The Benefits of Wet Food for Cats and Dogs

While dry food may be a great option for some pets, some owners find wet food delivers unique advantages. Let us help you learn the benefits of wet food!

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Deciding what food to feed your pet is one of the most significant decisions all pet owners have to make. Think about it. The eating habits you establish now can help determine your pet’s long-term health. So, which food is best for your pet: wet food (canned), or dry food (kibble)?  While dry food may be a great option for some pets, many pet owners find wet food delivers the unique advantages they are looking for in their pet’s food. With so many choices among the two, you might ask yourself, what are the differences between wet and dry pet foods? Is it possible for your pet to enjoy a combination of both?

All great questions! Let Redbarn help you understand the different kinds of pet food and the benefits of wet food!

Why does Redbarn care?

For full-feed diets, Redbarn sells wet and semi-moist cat and dog food. As a leader in canned and rolled pet food, we know a thing or two about them. It is important to us that our customers understand some of the benefits of wet food.

This way they can determine which food is the best choice for them and their pets.

Now, let’s dig into the benefits of wet pet food.

What are the benefits of wet pet food?

GIF of two cats enjoying redbarn wet food

The benefits of wet pet food are often overlooked. One of the main advantages of wet food, also referred to as canned pet food, is that the ingredients are usually tastier.

Wet foods most resemble what your pet would eat in the wild and tend to have higher levels of animal-based proteins. These proteins are crucial to your pet’s development. Canned foods also aren’t exposed to as much heat as dry food is during the cooking process, so it maintains more of its initial nutrients.

In general, wet food can contain less wheat, grains, and other carbs found in mass-produced kibble. These carbohydrates aren’t always practical for your pet’s diet and can cause problems for some cats and dogs.

For example, many overweight cats are carbohydrate-intolerant and should be fed low-carbohydrate diets.

Canned pet food can be an excellent source of hydration for pets that don’t drink an adequate amount of water. The higher water content in canned food means that your pet can enjoy a larger portion per meal, without adding more calories to their diet. This can help keep your pet at a healthy weight.

The hydration that comes from canned food can help your pet avoid common medical problems like urinary tract infections (UTIs). The water percentage in pet food becomes increasingly more important when an animal is ill, lives in a hot climate, and as they age.

wet food vs. dry food comparison chart

Wet food is great for all life stages. Young pets typically need more protein to help grow up strong.

Wet food can also be an ideal option for older cats and dogs, particularly those with dental problems. Senior pets that have lost some of their sense of smell may be more inclined to eat a more palatable food, like canned or rolled food, which have a richer scent and flavor.

As beneficial as wet food can be, there are some drawbacks that pet owners should know before jumping into canned or rolled dog and cat food.

Are there any disadvantages to wet pet food?

Wet cat and dog food come with some distinct benefits, but some attributes of wet food may not work for all pet owners. Canned food may not be as cost-effective to feed your pets. It’s no secret, wet pet food is often more expensive than kibble, and is purchased in smaller amounts.

Wet food can come packed with more premium ingredients like real, hearty meats and natural ingredients, which are more expensive than grains.

The rich ingredients in wet pet food also require refrigeration after opening. The food loses its shelf life once the can has been opened and typically needs to be consumed within a few days of opening.

However, depending on the expiration date, wet pet food can usually be stored longer than dry food because it is sealed air-tight. (Redbarn Canned Food is good for 36 months unopened!)

Another drawback of canned food is that it is a bit messier than kibble. Pet owners that have enthusiastic eaters may need a mat, or easy to clean area, to place the food for their pets to enjoy. Canned food should not be left in your pet’s bowl for more than an hour or two.

Some vets and pet owners also feel kibble is better at preventing dental problems in cats and dogs because kibble is harder to chew, helping scrape plaque off teeth.

Wet food may have some minor disadvantages that may deter you from giving your pet wet food all the time. Fortunately, a mix of wet and dry food can give your pets the best of both worlds.  

How to switch from dry pet food to wet pet food?

Are you convinced wet food is a good option for you and your pet? Adjusting to a wet pet food can be easy as long as you learn some best practices. Check out our guide for how to properly transition your pet to new food. The key? Do it slowly to avoid tummy troubles.  

