Redbarn’s Rawhide Alternatives

Sampson and Keely sniffing a Redbarn Puff Braid

Are you looking for a rawhide alternative that is natural, highly digestible and grain-free?

Best Dog Treats with No Rawhide!

At Redbarn, we strive to create a wide range of safe chews with both the pet and pet’s parents preferences in mind. Pet parents are different; however, all dogs are similar in that they have a natural urge to chew. Redbarn understands that rawhide may not be the right chew for every household. That’s why we offer over 100 different types of rawhide alternative chews to chewse from (get it?)

To help you pick the perfect rawhide alternative dog chew, it always helps to understand your dog’s individual chew style.

Every dog chews differently. Some chew quickly, some slowly. Others take large chomps, while many dogs take smaller bites. Regardless of what kind of chewer your dog is, Redbarn has the perfect rawhide alternative made with natural ingredients and free from chemicals, preservatives, colorings, and artificial flavorings.

Here are some of our favorites!

Redbarn Fetchers

Redbarn Fetchers are a natural esophagus chew featuring a savory center made of Redbarn Bully Sticks. This unique alternative to rawhide is slow-baked to maximize flavor and texture. Fetchers are good for dogs that are light to moderate chewers. Redbarn Fetchers come in a fun selection of shapes and sizes to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Look for Fetchers as Sticks, Springs, and Braids!

Redbarn Bully Sticks   

If you have a dog that is a tough chewer, you need an even tougher chew. Redbarn Bully Sticks are a durable rawhide alternative made of 100% beef muscle. These durable chews are highly palatable and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservative. Like most good chews, Bully Sticks help support healthy teeth and gums by gently scraping dogs’ teeth as they chew.

Redbarn also carries Odor-Free Bully Sticks for pet parents that aren’t a fan of that distinct Bully Stick smell. Just like our popular Redbarn Bully Sticks, Redbarn Odor-Free Bully Sticks are all-natural and chemical-free. Our Odor-Free Bully Sticks are slowly roasted to create a long-lasting chew. Both our regular and Odor-Free Bully Sticks come in a variety of boredom-busting shapes and sizes that help support your dog’s dental hygiene, including our Bully Braids, and Bully Spring.


Redbarn’s Tripe Twist

Redbarn’s Tripe Twists are a natural, single-ingredient beef tripe chew sourced from free-range cattle. The fun twisted design keeps dogs entertained! Redbarn’s Tripe Twist is a lighter chew which makes it an excellent rawhide alternative for dogs of all life stages.Our Tripe Twist also helps support healthy teeth and gums. The mechanical action of chewing helps to rid dogs’ teeth of harmful plaque buildup. What makes these chews even better? Tripe Twist is free from common canine allergens like soy, corn, grains, and wheat.

Redbarn Esophagus Braided Sticks and Rings

Redbarn Braided Esophagus Sticks are tightly wound for an extended chewing time to create a fun and compelling shape that dogs will puzzle over. This dynamic alternative to rawhide is also high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which helps support a healthy skin and coat. Is your dog a powerful chewer? Redbarn Esophagus Braids are great for dogs that need a strong chew to enjoy. High in protein and low in fat, Redbarn Braided Sticks and Rings feature glucosamine and chondroitin which offer a boost to your pet’s joint health (mobility and movement). As single-ingredient beef chew, Redbarn Braided Sticks and Rings are free from grain and gluten with no added salt or sugar.

Redbarn Puff Braids

Redbarn Puff Braids are a safe alternative to rawhide for pet parents looking for an engaging beef chew their dog can fully enjoy! Using a new, innovative, and natural way to “puff” beef esophagus into braids, we created a new chew perfect for dogs with a lower chew drive. This single ingredient beef esophagus is crunchy and easy to chew, making it enjoyable for all life stages including puppies and seniors. Is your dog gluten-sensitive? Redbarn has you covered. Redbarn Puff Braids are grain and gluten free with no added salt or sugar! This high protein chew features glucosamine and chondroitin which aids your pet’s joint health.

Redbarn Chew-A-Bulls

Is your dog a light chewer that loves a good crunch? If so, your dog will love Redbarn Chew-A-Bulls. Made in the USA, Chew-A-Bulls are a mixture of potatoes and real Redbarn Bully sticks, covered with a delectable coating to help tempt picky eaters. Free from grains, gluten, corn, and soy, Chew-A-Bulls are available in two flavor coatings: beef and peanut butter. They contain added functional ingredients to support either skin & coat or joint health. Chew-A-Bulls also have dried cranberries and blueberries for added antioxidants. Find the shape and size your dog will enjoy including Chew-A-Bull Sticks, Pretzels, and Rings!

Always keep in mind, as a pet parent, is still important to monitor your pet at all times when a pet is fed a treat or chew. Watch for signs of choking or difficulty. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water and lots of love!


Choose a natural chew that is healthy, helps support healthy teeth and gums, and from a company that simply wants the best for its customers. Try these Redbarn rawhide alternatives today!


