Are Filled Bones Safe For Dogs?

Click here to read if you've been curious about whether filled bones are safe for dogs.

In trying out new treats for your dog, it’s completely understandable to want to be informed about the safety and benefits of those new treats. Which means that, chances are, you’ll eventually find yourself asking: “Are Filled Bones safe for dogs?”

Since we introduced them in 1996, Redbarn Filled Bones have been a best-selling chew that dogs love, protected by a patented filling process. As one of the largest manufacturers of bones in the United States, Redbarn is committed to educating our customers about bone safety, and our many different chews, like Filled Bones and how filled bones are safe for dogs. We want to help you find the right chew for your pet.

As a company, we take the quality and safety of our products seriously. We take pride in sourcing our products from trusted suppliers and requiring a certificate of analysis verifying the purity of every shipment.  Simply put, we’ve invested in the necessary equipment and people to make the best pet products, including our treats and chews, on the market.  

With our filled bones, we define “best” as having the best filling. For us, this means that the filling is shelf-stable, stays adhered to the interior walls of the bone for a longer and more durable chew-time, and has a tasty flavor to entice picky eaters that wouldn’t otherwise enjoy our bones.

Whether you’ve never given your dog a bone or regularly your dog a classic White Bone or Meaty Bone, it can feel like a huge leap to try out a Filled Bone. We completely understand! We’ve heard every question you can think of from curious pet parents: “Are Filled Bones safe for dogs?”, “Are Filled Bones good for dogs?”, “How are Filled Bones made?”, etc.

We wanted to answer a few of those Frequently Asked Questions below and list some benefits as well.

“Are Filled Bones Safe for Dogs?”Click here to read if you've been curious about whether filled bones are safe for dogs.

We do our best to make sure that every Redbarn Bone is as safe as possible for your dog. We take steps to minimize the risk of breaking or splintering, but it’s important to keep in mind that no natural bone can come with a guarantee against breaking or splintering.

We always recommend that you supervise your dog when any dog bone treat is given. If your dog starts breaking off large pieces or the bone gets too small to chew safely, be sure to take the bone away for their safety.

“How are Filled Bones Made?”

Click here to read if you've been curious about whether filled bones are safe for dogs.We source our Filled Bones from USDA / FDA approved facilities and they are made in the USA. We start with all-natural beef femur or tibia bones that are a natural source of calcium and phosphorus.We then clean and boil them, using a human food-grade solution to help sanitize and sterilize them. That’s how they get their white or off-white color. We go through this process for quality assurance reasons to ensure that they will stay fresh for customers. We never add chemicals, preservatives, flavors, or colors to our bones.

After they are cleaned, they are then cut to the appropriate size using a saw. This is true for all of our White Beef Bones as well!

To make it a Filled Bone, we then use our patented technology to fill them with one of our five delicious flavors: Lamb, Cheese & Bacon, Beef, Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter & Jelly DuoWith regards to the ingredients in our filling, all of them serve a specific purpose to make the product better for our canine customers. The ingredients help the filling stay adhered to the interior walls of the bone and stay semi-moist. This filling provides a fun challenge for dogs as they work to get it out from the bone. 


“Are Filled Bones Good for Dogs?”

Long LastingClick here to read if you've been curious about whether filled bones are safe for dogs.

Dogs naturally want to chew, and our Filled Bones are an excellent way to satisfy that natural desire. Your dog will love the taste of the filling and work hard to get every last bit of it, adding to the chew time it takes to get through the treat. The benefit of a two-part treat is that there is still an all-natural bone to chew on after the filling is all gone!

Dental Health Benefits

Hard dog chews are great for aiding dental health because of the required mechanical action of chewing. As they chew, they help strengthen their teeth and reduce plaque and tartar build up. The time spent engaging with the chew is stress-relieving and boredom-busting. Also, the chewing and gnawing help to move saliva around the mouth aiding in the prevention of dental issues. At Redbarn we view filled bones, like all of our tough chews, as products to help supplement teeth cleaning and part of a good dental health routine. Redbarn Filled Bones are meant to be used as a dental treat. While it won’t replace regular visits to the vet or teeth cleanings, they can help support doggie dental health maintenance.