As mentioned, a mix of wet and dry food can help your pet enjoy the features of both. Some pet owners choose to feed kibble in the morning and offer their pet wet food in the evening. Others mix them together in the same bowl or give the wet food occasionally. In any case, variety can be good and many pets might appreciate a little change!

Feeding your pet the right amount of food daily is crucial to them enjoying the benefits of any foods. Take a look at these recommendations for how much you should feed your cat.   

Redbarn Premium Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs established by the AAFCO Dog Food Profiles for all life stages. For dogs, our feeding suggestions are as follows: Feed 1 can per day for 10 lbs. of body weight for an adult dog. Adjust feeding amount for your dog’s body condition, lactation, growth and gestation.

10 lbs. = 1 can per day

25 lbs. = 2.5 cans per day

55 lbs. = 4 cans per day

Refrigerate unused portion for up to a week. Unopened cans can be stored at room temperature for 36 months.

Redbarn Wet Food

Redbarn’s wet dog and cat food is special in several ways. To start, we use high-quality fresh meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient. Ingredients must be listed by predominance on the ingredients panel, so having 
real meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient is key to a high-quality food. Additionally, we use limited ingredients, meaning most of our canned food has 13 ingredients or less (plus vitamins and minerals). Sometimes what isn’t included in a pet’s food is as important as what is. You will find no carrageenan or scary ingredients in our wet food. Just simple formulas, with only the essential ingredients.

All canned recipes are grain and gluten free including no corn or soy. Our wet food is manufactured in the USA and most of the ingredients are sourced from U.S.-based ingredient providers.

For cats and dogs, Redbarn carries a nutritious variety of grain-free pates and stews. Many of them contain functional ingredients that support common health issues like our Ocean Fish Recipe pate for cats, assisting in weight control, or our Chicken pate for dogs which helps support their immune system. Our Redbarn savory stews feature single-ingredient proteins for optimal health. You will find functional ingredients like superfoods salmon oil, green lipped mussels and dandelions in our wet food.

Bon appetit!

Take your pet’s health a step further. Check out this cheat sheet for what to look for in your pet’s food.

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All information is provided on an as-is basis. Please note that each situation is different, and you should always consult your veterinarian should you have any questions about your pet’s health.

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    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi CT,

      Great question! Redbarn doesn’t make dehydrated or freeze-dried foods, so we don’t want to comment on them without product development or manufacturing experience. It would be best to consult your veterinarian on those food options for your pet. Hope this was helpful!

    2. Shana

      I have my cats and dogs on freeze dried raw food and it has done wonders for their health. My kitten who I raised from 3 weeks old will not even eat canned cat food or kibble she wants real fresh meat. Plus the moisture (when re hydrated) and nutrient content is amazing.

  1. Aleta

    I think my picky Doberladies would love your canned food. I’m always trying to find a new flavorful food to mix with their dry food. I will have to try this.

  2. shannon fowler

    We have two dogs and a cat, and all of them eat dry food. I didn’t realize wet food had so many benefits. I thought it was the opposite. thanks for sharing! We will have to think about switching.

  3. Ali Sherman

    Wet food makes it way easier to feed teething puppies, who may not feel like eating much. Additionally, it has a stronger scent which makes it more appealing to picky eaters like Huskies.

  4. Elsie Siuta

    When I found out how much dry kibble dehydrates, I switched to a complete wet food diet for both my dog and cat and I think my pets are healthier for it.

  5. Amy Angulo

    My pups love canned food and Red barn steak and egg is one of their favorites plus i love the hydration aspect of using canned food since the pups don’t drink a ton of water.

  6. Nancy Loring

    My 2 dogs prefer wet food but I wasn’t sure if they were getting enough nutrients and vitamins from just wet food but after reading all of the ingredients in the Wildwood Stews I realize I don;t have anything to worry about. My dogs also love the Redbarn bully slices and the filled bones peanut butter and bacon.

