure when there is a pet involved, things like doing the laundry all of sudden become more fun.

    Dogs motivate you to get out , workout, exercise, go explore, and great new adventures.

    That moment you see them get excited when you come back home, its like they’ve been missing you for a century.

    dogs love you unconditionally

    they dont judge anyone regardless of race, sex, species

    they teach everyone about responsibility and empathy for others

  30. Jeannie Pratt

    I can relate to every single reason on this list of why I love my Little Bit. She knows me all too well and loves me through the good and bad. I can relate to all 8

  31. Stephanie

    Too many to count. From bringing smiles, joy, and laughter to us to snuggling up and checking on us when they know we aren’t feeling well.

  32. Christina Wall

    I can really relate to all of these with my two chihuahua sisters! Most of all I just love that they are my best friends ever!!

  33. LaToya Jones

    I would have to say Number 1. My dog Jigga has been there for me at some of my roughest times when nobody else even knew I was down and out. He always knows and is always somewhere right by my side. I know he has my “back”.

  34. Erin Will

    Yes, I love all these reasons!! I especially love that my dog sits by the window when we leave and will still be sitting there when we pull up. She always is so happy for us to be home!

  35. Celeste Herrin

    #9 They are our best friend through thick and thin!

    They all apply to my little Diva. She is my best friend no matter what!

  36. Dawn Rasor

    Every one of these reasons apply to my dog Izzo but especially especially cuddling! Izzo absolutely loves it when we hug him. He wags and wags and then does this doggie sigh and snuggles closer!

  37. Kaylee L.

    Love this article! Too cute and so right! I love the different facial expressions my puppy makes, she’s super expressive and wins my heart over always with her big brown eyes!

  38. Shelley P

    I can relate to #1 the most 🙂 – They know just how to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. I love that my dogs are always happy, loving and carefree and they make you forget about all your worries. They can be silly too which always makes me smile and/or laugh.

  39. Ruth Crain

    My dogs love me unconditionally
    They are loyal
    They make me laugh
    They are there for me through good and bad
    My dogs greet me when I come home
    They give me kisses
    They are my best friends ever
    They understand me more than people do

  40. Jackie Lewis

    They always have my back, someone was hiding in my yard from the police. They sensed something was wrong…i got up and looked and sure enough he was crouched behind my car. I locked all the doors and called the police.

  41. Jackie Lewis

    I love watching them lay in the sun on their dog beds on these cold winter mornings. It makes me happier when they snuggle up together. (Especially because they used to fight alot)

  42. Shelley

    My dog Swayze is a big boy but he doesn’t know it. He’s mostly kangal with a little great Dane. He has a very unique personality and he’s lovable too. He loves me unconditionally and makes my life complete ❤

  43. Angela Nicole

    Mine are there to listen to my problems. Although they may not understand what i’m saying but they make me “feel” like they are listening when the ears go up and the head turns to the side. lol

  44. Tina M. Counterman

    They are my constant companions, they cheer me up when I am having a rough day, they are always there when I need them, they dont judge me and they are patient and always seem to know when I need a helping paw!!

  45. Kathleen Kuykendall

    They rescued us not the other way around! They are the purrrfect heating pad. They are the best computer helpers around! Best bug killers around! Best travel buddies we could ask for!

  46. cindy cook

    my pets are outside pets but they have to have a couch so both blackie and toomuch can sleep on it together they are 2 of a kind i would be lost without them.freckles has a container she stays in with a car seat to sleep on my 3 funny little humans are a handful

  47. Brandi B.

    I loved all of these reasons you’ve listed, they are spot on!! My dogs are always so happy to see me and are the perfect snuggle buddies when Im sick or sad. They are truly a man’s/woman’s best friend!

  48. Jamie George

    Their love is unconditional is one other i can think of. You named a lot of good ones. Another one is all 5 of mine is my furbaby diary. I lost my so last year and they have listen to me when no one else has. They have been here for me when I’ve been home all alone and no one to talk to. And the always listen and give kisses when I cry to cheer me up.