Molly Enjoys a Redbarn Filled BoneMolly looks like she can’t get enough of her favorite Redbarn Filled Bone! Has your dog tried our patented, delectable filled bones? Read all about them here:

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  1. Marjorie Sovec

    I love Red Barn products and sold them in our kennel. However, my main concern with the filled bones is the size of the holes. i have a Doberman and my girl has already gotten her lower jaw stuck inside one of the end holes resulting in a trip to the Emergency Center. I always try to find bones with smallest holes — so she can’t get her jaw inside in an attempt to remove the filling. Unfortunately it seems one end is always bigger than the other.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Marjorie, thank you for supporting Redbarn and for sharing your concern. The problem you’ve described is an unusual one; if you would like to get a full walk through of our recommendations and how we would handle this, don’t hesitate to call our customer service (562-495-7315).

      Because our bones are a natural product there are variations that we, unfortunately, don’t have a lot of control over. Have you tried our filled knuckle bones? They tend to have a smaller opening and may pose less of a problem for the way your dog chews. That said, bones may not be the right chew for your dog– bully sticks are a great, fully digestible option.

    2. Karen S.

      That happened to my shepherd with a supermarket bought soup bone, her lower jaw got stuck. She also got her tongue stuck after catching it on a sliver inside bone. After that I stopped buying the supermarket bones! I bought the RedBarn peanut butter bones because I thought they were safer. So far no problems but after reading that your Doberman got his lower jaw stuck I am nervous it could happen again to my Shepherds

  2. Chris Cooperrider

    My dog Bailey loves these bones. We often have several empty bones laying around and I was wondering how I can reuse them with something he would like without making a big mess.

    1. Chelsee from Redbarn

      Hi Chris,
      Some of our customers like to stuff bones with peanut butter. Another option is to fill them with broth and freeze them as an outside summer treat. I’ve also heard of customers filling them with our wet food, which would could also be frozen.

  3. Nicole F, Rudy and Harley

    Rudy and Harley love their filled bones. So far they’ve had the beef and the peanut butter and loved them both. Recently we ordered the bully stick filled bones and we’re excited to try these. We find the filled bones a safe alternative to other chews out there. We also reuse the bone after the filling is too far down to get to and use peanut butter, coconut oil and a little bit of yogurt and freeze them!

  4. Marjorie Sovec

    WOW I can’t believe I didn’t check back to see if you commented on my October 3, 2015 comment about natural bones. As stated I think Red Barn products are exceptional & I understand abut the inability to control opening size. I do also buy the filled knuckle bones but prefer the white ones since I have very light colored carpeting. Those work quite well. Thanks for your response & sorry for my extremely tardy acknowledgment.

  5. Cheryl Chervitz

    We give our dogs filled bones. It keeps them busy and stops them from chewing my shoes! They like the peanut butter filled bones.

  6. Andrea Ayala

    We have a lot of problems right now with our pups digging and barking at everything. I know a good chew would help with that!

  7. HTaylor

    After reading this information and trusting your high quality products, I feel more confident giving my pooch a Redbarn filled bone!

    1. Darion at Redbarn

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for reaching out and asking such an important question! At Redbarn, we believe it’s always important to supervise your dog when giving them any bone or chew because every dog enjoys them differently. Monitoring your pet, especially when giving them a new treat, ensures they enjoy them safely.

  8. Shea Lawhorn

    From this blog I learned that filled bones are great for dogs’ teeth and I also learned how they are made. My dogs would love the peanut butter and the Cheese and bacon filled bones. They haven’t tried filled bones but I would like to give them because they are natural chews and they are good for their teeth.

  9. Laura Klassen

    My dog, Izzie, really loves the filled bones and has never had a problem. Her favorite flavor is Cheese & Bacon!

  10. Monica Stewart

    My dog loves the cheese& bacon and also the peanut butter filled bones! He knows that as soon as I get home from work he is going to get one (or two) filled bones and I swear he smiles right before I give him one! I learned that filled bones are indeed healthy that they are cut with a saw!

  11. Carolyn

    I would give my dog filled bones if she was bigger…she has trouble with the filled bones because her mouth is not large enough…she prefers smaller bones.

