Redbarn’s No Rawhide Giveaway

Win Redbarn’s Newest Rawhide Alternatives and more!

To celebrate the launch of several thrilling new Rawhide Alternatives we are running a No Rawhide Giveaway! Redbarn understands that rawhide may not be the right chew for every household. That’s why we strive to create a wide range of safe alternatives with both the pet and pet’s parents preferences in mind. Enter Redbarn’s No Rawhide Giveaway to win our latest line of innovative chews for your dog(s)!

NO RAWHIDE giveaway


Special Thanks to Our No Rawhide Giveaway Pet Partners

We teamed up with some awesome dogs to help us promote our NO Rawhide Giveaway! Get to know these adorable pups and where to follow them on your favorite social media platforms!



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  1. Tamara Page

    We keep trying to comment on your awesome and heartwarming YouTube video, but it won’t let us. We’re super sad because we love you guys, and the video makes us want to run away and come work for you! Maybe you can credit us the contest entries for commenting here?

  2. Patricia Fisher

    I have been searching for a good treat for my boy Clyde that didn’t contain rawhide as I know rawhide isn’t good for him. I’m excited to hear about this product and intend to buy it for him.

  3. Heather Nicholson

    Snoopy, my rescue Lab/Rottweiler mix is very particular with his bones and treats. Usually I give both Haley and Snoopy the same bone but Snoopy ignores his and Haley ends up with two~ The red barn jumbo twisted bone is Snoopy’s all time favorite! He prances around with it in his mouth and then find a perfect spot to devour it. It lasts awhile too, keeps him busy!

  4. Wanda Orraca

    I have been using Redbarn for years Lamb can wet Paté, & all their amazing clean natural treats, 3 bully rings, 3 bully springs, The braided bully stick, also the lung nuggets & the bully barrels. I continue ordering & will never leave them. My babies are hooked. Redbarn rocks, thanks for your business. Love Noah and Clyde and mama.

  5. Shea Lawhorn

    Sadie and Ubi would love to try these new Redbarn chews! It’s so nice that Redbarn is offering rawhide alternatives. I feel great about the quality of their products.

  6. Susan Bilger

    I love your partners. They are adorable. You can’t ask for better critics.
    I am interested to see just how long it takes my girls to finish their chews.

  7. Brenda Parker

    My fur babies of 3 Only get Red Barn…. the quality of treats = Happy momma = Happy fur babes….. If only
    I could buy red barn direct….

  8. T Ratliff

    For some reason we can not comment on the YouTube video. I’ve noticed others commenting that they are unable to do so as well. It keeps stating we aren’t signed into Google+ And we are signed in. Can we possibly receive the entries for posting here RedBarn? TIA ♡♥

  9. Deb Loper

    The only chews I ever buy are RedBarn .My dogs love the bully sticks .But their very very favorites are Barky Barks!! My Dixie can not stand it waiting for his barky bark !! makes his day!

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