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  1. Christine Darnell

    These all sound so amazing for my dog Cody! I think he will really love them all and I will feel good about giving them to him!

  2. Steven Epstein

    definitely will be buying the Redbarn Esophagus Braided Sticks and Rings and others. I love your company and feel safe knowing yur there to protect our doggies from the bad!

  3. allison hoffman

    I always get nervous giving my dogs rawhide so I love that these products are safe and not rawhide! my dogs love redbarn!

  4. Lori Rogers

    I think this so awesome ❤️ I’m so tiny so I probably would like to try anything small ❤️it’s a great alternative ❤️❤️

  5. Tamara Page

    You guys are so PAWsome. We’ve always loved your products, but after watching your YouTube video (we couldn’t coment there because we don’t have an account), we love you even more! Can @FableAndRooty come work for you…In quality control, of course! 😉 They definitely have to have rawhide-free products. it’s not pretty at all when they’ve eaten it before. Ugh.

  6. Mar

    I don’t give rawhide to my three dogs because I feel it is not safe or healthy for them. I actually had a bad experience with rawhide in the past where one of my past dogs got it stuck in her throat and I had to rush her to the emergency vet. I would love to be able to give them these as an alternative!

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  7. angela meek

    So many fantastic options! I know my babies would love them all especially the Esophagus braided sticks and rings! I love that you have gone the extra mile to ensure the safety and quality of your products while making them fun and enjoyable for our babies! Y’all are pawsome!!

  8. 29ways

    I have two heavy duty chewers and one that is a huge chunk swallower. Hope to try this once it’s a little warmer so they can eat them outside.

  9. Stacy Carnahan

    I had no idea that there were such a thing as Rawhide alternatives! I have to check this out for my dog. He has a hard time digesting the rawhides I have gotten before. Thanks for such a quality product that is good for my dog and one that he will enjoy.

  10. Shea Lawhorn

    It was so exciting to find out that Redbarn has so many rawhide alternative chews to pick from. My dogs usually enjoy bully sticks. They would probably love to try the tripe twists and puff braids. Redbarn products are so healthy and I love they are made by a family owned company that care so much for our pets!

  11. Terry Poage

    I would love t try these products. I love that they are slowed baked for flavor. I have a dog who choose at least 3 bones a day & would feel better if she was chewing this brand since they are safe.

  12. Denise Hall

    I have 7 VERY chewy furbabies of different breeds, ages, and sizes. I think they would LOVE the Odor-Free Bully Sticks and the Tripe Twists. I would LOVE to try these for them.

  13. Mary

    It’s nice to have other options for dogs with food sensitivities instead of the standard go to chews that most people buy

  14. Susan Bilger

    My dogs love these types of treats and usually eat them so fast that I rarely get the fourth dog hers before the the others are done. My only concern, one of my dogs choked on a rawhide one time. It has gotten soft enough that the entire thing slid down her throat. I barely held onto it to pull it out of her mouth. This was not your product just to be clear.

  15. Tracey L

    I love your products and so does my pup! We especially like the no smell bully sticks! I like that I can feel good and confident about what I give him!

  16. Sheila Bohlin

    Our Airedale Stig loves Red Barn Bully Sticks. We purchase the longest length possible and allow him a timed 5 minute chew after each meal (kind of like brushing after eating). When his “B.S.”, as we fondly call it, is so short that he might be inclined to swallow it, we put a C-clamp on it so he can still chew it safely. His teeth look great! I think we’ll try more of the no-rawhide products

  17. frank whobrey

    Our Poochie Sandy always runs to the cabinet when we mention “special treat” she knows its a Redbull bully stick, roofle,penut butter snack…..we get time to relax while she enjoys

  18. Meri

    Very interesting. I’ve been hearing not so good things about rawhide lately so it’s great to know there are such healthy alternatives from a company like Redbarn.

  19. Jude Morrid

    If it’s red barn, Sophie covets it. She even knows what aisle of our grocery has her favorite chews. All her doggie friends love to come to our house because Sophie’s basket has lots of different Red Barns chews. They dig in, and then they all lie around chomping. Even preferred to roughhousing 😉

  20. Shannon I.

    I had no idea Red Barn offers over 100 alternatives to rawhide to chewse from! That is great! I hope to win for our big pack of babies so they can give some a try!

  21. Sheri

    No rawhide in our house, so we love alternatives. Your stuffed bully stick bones are the only things that last with my chewer!

  22. Terry Pelletier

    After looking at all the different items from this page, I didn’t realize there was more than just the bully sticks! Thank you for the info. I think we might try the tripe twists or maybe the Esophagus Sticks. My Katie loves the Bully Sticks and makes sure to bring my attention daily to the container in which I keep them. Smart dog.

  23. Timberwolf

    It’s fantastic that you understand that not all dogs have the same needs or preferences in a chew, and provide such a broad variety of options that are all without chemicals or artificial stuff. Kudos!