  49. Cynthia Stacey

    Actually everyone on your list did apply to me to be honest, the one that I liked the best was 4. They’ve seen you at the oddest angles and still think you’re beautiful. I totally agree to this and if does not matter how much money you have or not have, or what you are wearing or if you wear a funny hat – they still love you just for being you.

  50. Heather and Jesse

    This list is so true! My dog does all of these things, but the most important I would have to say is how he always knows how to cheer me up if I am having a bad day. He will do the silliest and cutest things depending on how I am feeling down. Even if I just need a friend to sit with, he is always there with his soulful eyes, ready to make me happy. Wherever I am, he will follow me around, letting me know I am not alone.

  51. Matt Kalist

    My two Aussies know how to cheer me up when I’m down. Turn all social media off and just play catch with my dogs. Major stress reliever.

  52. Jodi Sinclair

    My dogs Gilda & Jackson are my whole world. They saved me after divorce, losing a job and losing my previous dog and cat. I also have 3 kitties, who are such a blessing. My Manny will be 19 in May. He was diagnosed with renal failure almost 2 years ago and we are going strong with IV fluids and low protein foods.

  53. Jill Young

    8 Reasons why I love MY pets
    1.) They are very protective of my daughter
    2.) They are so smart!
    3.) They love you unconditionally
    4.) They always cheer me up when I’m down
    5.) I NEVER have to worry about my home being broken into
    6.) They will never leave me!
    7.) They don’t stay mad at you
    8.) I just LOVE them!

  54. Jan Roberts

    I foster, and what I love the most is seeing a fearful, shy, or sick dog blossom in my home. My favorite is usually the 2 week mark, that is when they seem to realize that they are safe. When I hear a new dog snoring loudly and dead to the world, my heart sings, that is the deep sleep of the rescued. I also have to give props to my resident dog, a tiny Pug named Jelly. Jelly herself was a rescue and has many medical issues, but I can always count on her to welcome the new guys!

  55. Tina Rath

    She loves me as I am
    She is a fierce protector
    She makes me smile
    She forces me to be active
    She loves children
    She loves to snuggle
    She knows my feelings and just wants to stay by me
    She trusts me unconditionally

  56. Jill Jackson

    My dog can do no wrong. We are in our 3rd couch in a year because she digs in them. We can’t get mad after looking at her precious face

  57. Missy McCarter

    My pups always need hugs & cuddle time, but the best is when they talk to me in either Husky or Aussie. My life has become full of so much joy since I have these two in my life.

  58. natasha medford

    #1 unconditional love #2 playful makes me smile #3 excited to see me home #4 i feel safe #5 cuddles me #6 sleeps with me #7 even when they make a mess i still love them #8 they are my best friend

  59. April b

    I have a beautiful rehomed doberman, she is always there for me. Literally by my side no matter what. She gives unconditional love and I feel so safe with here near. Best thing I ever did was reply to that ad. I saw her pic and it was instant love..brought here home to her forever home an hour later.

  60. Ashley Rowe

    I love how when my kids are outside playing, even tho we live in the country, I keep my eyes on them constantly. But my dogs stay close to them letting me know “mom we are watching too”. It makes us feel a little more blessed to have such great loving dogs!

  61. SALLY Mahaffey

    1. how he makes me happy when I think of sad things
    2. the way he snores
    3. the way he still blankets
    4. he loves going on walks with me
    5. if he get cold he carrys his shirt in his mouth like a dog
    6. how he loves his nose rubbed to go to sleep
    7. how he goes to the door and lets you know if he needs let in his litter box room if his door gets shut.
    8 they way he plays in the bath tub diving. he just means the world to me sphynx cats are amazing and they really open a really special spot in your heart.

  62. Sheena West Jennings

    All eight reasons are great but the love to see me no matter what is the best fit. Thank you Redbarn for giving me wonderful and safe treats for Gracie. She absolutely knows a bully stick before we open and will not chew a substitute. We love that you are so careful with providing safe products for our little Gracie

  63. Ramona Hupcey

    My Chihuahua Uno is one of the funniest dogs I have ever met. He never fails to make me laugh and can always cheer me up when I am feeling down.