  7. Michelle W

    Redbarn products sounds exactly what I would chose to feed my pups grain free high in proteins & all natural ingredients for maintaining a healthy diet.My pups tend to like a meal mixed both dry & canned. There favorite is turkey & potatoe grain free

  8. Tracey L

    While I always buy Redbarn treats and bully sticks, I’ve never bought the canned food for my dogs to try. I probably would, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the store before, but maybe I just wasn’t looking because I didn’t know that you guys made canned food too! I’ll have to look next time because it sounds amazing and I’m sure all of the flavors would be a hit in our house!

  9. Cynthia Chatham

    There are many benefits to adding wet/can food to your pets diet. With ours it happens to be our cat. We have 5 dogs and we give them both kibble and wet food. Our cat only gets wet/ can food because of reoccurring Urinary tract infections. Our cat doesn’t like to drink water much and the best way to get him hydrated is with wet can food with gravy toppers.

  10. Sari Donaldson

    Pets stay hydrated which means less UTI infections. More protein in wet food. Less chemicals and additives. Dogs love the taste and texture. Fills them up more than just kibble. Low in carbs , easier to take on the go, and a longer shelf life then kibble.

  11. kimberly

    I’ve always known wet food is an overall better form to feed your dog, but because my dog is 80lbs, it is not financially possible to feed her solely wet food. I knew it hydrated your pet more than dry food, but never realized it provides more protein and less carbs!

  12. Paul Williams

    there are many benefits of wet food for dogs and cats, mainly imoho is variety. pets can’t live on dry alone, plain and simple.

  13. Amber G.

    My Dog King Loves your Dry Food And He loves the Wet Food Also . He gets 1/2 of a Can EVERY Night in his Dry Food ! He lets me Know at a certain time each night, when its time to get fed. He Nibbles on Dry food all day though !! I think he is more Energetic , And his Eyes are Brighter and is Coat is softer and He Looks Healthier.

  14. Corrine Codner

    my two rescue pups had rough starts in life so when we adopted them , one had trauma to her jaw so alot of missing teeth and the other had big time neglect so many had to be removed, so wet food is a big treat for them and we mix it sometimes with their kibble to soften it up

  15. Tiffany Kinard

    I usually feed my dogs a combination of wet/dry food.I didn’t know that dry food doesn’t keep as much of its nutrients like wet food does. We haven’t had a chance to try the food varieties of Red Barn,but they do love the treats.Especially the peanut butter filled biscuits!

  16. Mindi Eden

    We have a dog that weighs 16 lbs. a healthy weight for her. Bu your guidelines we are UNDER feeding her by a whole can’s worth (She gets 1/2 can a day). Wondering if we should increase that?

  17. allison hoffman

    Both my dog and cat get wet food every day! My cat gets wet food twice a day because he has had crystals in the past and wet food is better for his urinary tract and hydration

  18. Joan

    Dry is down all the time, but I feed wet food after I get home from work as a reward for being good while I was gone. I not only make my pup happy, it makes him healthy with the added proteins he needs.

  19. Rachel Collins

    I love that this food has real meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient. I also like that it is grain and gluten free with no corn or soy, because my Husky is allergic to grains, so he can’t have anything else. I have to be very careful about what I feed him. The other big plus is that it’s manufactured in the USA. I’m very happy that they’re looking out for our pets!

  20. Kim Brooks

    The 2 Beaglebratz Ladiez love their wet food especially when added as a topper on their kibble with a few fresh veggies – bowls are licked clean every time, even when I add green beans or broccoli – the healthy meaty flavor will do it every time. And I love adding the wet food to their kibble and then mix in a little water to give it a good meaty taste.

  21. Cheryl Rahkonen

    I didn’t realize that senior pets lost their sense of smell. That must explain why my 18 year old cat suddenly wanted canned food or people food 2 years ago. He would only eat dry food until he was 16 years old and then started begging for our food when we ate. I had received a sample of canned food in the mail and decided to give it to him to see if he would eat it–and sure enough he did. He now prefers wet food to all others.