    1. Mike Cole

      I also have a smaller dog (about 10 lbs.) so I saw the larger bones into smaller pieces that she can manage. I am a woodworker so I use my bandsaw but this could also be accomplished with a handsaw. I cut the bones into pieces about an inch or so long.

  12. Gail Rosenstrom

    My dog Buddy loves filled bones. Im glad to know Redbarn goes out of its way to make them as safe as possible.

  13. angela meek

    I totally believe filled bones are totally safe if they have quality ingredients like Redbarn does! Besides, I always watch my babies anytime I give them any sort of chew. =)

  14. Kris V

    I’ve never had my dog try a filled bone!..I think she would love it! (except the jelly ones, too much sugar I think)

  15. Kim Brooks

    I’m glad I finally found this article although it was quite by accident. I must confess I have never given one of your filled bones to any of my dogs – I didn’t know if they were safe and didn’t ask. I know they do love the Roofles. I am glad I found this article and hope my dogs get a chance to find out how good they are – from all the descriptions they sound like they would be something my dogs would find quite yummy! It was good to read how they are made and all the different flavors used for the filling.

  16. Linda Szymoniak

    I haven’t given my dogs real bones since one of my dogs cracked a tooth on one. It wasn’t one of yours, but was an uncooked one, since I know that those aren’t safe (with the splintering and all). Also, with three dogs, I worry that something like this could be a fight starter. I’d have to crate at least two of the dogs while they chewed on something like this and pick them up before letting them out together. What do you suggest in a situation like this?

  17. Jenn Gren

    1. I learned that no natural bone can come with a guarantee of no breaking/splintering.
    2. My dogs like all flavors, but peanut butter has to be their favorite.
    3. I give my dog filled bones to occupy their time / keep them busy.

  18. Patricia Biggar

    Yes! Filled bones are safe for dogs & my dogs love them! They last a long time too. My dogs like the Original Bully flavor best, but actually, they like every flavored they’ve tried so far.

  19. Erica N

    I learned that although filled bones are good to help clean our dog’s teeth, they must still be supervised because splintering can still occur. My dog hasn’t tried filled bones yet, but I would like to give him one to try, especially if it helps to clean his teeth. My dog would love the beef filled bone.

  20. Kelly Marie Reynolds

    these look great and I think they are safe as long as they are taken away when they splinter or get too small

  21. Arielle Morgane

    My darling girl Saoirse has loads of nervous energy and not only do filled bones keep her occupied, but they’re also safe as houses for dogs, so I can rest easy knowing the treats she loves won’t harm her.

  22. Christy G

    Red Barn Marrow bones are the only filled bones I use. After they eat the yummy filling, I boil to clean. I love to put vanilla Greek yogurt inside, freeze, and give to my pups for a treat.

  23. Cassidy

    Filled bones are safe for dogs and great for cleaning their teeth. My dog loves the peanut butter flavor and it helps to keep her from chewing on things she’s not supposed to.

  24. Lizzie

    Are these bones meant to be eaten? My dog seems to be gnawing off itty bitty pieces like flakes. Is this ok? Should I expect to see the whole thing disappear or is this one of those things that should last a long time and just have the filling disappear? Thanks!

    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi Lizzie,

      You asked some great questions! Filled Bones are not to be eaten whole. Our blog article How To Safely Give Your Dog a Bone talks a lot about what to look in a bone before giving it to them and when to discard a bone. Hope it is helpful! Please feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-775-3849 or by email at info@redbarninc for any other question you have may have about Filled Bones.

  25. Shelly J

    I have been giving my lab who is an extreme chewer these bones for 10 years. We have purchased hundreds if not thousands of them over the years. We recently got a pitbull mix who takes chewing to a whole new level and no problems at all. In 10 years of using this product I’ve only had one bone shard in a way that I thought was unsafe. Great product…natural…and the only things my two POWER chewers can not destroy. Thanks Redbarn for providing a quality and trustworthy product.

  26. Alicia

    Love these red barn barn bones. My girl was able to get all the filling out the shorter ones in a few days then I refilled. But the longer PB n J cant be reached down to the center. How long can the filling last before bacteria sets in? Should I push the filling out and wash It? How and should we wash the bones frequently?