  64. Kim O

    so true. my mom’s dog has never been a cuddlier, but does sleep next to me but that’s it. very rare. but he does everything else. makes sure we are okay, gives us love, etc

  65. Deborah Tabor

    They help with my exercise plan – tearing up things, chewing on wood intended to be burned in the fireplace, spill dog food while carrying their bowls around the house and more….lol

  66. Carol

    1. Always happy to see me
    2. Calms me when I’m stressed
    3. Reminds me of my dear mother
    4. Makes me smile
    5. Keeps me active
    6. My furry alarm clock!
    7. Shares her love with others
    8. Always ready to play

  67. Susi Galley

    No better thing to make you smile as they joy of life a kitten or puppy has. It makes you forget all your worry and remember to enjoy every day.

  68. sandra davis

    I can really relate to #3. Being silly is part of their daily to-do list. My cats are always entertaining me with doing their cute little stunts. They make me laugh, when nothing else does.

  69. Terry Galbraith

    I love Cooper because:
    1. He loves me
    2. He is so darn cute
    3. He keeps my toes warm . at night
    4. He keeps me calm
    5. He is always happy to .. . see me
    6. He is a perfect alarm . .. ..
    7. He likes clothes
    8. Because he’s perfect

  70. Anita L

    I love my pets for all the above reasons and more, but # 7 Even when they’re at their worst, you can’t help but love them. Is so very true!!

  71. rkcjaxx

    I love that my dog acts silly with me. He just knows me. These are all great reasons. I also love that he knows just how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

  72. Bob Morella

    1. He always cheers me up with that wagging tail or kisses to my face.
    2. He give me goodnight kisses and good morning kisses too.
    3. he is my constant companion – follows me everywhere.
    4. he is my comedian always making me laugh outloud.
    5. He loves me whether I am having a bad hair day or sweaty – doesn’t matter.
    6. He likes to crawl up on the back of the couch and cuddle behind my neck and sleep.
    7. He talks and sings to me everyday.
    8. At night he puts his head on my leg or cuddle up to me and we spoon – sort of.
    9. He knows how to grab at my hearts strings with his little brown eyes and cute little curls.
    10. He lets me know when he has to go out – every time and he gets so much praise for being so good.
    11. If he disapproves he grunts and snorts.
    12. He thinks folding warm clothes is happy hour and wants to get in the middle of it all – warming himself and hiding under the towels.
    13. He is small but thinks he is so big.
    14. He knows Momma will take care of him and trust me to do just that.
    15. If someone else tries to take him from me – he refuses to go and hangs on for dear life.
    16. He is always in a joyful playful mood.
    17. He was rescued and seems to know it somehow and appreciates having a home where he can run, jump, play, bark, snort, wag, roll and just be who he is. At first he did not speak at all, he had no voice.
    18. He likes to look out the window and review the yard before running out the door to chase whatever he sees.
    19. He is smart and knows if I am busy to go to the other door where I can hear him wanting in or he can push the door open himself to come in.
    20. He is sneaky always stealing the other dogs food.
    21. This can go on and on.. There are so many wonderful things and he has taken my heart.

  73. Meg Tucker

    So sweet! I like #4 because it is so true for me! They’ve seen you at the oddest angles and still think you’re beautiful. Yup, that’s right!

  74. Angela Murray

    I love the happy greeting I get when I arrive home. Chip lays in my lap for hours after I’m home from work. Plus he snuggles up by me.

  75. Sarah S

    I relate most to #1. There’s something about each of my pets that brings me comfort and joy. One is the playful one, always bouncing around with abundant joy. One is the snuggler and needy one, always velcro-ed to your side when you need some companionship. The third is always silly and ready to make you giggle at her antics. They keep me on my toes and give me purpose, despite suffering from a chronic illness.

