Redbarn’s Hot Summer Giveaway!

Win the Pawfect Summer Bundle

Redbarn has teamed up with PawstruckDexas, EarthBath & our summer pet partners to bring you a variety of fun treats and summer grooming essentials! Enter Hot Summer Giveaway to win the pawfect summer bundle for your dog!

Redbarn’s Hot Summer Giveaway

Special thanks to our Hot Summer Giveaway pet partners!

For Redbarn’s Hot Summer Giveaway, we partnered with some amazing pups! Get to know these pups and the humans that take such great care of them. Don’t forget to follow your favorites on Instagram!


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  1. Deb Loper

    I trust Red Barn I buy at least 15 packs of Barky Barks a month!!My dogs love them so much! I ley=t my Rebel smell in the bag and he dances to get one LOL

  2. Sheena Jennings

    Gracie has grown up on your products, we started with RedBarn and Pawstruck when she was a puppy and after 4 years she still gets so excited when a delivery arrives, food, chewy, treats or toys she doesn’t care she has your scent! It so good to be able to depend on your products and not worry about her getting something unhealthy thank you RedBarn and Pawstruck. We love you!

  3. Linda Szymoniak

    There are not enough companies with integrity these days. It’s always a great thing to find one that does. Nobody is going to care about the products they are making for MY furbabies than people who also love animals. I love Redbarn products.

  4. Bilger Susan Scribner

    For some reason I was unable to leave a comment regarding the video where it was supposed to be left so I will leave it here. Integrity to me is something that once you lose it it is almost impossible to get it back. It’s important to me that the only service animals that you use our to find out if they approve of your product. And the fact that you feel that your animals are part of the family mimics my feelings to. I feel like your company has the welfare of all animals in mine and you create contacts that are great for our animals

  5. Pegge e pherigo

    I just wanted you to know that Maggie Mae Love’s your cow ears even more than she loves Bully Sticks thank you thank you thank you finally found something she will love and that last a little while. But how can I post a picture of her

  6. Kenzy

    I don’t buy any other chews besides your all’s. My dogs LOVE them, and I always feel like I’m getting great quality!

  7. Mary

    I know my dogs are safe with red barn products. Only product I have used during training. I have also used the other products listed.

  8. Renneve

    I really loves dog i have one really want her to give this awesome prizes because she is my bestfriend and family she make bring happiness in our lives.. this would make her happy with this special products

    1. Jenna Murell

      So sorry to hear that! Be sure to follow us on our social media channels as we always post about them there before and during the length of the giveaways. We are currently running bi-weekly giveaways, with a filled bone giveaway starting today so be on the lookout for the announcement. You can find all our social media pages under the handle, @redbarninc

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