Summer of Flavor Giveaway – Win a Variety of Your Pet’s Favorite Filled Bones Flavors and more!

Win a Filled Bones Flavor Pack!

Have you ever wanted to try out a new flavor of your dog’s favorite treat? Enter the Summer of Flavor Giveaway for your chance to win a pawsome flavor pack of our Filled Bones, Grain-Free Dipped Biscuits, and Bully Slices! At Redbarn our unique flavors range from Original Bully flavor to French Toast. Don’t miss out on a chance to add some flavor to your dog’s summer–Enter Below!

Summer of Flavor

You could be one of 12 people to win:

Redbarn Flavored Filled Bones


Dogs naturally want to chew, and our Filled Bones are an excellent way to satisfy that natural desire. Whether you’ve never given your dog a bone or regularly your dog a classic White Bone or Meaty Bone, it can still feel like a huge leap to try out a Filled Bone. We completely understand!

We’ve heard every question you can think of from curious pet parents: “Are Filled Bones safe for dogs?”, “Are Filled Bones good for dogs?”, “How are Filled Bones made?”, etc.

We want to answer a few of those Frequently Asked Questions and list some benefits as well. Check out our Filled Bones blog post Are Filled Bones Safe for Dogs?


Special Thanks to Our Summer of Flavor Pet Partner!

As a part of our Summer of Flavor Giveaway, we partnered with some of our favorite Redbarn fans. Click here to learn more about our Summer of Flavor Pet Partners and the humans who love them!

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  1. Maon

    The wide variety Redbarn offers in grain-free treats, bones, food has the best ingredients for my Schnauzer who has allergy issues – Yea!

  2. Sheena West Jennings

    From the day I got her as a pup Gracie got two years has enjoyed Bully sticks, strips and twisted Bully sticks and barbells. She also enjoys foods and other snacks we are so confident with the Redbarn Products, we just don’t go elsewhere except Redbarn .com and thanks for your care in providing quality and fun for Gracie.

    1. Darion at Redbarn

      We are so glad to hear Gracie enjoys our Redbarn treats! We truly appreciate your support. Don’t forget to enter the Summer of Flavor giveaway for chance to win Gracie some more awesome treats!



  4. Jude Morris

    Wait! What (head cocked to one side, ears up)?
    That was Sophie’s reaction when I told her that Redbarn had more than just her favorite Bully Sticks.
    (Tail wags and bouncy paws) Mom! Really? Gotta try ’em. Yep, yep, yep.
    Then she grabbed her latest bully spring and started chewing.
    See? I love ’em!

    *Please note: I am translating here. Sophie doesn’t speak English.

  5. Paula Berry

    My Cocker Spaniels, Jackson and Issiah and foster dog, Domino would go crazy over these! I always try to buy them healthy varieties, and Redbarn fits the bill!

  6. Bernadette Bellanger

    My 5 dogs would love a chew a thon on the lawn with these delicioys treats!
    Ellie Mae

  7. Deb Brown

    We have been giving our figs bully sticks for years. They’re top quality and they love them!
    Added bonus is they clean their teeth between brushing.

  8. Deb Brown

    Our dogs love bully sticks! Auto correct changed dogs to figs
    Isn’t Automation great?
    Thank you Red Barn for top quality chews our dogs love.

  9. jennifer bowen

    thay do look verry good and i love to try them for my dog’s and thay do look like thay would be verry safe

  10. caren gittleman

    Dakota would LOVE LOVE LOVE (and do his Sheltie spins for) peanut butter and jelly! I give Dakota filled bones because they keep him much busier than normal bones do. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. Kim Brooks

    This would be a great opportunity for my 2 Beagles to try more variety of Redbarn treats. And since there are several different treats in this prize pack, they would both be getting treats. They have only tried Roofles.

  12. Barbara Stevens

    My terriers love Red Barn products. I love the natural goodness of Red Barn. No additives, thank you very much! Naturollies are our go to kibble now. The terriers have never met a Red Barn product they didn’t like, and they have tried a lot of Red Barn. Maybe we will win some products.

  13. April Anderson

    My Labradoodle Bear has only had Redbarn products since he was puppy. Everything from barn bagels, stuffed bones and hooves, to bulley sticks have been only Red Barn. They are high quality and easy for Bear to eat and most importantly he enjoys them while I have piece of mind that he is enjoying a superior product.

  14. Mary W

    I read the article that stated no natural bone can come with a guarantee against breaking or splintering. Filled bones are safe as long as you supervise your dog closely. We would like to try Redbarn filled bones because they are all natural and safe.

  15. Debbie Duraj

    I have two wonderful Girls, Bree/Winnie, and everyday the two neighbor dogs come over to play with them. This would be a wonderful treat to give them all, I love them also very very much.

  16. Katie

    My dog was rescued and had no idea what any toy was. If they squeak she feels like she hurt them and walks away. It took her a while to realize anything was a toy but once she got a redbarn filled bone things took off. She is food motivated so anything tasty she loves but still afraid of the soft squeaky toys. These bones are her favorite!

  17. Nicole Lancaster

    I learned that Redbarn Pet Products never adds chemicals, preservatives, flavors, or colors to their bone. My dog enjoys the Cheese & Bacon Redbarn Filled Bones the most. I give my dog filled bones because he prefers them over the regular bone.

  18. Roberta Lewis

    Trucker is a big chewer!! I give him Redbarn treats and chews as often as I can. They are safe and he Loves them!! He would love to win them!!

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