  22. Linda Szymoniak

    I’ve used dry kibble for both my dogs and cats for years, but have been talking with my vet and others experienced with feeding pets, and have found that at least adding some wet food has definite advantages. With my senior cat, Moko, who has been having health issues, I’m using only wet cat food or freshly cooked chicken, eggs, and some cheese (which she really loves). She’s doing better on the canned food, plus just won’t eat the dry any more anyway. I wish I knew years ago about just what is in processed pet foods and which ones to avoid. I also wish I knew then what I do now about wet vs. dry food.

  23. Kayla Lussier

    I definitely learned new things about wet food and its benefits for dogs and cats. My two cats and 1 dog get both wet and dry. I have yet to try any of this brand but definitely would love to! Even if I do not win, I plan to purchase some for both my dog and cats to try our!

  24. Astravega

    My dogs are both picky eaters and have tummy problems . Feeding them wet food eliminated basically all the tummy problems they’re still pick but i can manage 100% better.

  25. Siara H

    We have always preferred wet food over dry kibble. Now, our pups are senior age and are on special homemade diets due to allergies, but wet food is still a first choice over kibble!

  26. Jennifer P

    I know for cats, wetfood gives them a lot of the water and moisture needed by their bodies, not sure about dogs, my vet didn’t mention anything like that to me for my dogs, just that my cats were better off with both types of foods and that wet foods were very beneficial.

  27. kelly light

    My animals eat dry food most of the time, but, I give them wet as a “treat”. I had always heard that dry was better for them . I guess Ill be giving them more treats now!

  28. Coressa B Clark

    Found this article informative. I gathered that wet food is cooked at less heat so more nutrients stay in the food. Although we rarely feed out six dogs wet food, I’m sure it would be a treat. We mainly feed kibble because of the cost and it helps keep their teeth clean from tarter. I have on occasion fed my cat wet food and she does seem to enjoy it but have to limit the amount as to not upset her tummy. Thanks for this information. I always wondered why some feed wet and some feed dry. P.S. I do often worry about what is in kibble. Like horse meat… That breaks my heart thinking that could be in there as we owned many horses throughout the years.

  29. Patricia Biggar

    I like the fact that wet food has higher levels of animal based protein – seems more inline with what they would get in nature…and tastier!

  30. Terry Poage

    I feed my dog and cats both wet and dry food. For the cats since they eat at different times of the day like to have their dry food to snack on while waiting for their wet food.

  31. Tera Culverwell

    My fur babies LOVE wet dog food! Esp. Your brand! I love the extra benefits the wet dog food gives them and that they love the taste. When they’re happy, I’m happy!!

  32. Jodi

    I use wet food for both my dogs and cats because the extra moisture is a blessing in the Texas summers. My cats can be picky about certain flavours (we went through a period when none of them wanted shredded food in gravy), but the dogs love anything mushy and gooshy!

  33. Sam

    I always believe that it is important for dogs, just like it is for us, to have variety in the their diet, whether dry food, wet food, or fresh meat. Each has its own nutrients importance.

  34. Cheryl Chervitz

    I have three dogs. They have dry food that they free feed on, and then once a day I give them 1/3 can of wet food. They feel like its a treat, and shame on me if I forget to give it to them!

  35. Laura Klassen

    We feed our dog both wet and dry food but after reading this article, I think we will feed her more wet food than dry now. I didn’t know there were so many benefits to giving her wet food and she does seem to like it more anyway.

  36. Kayla

    My one borzoi Harper will not eat enough and doesn’t gain weight. I have to supplement her with wet food just to increase her caloric intake. She loves redbarn!

  37. Ash Y

    I like to keep my cat healthy by feeding more canned than kibble. When I can’t afford it I feed all canned. As for the dogs, I give it to them as a delicious treat or supplement mixed into kibble.

  38. Amanda Grzonka

    I did not realize the benefits that wet dog food can have. I’ve never tried it with my dog, and have only used it as an occasional treat meal for my cat. But after reading this, I might have to switch it up! My dog has had UTI’s in the past – wet dog food is a solution! She’s also still hungry after eating – wet dog food fills you up more? Awesome! More palatable? Saaawweeet! Less grains and wheat?? LOVE! Will definitely have to try!