  24. Catherine Bradford

    Sorry for assuming, I thought they were all raw hides, which I will need give my baby, glad to know and I will definitely be ordering some for her this week!

  25. Alicia Hewitt

    I think this is awesome! Rawhide is so bad for dogs! I’m glad there’s a product that I feel confident giving my Bailey.

  26. Donna Braemer

    I have a 8 year old, Puggle, named, Scooby-Dee, and we don’t give her anything Rawhide because she always winds up chocking on them. We love that RedBarn has alternatives to Rawhide. She loves all of your products & we wouldn’t give her anything else.

  27. Laura Klassen

    My Izzie would probably love the Tripe Twist. She cannot have grain at all but loves a good chew so this would be great for her!

  28. Kayla Lussier

    My dog has only had the peanut butter stuffed bones and she loves those! I would love to try all of these rawhide alternatives since I will not feed her actual rawhide. I believe she would really enjoy the bully sticks and braided sticks since she’s a strong chewer and knowing these are safe to be digested really makes me feel good about giving them to her and more likely to buy them on my next shopping trip.

  29. Anne Scott

    Digestible alternatives to rawhide sound great. Last time I gave Colby a rawhide bone he threw up all over his kennel that night. Bully sticks we love but I would love to try Puff Braids!

  30. Carol

    We foster puppies and dogs but rawhide has been a big no no for us as they make my dogs ill. I like this healthy alternative.

  31. Jennifer Ann Rose

    Im so excited to find a company I can trust and not have to worry about what my dogs are chewing on. I spend a small fortune to keep them happy and I dont want to have to worry about some treats killing my dogs!! Thank You!!

  32. Angela Murray

    I never give my dog any rawhide. I trust redbarns products for my dog. Chip would be excited for any or all lol.

  33. T Ratliff

    Loki doesn’t discriminate he’d love to try all the chews lol And Marmy loves that they are a safer alternative ☺

  34. Chelsea Stauffer

    Looks like a very caring company that makes great quality products for our pets! I’m going to be ordering soon!

  35. Cynthia Stacey

    I do think that a rawhide alternative is good because sometime the rawhide does not digest and we see it twice. I have noticed that many doctors say NO Rawhide also. I have a 100 lb lab that needs to chew it seems and this would be really perfect for Hunter Pi!

  36. Bob Morella

    Bradley has alot of jaw power and the Redbarn products do last longer than other products! You do make good quality products!

  37. Christina Almond

    The Protein Puffs are interesting–our neighbor’s dog would really love those…I’m entering for her…she is so sweet!

  38. Rachel Ingersoll

    Redbarn has such a good variety of treats I feel good about feeding my own & my friends/families animals! 🙂

  39. Rachel Collins

    My Husky Jaxx has a sensitive stomach. He loves chews, but it’s hard to find any that are natural, safe and will work for him. All of these look like great options! I will have to try them! Thanks!

  40. Sandy Weinstein

    my girls love the beef taffy. i have been a longtime user of Redbarn for over 18 yrs. love your products. i like the small bully sticks, but love the beef taffy. dont use rawhide and never did.

  41. Danielle Cultreri

    I couldn’t be happier with your products. I never gave my dog rawhide and I’m so happy with the wide variety of alternatives for my pups!

  42. Kaitlyn V.

    We love Redbarn products! We are so pleased to find they are providing rawhide alternatives. After our family members dog passed while choking on a rawhide bone, we vowed to never give our chocolate lab puppy a rawhide treat! We will continue to be loyal redbarn customers!

  43. Paula S.

    My dogs always loved rawhide, but I have become scared to give it to them because of the splintering and possible choking issues, so I have not purchased any in years. It’s nice to know there are alternatives that are safe and i know they would love any of these. I would love to try the tripe twists. I think they would particularly enjoy those. They have always enjoyed any treats I have received from Redbarn in the past!

  44. Jennifer Meyer

    I need some of these. I have two dogs that can chew thru stuff quick but most gives them diarrhea. I’d love to try these.

  45. patricia caradonna

    My dog Josie would enjoy the Redbarn Fetchers – the natural esophagus chew. She would enjoy the savory center. Josie is a light chewer.

  46. Wehaf

    I have two strong chewers with grain allergies, and I think they would love the braided esophagus chews. I love that they are high in omega-3 fatty acids!

  47. Buddy Garrett

    I learned there are different types of dog chewers. I have never tried Redbarn products. There are lots of products I would like to try.

  48. Gina Ferrell

    I love that these are natural, highly digestible and grain-free. My dog Oreo would love these dog products for sure!

  49. Tera Culverwell

    This would be so amazing to win! I never realized how bad raw hides are for dogs and my dogs love them! Definitely need to have some of these! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  50. Kristen H.

    I don’t have a dog, but my brother has 2. And I think one of his dogs would absolutely love to try out Redbarn Bully Sticks, Redbarn’s Tripe Twist and Redbarn Esophagus Braided Sticks and Rings.

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