  76. Shelly Van Dyne

    1.Molly is a great friend for my grandson.
    2. She’s always their for you when your sick to make you feel better.
    3. She’s always their to cheer you up.
    4. Her daily walks are an added benefit to help me stay healthy as well.
    5.Did I mention she loves are kids.
    6.She loves to keep me company and goes for daily drives with me.
    7.She alerts me when my son doesn’t feel well.
    8. We love her as much as she loves being a part of our family.
    9.Theyre is so many more reasons she brings joy to our lives!

  77. Katerina Savelieva

    Their unconditional love; they bring fun and caring into our lives; they keep us active; they make us smile; they are always there for us and happy no matter what; and they warm our bed:)

  78. Gemma V.

    Numbers 1-3 I can relate to the most. My husband and I are both chefs and we work long, hot, and physically tiring work days. It’s such a blessing to come home to a tiny dachshund who’s so happy to see us and cuddle up when she knows we’ve been working hard all day. It’s almost scary how she reads us both like a book.

  79. Shea Lawhorn

    Sadie is a great lapdog and cuddler! When I’m gone, she’s always so happy to see me when I come home. She’s always there for me!

  80. Tonya Lampman

    Eight Reasons Why I Love My Pets…
    1. Their My Babies 2. They Always Love To Cuddle With Me 3. They Are Always Happy To See Me 4. They Always Want me Around 5.They Will Always Love Me And Protect Me 6.I’m Never Alone 7. I Have A Walking Buddy 8. I’m Always Entertain Watching Them Play..

  81. Donna

    I love my babies just liked do my own children. I love the way they miss me when I’m gone. The love they give. The snuggles and kisses. Petting them is very calming. They always want to make you happy no matter what. They make you feel like there is no other person as great as you are

  82. Jessica Dewey

    The 8 reasons why I love my kat : 1. Hes not just my kat he’s my best friend , 2. He is loving , 3. He doesn’t mind that I take pics of him and post them on his Facebook page and on his Twitter page. 4. He loves when I pick him up and hold him. 5. Whenever I feel down he always there For a cuddle and it always makes me feel better. 6. He loves when I play with him. 7. He always let’s me know in his own little way that he loves me. 8. He loves when I take him outside on a kitty leash in the spring time when it starts to warm up again outside and in the summer time when it’s not too hot outside.

  83. Sarah Lang

    7. I hate getting mad at my 5 month old pup, but 3 seconds in I just get so sad when I see that apologetic look from him. It breaks my heart. I love my golden retriever!

  84. Tom Laurie

    My dogs are ALWAYS happy to see me, whether I’ve been gone for 4 hours or 4 minutes. They also make great cuddle buddies and sleep with me every night. They make me smile/laugh everyday and love giving me kisses.

  85. shannon fowler

    these are so true, although my dog loves his bed more than me. If he happens to be lounging when I come home he wags his tail but won’t get up.

  86. Tamara B.

    Buddy greets me with a smile, he loves his belly rubbed, he loves to snuggle, he twirls when I come home, he makes me laugh, he minds me, is neat & doesn’t make messes, he’s protective of me, he loves me unconditionally

  87. Sandra Watts

    1. Loyal
    2. Unconditional Love
    3. Happy to see me
    4. Hates to see me go
    5. Great to cuddle up with
    6. Keeps all my secrets
    7. Always listens when I talk.
    8. Never tattles.

  88. Shari Flores

    I can relate to all of these. Hero can cheer me up when I’m down. He can feel when I’m hurting and will come right in my face and rub against me, Lick me to death. Hero is the best thing that has happened to me. I wouldn’t ever give him up or trade him.

  89. Susan West

    I can relate to all of 1-8. Daisy is a chichuaha and she thinks she is a Great Dane trying to protect us. She makes me laugh at the things she does. When we are sick she sticks by you like glue. Dogs in general don’t care if you are the ugliest person on the face of the earth, they still love you. You can’t fake unconditional love and Daisy makes no bones about it. I love my Daisy to pieces.