  39. Heather Taylor

    Both our pup and cat get wet canned food mixed with their dry, all high quality grain free. I know it adds benefits with the nutrition factor and the hydration benefit. My morning routine involves my cat sitting in her corner spot waiting for the added wet food as she sees it more like an extra tasty treat! And our pup loves when we mix the wet food with his dry food too and sometime our old cat likes to sneak over to the pup’s bowl once in awhile. She is now 17 years old and Queen of the house and she never seizes to amaze me with things she does out of routine!

  40. Kari Coffey

    My Granny always feed her dogs wet food, and sometimes added bacon grease. We wouldn’t think about doing that today. My pup gets a mixture of wet and dry food. Keeps him healthy.

  41. Eva D

    I dont think I would switch from dry to wet but as a treat once in awhile I would give wet. I like that it adds hydration and sometimes will get the dog to eat

  42. patricia caradonna

    I feed my dog Josie wet food. I also leave out dry food in case she wants to nibble during the day. The protein in the wet food is good for her.

  43. Rushell Tuggle

    I just recently switched from dry to wet, mostly because my dog is getting older, and has lost a tooth making it harder to chew. I didn’t realize all of the benefits of wet food, especially the hydration part. Glad I made the switch!

  44. patrick jones

    i feed my pets wet food on occasion, their reg food is dry! Redbarn natural-chicken-cat-pate-for-indoor-cats and the chicken-freeze-dried-cat-treats.

  45. Carla W.

    The benefits are that they are better for the animals that have bad teeth or no teeth. My poor little min pin has no teeth and wed food is all he can have. I can’t give my little dog wet food without giving my big one wet food as well. They LOVE Red Barn. Plus the ingredients are REAL and not artificial.

  46. Jennifer Hedden

    Yes I did learn some new things about wet food like it probably retains more nutrients and that it has less carbs and can provide hydration for my pets. We have two cats and one dog. One cat and the dog can eat canned food, but we have never tried Redbarn.

  47. Nadia Martin

    I love that wet food come packed with more premium ingredients like real, hearty meats and natural ingredients. It makes sense since you can keep food in can a lot longer than any other. I really love that it doesn’t spoil as fast. Our dry food become so stale after a short time and lose it’s flavor 🙁

  48. Melissa McCarter

    I give my male cats wet food along with dry food daily to improve on their urinary health. Recommended by my vet for my middle and senior aged cats. My female cat gets the wet food because she’s a princess and I don’t want to leave her out of the pack. Then my two puppers get to lick the empty cans because they’re spoiled rotten and have to be a part of everything even putting the cans in the recycling bin.

  49. Mary Dailey

    Red barn wet food is fantastic for our german shepherd who is susceptible to bloat! The dampened food helps alleviate some of those worries, plus he loves the taste 🙂

  50. Susan Bilger

    I have always used dry dog food to try and prevent dental problems but I am not sure if it really helps. I worry about switching my dogs to wet but I am open to trying a mixture of dry and Redbarn wet food. I especially like the fact that Redbarn wet has more animal protein in it.

  51. Mary Carmichael

    Wet food has many benefits…mat favorite been..if you have a dog or cat that doesn’t drink much the wet food will help keep them hydrated which is mega-important.

  52. Ron Jeka

    Like what I’ve read and glad made in USA though as long as not using ingredients from a large Asian country that harmed many animals.

  53. Natalie

    I had no idea that wet food has higher levels of animal based proteins! I feel as though I should start feeding my dog more wet food. I bet my dog would love the Beef Pate variety!

  54. Pam Flynn

    Wow! I learned so much! I had always thought wet food was better but didn’t realize wet foods most resemble what my pet would eat in the wild and tend to have higher levels of animal based proteins.

  55. Nicole Lancaster

    I learned that canned pet food can be an excellent source of hydration .My dogs love canned wet pet food, they prefer it over dry of course. It is too costly to feed it to them all the time. My dog’s favorite wet dog food is Redbarn’s Duck & Turkey Pate.

  56. angela meek

    My pets love wet food and I give it to them usually 2 times a day along with their dry food. I know that it helps in many ways especially with outdoor pets because they don’t drink as much water and the wet food helps with urinary function. Redbarn products are some of their faves!

