Redbarn Pork Chews

We’re excited to share the news!

We have a brand new video out, “Dogs are Wolves…Kind of,” featuring a talented pet partner who loves Redbarn. We’re so excited to share this video that we’ve put together a giveaway featuring the items in the video, Redbarn Pork Chews!

Below, you can watch the videos, share, and tell us what you think!

Redbarn Pork Chews Giveaway

More details below. Good luck to all!

Special Thanks to our Pet Partners!

There’s nothing we love more than connecting with our extended Redbarn family members- you! We teamed up with eight amazing dogs and their pet parents to bring you this giveaway. So don’t just take our word when we say we make the best Pork Chews listen to what they have to say. And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram. Meet our pet partners, here. 

Giveaway runs from Monday, March 25th to Monday, April 1st at 4 pm PST.

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    We have been purchasing Red Barn products for about 10 years now. Our newest member of our family is a Parsons Jack Russell from England and he loves the Red Barn “Bully Rings” which we purchase a case at a time! We also purchase the Red Barn rawhide strips and he must have 1 or 2 chews every single day. We truly believe in the Red Barn product as safe and nutritious for our dog Buzzy!

    1. Jocelyn Bishop

      Sounds like your power chewers may need to try our XL Ham Bones!
      They’re a geat longer lasting option for dogs that have a strong urge to chew.

  2. Cheryl Didier

    While Lexi & Maverick love their Bully Sticks-“they say” variety is the spice of life! Bet they would LOVE Redbarn Pork Chews❤️
    Hope we can win them some!

    Mike & Cheryl Didier
    German Shepherd Dad & Mom

  3. Mary Angeroth

    My dog is a shelter dog, needless to say what they feed them there, she is now a very healthy dog and I try to give her healthier treats to keep her that way

  4. Beth Barker

    we have not tried these yet put hope to soon. I have 6 dogs from small dogs to big they are all recues and dogs I have a fosters looking for dog treats for them to improve there life.

  5. Sharon Lynn Bianchi

    Love Redbarn products. Dogs enjoy them so much. When we visit a store that carry them they pick thier own treat.

  6. Sharon Richert

    Awsome. Found bully chews at my pet food supplier. Can’t wait to try pork chews, at least my dogs…lol. I lost 2 dogs and a cat to cancer, uninformed about cancer causing chemicals in all things for dogs. After I was diagnosed with cancer 16 years ago I went on a mission to exclude bad foods from my diet…led to organic living. Applied same info to dog diet. So fsr, God blessed. Thank you for making healthy treats for dogs.

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