    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi Alicia,

      We are so glad your pup enjoys our filled bones! You asked such a relatable question.Your dog can enjoy filled bones until they lose interest in them. Some best practices we suggest are letting the bone air dry after use, preferably in the sun, and keep them dry as possible. For any other questions you have or for more suggestion, feel free to reach out to us directly at 1-800-775-3849 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST, or by email at

    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi Anne,

      Thanks for reaching out! The calorie count varies from flavor to flavor. Find the cal count in the ingredients section of each filled bone product page. You can find that page here!

  27. Lisa

    We have been letting our Labrador chew your bones for three years now and it is his favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, he just spent two days in a veterinary hospital and it was due to a piece of one of your bones breaking off and it caused all kinds of G.I. problems. I threw all the bones away and will never purchase them again. We supervised his chewing but it only takes one second for them to swallow a piece that breaks off. I am really concerned about the safety of these bones for pets.

    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for reaching out! We are so sorry to hear about the traumatic experience you and your pet went through. As someone who has been giving your dog our bones for years, you should know we do everything in our power to put out the safest product backed by our industry-leading quality assurance standards. We want to have a better understanding of how this might have happened but need a bit more of information from you. Any pictures and best by dates you have will helpful to us. As pet owners ourselves, we take this incident very seriously. It is important to us that you always contact us immediately with these kinds of incidents, so we can follow up and see if we have had similar complaints about a specific lot of bones and take action if necessary.

      When choosing a bone for your dog to chew, it’s important to understand that even bones that are considered safer come with inherent precautions. As a pet owner, you must decide what works best for your dog depending on their individual size, chewing style, and age. That said, we completely understand that you may not want to give your dog bones for a while, but Redbarn carries a variety durable chews that are less likely to splinter.Check some of them out here!

      We would like to do what we can to restore your confidence in us. You can reach us at 1-800-775-3849 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST, or by email at info@redbarninc. We hope to hear from you soon!

      Darion at Redbarn Pet Products

    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for reaching out! Some pet owners with puppies have been known to give their dogs filled bones. However, we generally would not recommend this product for young puppies because we want to avoid chipping their developing teeth (Older dogs that may have frail teeth should avoid filled bones as well). Redbarn natural chews like our Bully Sticks are a good alternative because they are durable enough to keep your pup engaged without the risk of harming their teeth. Every dog is different. Some are lighter chewers that can handle a bone. Some are power chewers that may not be quite ready for that kind of chew yet. As a pet owner, you must decide what makes the most sense for your puppy. It also always helps to consult with your pet’s veterinarian before adding any new treat or chew to their diet.

      I hope this is helpful! Please feel free to reach out to us directly at 1-800-775-3849 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST, or by email at for any other questions you may have.

      Darion at Redbarn Pet Products

  28. MistysMom

    How long is the filling in the bone editable? We have 3 of your filled Redbarn bones and the middle of all 3 have filling that is about 4 months old. Should i dig it out and dispose of it? Our dog loves your bones and we like them also but are wondering about the “lifespan” of the filling.

    1. Jocelyn Bishop

      The “lifespan” of the filling in your Redbarn Filled Bones would be directly related to the expiration date that is printed on your package. It should start with the letters EXP and then followed by a few numbers. If you need assistance reading your EPX date, please reach out to Redbarn customer service at 1-800-775-3849. We will be happy to assist!

  29. N

    If they’re good for their teeth and this is just a question….. Why is there corn syrup in there as one of the first ingredients for peanut butter-filled? Along with all these other ingredients I’m just curious how that’s good for their teeth

    1. Jocelyn Bishop

      Great question! Our Filled Bones are a sweet reward treat for dogs. The corn syrup in all our flavored fillings is used as a preservative and increases the palatability to keep your pet engaged as they work to get to this filling. While it won’t replace your regular visits to the vet or teeth cleanings, however, it is the mechanical action of chewing on the bone itself that aids in cleaning your dog’s teeth and helps to scrape off plaque and maintain a healthy smile.

    1. Allison Arcos

      Yes! The bones in our Filled Bones are made from all-natural beef femur bones. We clean the bones in a human-grade food solution during an all natural process and never use bleach or harsh chemicals to make them appear whiter. Some people even reuse the bone once their dog finishes off the filling by putting in their own fillings like fresh peanut butter.

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