  90. Brandi Dawn

    I cannot pick a favorite, they are all so true! I think that 1, 2 and 6 are pretty darn good though. I love my doggers more than I can even explain!

  91. Amandas Monkeys

    I’ll always have cuddle buddies!! All my pups love to get under the blankets with us, lay on us, or just be close. Regardless if the hubby is out of town on work or working nights I know I’ll have a fur baby sleeping next to me.

  92. Sharon Jane

    I love how Rogue Marie tries to speak my language (eventually, I figure out what she’s trying to tell me).
    I love how protective Vinnie is of my Mom.
    I love how they both cuddle with me (but never together, because That Just Isn’t Done).
    They make me laugh when they beg from everyone but me.
    Rogue Marie encourages me to crawl around on the floor and play.
    Vinnie teaches me patience with others.
    I love that Rogue Marie and Vinnie are both thirteen years old – and still going strong!
    I love that these two have been a part of my life so long and hope they can stay with me a few years more.

  93. Emily Endrizzi

    The second one is my favorite reason, but I really love the picture of the dog who chewed the face off the stuffed panda bear. So hilarious!

  94. CorreyHope

    1. She always cheers me up with her wagging tail.
    2. Those goodnight kisses.
    3. My constant friend no matter what I wear!
    4. Keeps me healthy by being my park companion.
    5. Always waiting by the door when I come home.
    6. Hogging the bed but those cuddles make up for the stiff aching back!

  95. Shelley

    Snuggles, kisses, they read my mind, know when I’m sick, sit on the back of my chair waiting for me to come home and always begging to go for a ride.

  96. Jeannette Harkin

    All of the reasons are so true but Being silly is part of their daily to-do list is my favorite in regards to my two dogs!

  97. Heather Bridson

    My pugs are always happy to see me…and anyone else! They get so excited when people come over, and never seem to calm down again until the people leave…

  98. Pamela

    English Mastiff’s are great dogs but Newmann has exceeded all traits that make them incredible pets. There’s not a day that goes by that he doesnt make me smile and truly is my best friend and rock. He puts up with ME, he must be great!!!

  99. Pamela Deselem

    I love that they are always wanting to do something with me, if it’s cooking or going to get the mail. They are ready for the adventure.

  100. Stephanie Lilelr

    1a) He blessed my life after having a miscarriage
    2b) I love his personality
    3c) Great Protector
    4d) Respects other humans
    5e) Respects other animals
    6f) He loves to play catch and tug-a-war
    7g) I love his cute almond blue eye look he gives me
    8h) He is a great snuggle bear…no seriously his fur is extremely soft and cuddly!
    9I) He is VERY smart. Knows many tricks and listens.
    10J) He is my little boy

  101. Beth S.

    I love my cat Miffy because while going through Cancer & Chemo she never left my side. She makes me laugh when she rolls over like a dog so I can rub her belly. She loves to give me kisses when I wake up in the morning. She sleeps at my feet every night. I could go on and on!

  102. Hannah S

    All of these reasons are so true! My dog is the silliest, smartest, cuddliest dog I could ask for! He knows how to cheer me up when I’m down, and knows exactly how to do it depending on my mood.

  103. Kristyne

    My Bloodhound and cats are lovable, love me unconditionally, always bring me happiness, like be our adventures, love playing games, stand by me through anything, know when I’m feeling ill and not leave my side and are God’s blessings to me and my family. I don’t know what I’d do without them. ❤

  104. Bryan Vice

    May think I’m crazy but before i had kids. My Mollie was me “Kid”. Many many reasons why i love my dog but the most is they depend on us to take care of them but my Mollie does so much and shows so much love to me and my family. Would be devastated without her

  105. Samantha wells

    8 reason why I love my dog, easy peasy!

    1. She always makes me feel happy
    2. She is always there for me as I am her
    3. She keeps me active!
    4. Her quirky personality is truly one of a kind!
    5. She accepted the stray cat I decided to keep.
    6. She comes to cuddle me every morning between 6-7am
    7. She loves camping as do I
    8. She is the perfect pet for my lifestyle!

