Redbarn Review of the Week: Cow Hooves

Cow hooves may not sound appealing to you, but your dog probably thinks otherwise! See why this customer's dog loves their Cow Hooves dog treats.

Every week, we’ll be highlighting one of our favorite user-submitted reviews of a Redbarn product. This week we’re looking at Luke’s review of our Cow Hooves dog treats!

We love our Cow Hooves dog treats because they:

  • Are sourced in the USA
  • Aid dental health through the mechanical chewing action required
  • Don’t stain and are non-greasy
See why Luke loves our Cow Hooves dog treats:

Perfect Treat

July 1, 2014Click here to read a Redbarn customer review of their Cow hooves dog treats!

These hooves are the only “chew toy” or treat my dog likes. She will not eat the fancier “stuffed” hooves that are everywhere these days. I tried a few, and she refused them until I scraped out the stuffing AND washed them off; so I am guessing she senses a chemical on those that she doesn’t like. These seem like a hard material like a bone, but they are really like a nail; gelatinous, so they are good for your dog to chew on, as long as you take away the small piece after they get chewed down. My dog just abandons them when they are small pieces. Beware that they hurt like heck if you accidentally step on the leftover piece in your bare feet!

Thank you Luke for the helpful review of our Cow Hooves dog treats! It’s a good point that’s brought up about taking away the small piece after it gets chewed down, it saves you from Lego-like pain and keeps your dog safer.

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