  106. Jessica Staley

    Ha ha …. I have to go with #8. He’s just simply the best. I love everything about him, even when he does a no no.

  107. Teresa Altizer

    My girls, both rescues trust me completely…..one is blind and always greets me, tail wagging….love my girls!

  108. Susan Cheij

    Yes!! I totally agree with your reasons listed as to why I love my pets. They are loyal, loving, comforting, funny, smart, energetic, smart happy fur babies!

  109. Deborah Fischer

    My dog Kenai is all of the above and more. He helps my disabled daughter and replaces her pain medication and sleep aid. Stroking him and hugging him helps to ease her pain and helps to calm her to sleep better. His unwavering love and devotion sets him apart from the rest and is why he will always be our number 8!

  110. Paula S.

    I would have to say all 8 of these! But at the top of the list for me is also #1 of your list. Pets are just awesome and really enhance my life in so many ways. I can’t imagine being without them! They are the very definition of love!

  111. Ashley

    My pom prince defiantly knows how to cheer me up! He sits with me and lets me pet him! 🙂 he is also always happy to see me!

  112. Renee Mace

    Frizzie is awesome because:

    1. Love
    2. Kisses
    3. Smiles
    4. great guard dog
    5. crazy antics
    6. she is so smart
    7. she is so silly
    8. She is my heart with curly white hair and teeth

  113. Tina Deming

    There is no love like the love of a dog. Unconditional love, easy to please, doggy kisses, cheering me up when I’m sad, pure joy being with them, boost exercise by walking them, making me laugh, and did I mention doggy kisses!

  114. Sher Kurwa

    I love everything about my doggies! I love how they are constant companions, they cheer me up when I’m feeling down, I love how they play with me, love spending time with them on our walks, love their doggy kisses, Thank you!

  115. Maggie Lauria

    All of the above! But also: they listen to my dumb jokes, have watched me dance like a fool in my living room by myself, and seen me naked with the lights on….And didn’t laugh at me once!! Love my mastiffs beyond words, they make me whole!!!

  116. Debbie Dodge

    I love our Golden Retriever “Willow Bugs” has so much love and affection for everyone in our family 24/7. There is no purer or truer love on this planet than that from a Golden Retriever <3 <3 <3

  117. Ashley N.

    My Sammesk is defiantly an amazing cuddle buddy! He never says no to belly rubs or ear scratches! He also is always there for me! ☺️❤️

  118. Heather Fitzgerald

    All of those reasons! She is my cuddle buddy, my best friend and my reason for getting out of bed most days! She is the love of my life!

  119. Maria Caton

    There love is unconditional.They are like my children. They always cheer me up! Love how they sleep & cuddle with me. Enjoy there playfulness. Love how they are very protective over my 5 year old son & I. Love how they make me laugh. Love how the keep me so energetic.

  120. Crystal

    1. They keep me outside and moving
    2. Snuggle buddies!
    3. They make me laugh all the time!
    4. When I’m having a rough day they’re always there for me
    5. They’re always excited to see me
    6. They love to travel with me
    7. They can say I love you!
    8. They love meeting new people and dogs

  121. Caila Steenberg

    My fur baby is always there to cheer me up. She absolutely loves to cuddle and give me kisses. She’s small but she’s mighty.

  122. Kiley Kinnison

    I love my lab, Trinity, he always knows how to put a smile on my face when I need it!! He also is the best cuddle bug there is to ask for! He is always excited to see me when I walk in the door!!

  123. Jill Roth

    Every single one!! Does that count? We get blessed tenfold with our sweet fur babies, they shower us with love, snuggles, kisses, cuddles and LOTS of slobber!!

  124. Mya Murphy

    I love my pet!! The one I relate to the most is..he is always happy to see me.. whenever I go out, he whines, and when I come in, he’s always bouncing around..

  125. Jennifer Souveroff

    Scampers is my early warning system and a great watchdog. She alerts me when anything is going on inside or outside. She is a wonderful mix of poodle & schnauzer. She’s my silly Schnoodle!

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