  57. Melissa

    My cats enjoy wet food everyday. it gives them more moisture and has far less fillers than most dry of cats has food sensitivities and most dry foods have poultry or poultry by products in them and various fillers. He loves redbarns skin and coat lamb and u should see his fur it’s so shiny and beautiful. One of my other cats has urinary tract issues and loves the beef. Her cost is shiny as well and it’s much healthier than other foods out there.

  58. yuna Katz

    Wet foods provides healthier proteins, the water their kidneys and bodies need, wet food is closest to what dogs and cats would eat in the wild, back when I was a kid we never feed any sort of unhealthy grain filled dry kibble to our pets it was always canned food or food that was cooked specifically for our pets, it was the normal way to go and pets were healthier. I do not even remember seeing bags of dry food in stores only canned foods. Wet foods are closest to the natural diet.

  59. Jennifer

    My older Male, Jake HAS to have wet food in his diet. He has Urinary trouble often. We’ve had a flush done and antibiotics but it keeps coming back. Dr. says it’s common in males and him being older is another factor. I also keep PLENTY of water down for him and he gets a cranberry supplement 2X per week. 🙂 Wet food is VERY beneficial in our household. 🙂

  60. Catherine Lewis

    My dog loves wet food. In fact he won’t eat dried food without wet food on it. My cat, however, seems to throwup any kind of wet food I’ve tried about 2 minutes after she eats it. No wet food for the cat.

  61. Holly Hodges

    Our Doberman LOVES the duck recipe while the mutt pup enjoys the beef. We use kibble but try to mix in wet food for a balanced diet!



  63. Sandra Beeman

    I had no idea that wet food has more nutrients and taste better to pets as is simulates more of what naturally appeals to dogs and cats. Our beagle only eats Kibbles and both cats both eat wet and dry cat foods.

  64. Holly Jones

    My dog has lost so many teeth from bad owners before us, she has to eat wet food. Wet food has more protein and she likes it so much more than dry food. One important thing to remember take care of their teeth especially if they only eat wet food,

  65. Grace Morimoto

    Wet dog food contains more meat protein and fewer carbohydrates. They eat the wet dog food as if it is tastier. It looks like it tastes better.

  66. kathy m

    In our home the cats are given both the wet and dry cat food options. They love the taste of the wet food and the dry helps keep their teeth clean

  67. Njari Crosby

    I have always fed my dog both. She gets a can of wet mixed in with some dry. She gets more wet food in the summer months, because it helps hydrate her. And because she is so active I do not worry about the calories as others do. I shop at Mounds where I get all my Red Barn products.

  68. Mary A Little

    I would love to try this for my Chihuahua she is 8 yrs old and I’m going to have to start buy wet food
    Instead kibbles
    My baby can’t eat like she use to.
    And she has cancer.
    Id love to try this to see
    If she would eat this she is just
    Like my child picky. Lol

  69. Renee E Mace

    My dogs and cats love their wet canned foods, I love that Redbarn doesn’t use fillers but all natural foods and vitamins that my dogs need as well as my cats. Also when we have dinner, my animal children have there canned food for their dinner, it’s a win win situation.

  70. Darcy Koch

    This is a new brand to me. I learned that wet canned food keeps more nutrients over the dry food. I already knew it must be refrigerated after opening though. I have never tried this brand for my dog but I do alternate between canned and dry so I may consider it.

  71. Lisa G

    My cats eat wet food and has more water which everyone even animals need to keep hydrated 🙂 They contain less contain wheat, grains, and other carbs!! Great source of protein that they would get in the wild

  72. Thresha Kilkenny

    I didn’t learn anything new but was reminded of a few things. Our pets definitely prefer wet food over dry kibble, but they don’t really have a favorite yet.

  73. Caitlyn Orr

    I love feeding my cat’s a nice combo of wet and dry food. My male can get urinary issues so wet food is a must in my household!

  74. Amanda Eagan

    Contains moisture and so we give a mix to our cat and elderly dog so they can have added moisture. I didn’t know it contains less wheat, grain, and carbs. I liked the article; thank you for the info

  75. Sam Thompson

    As convenient as dry food is, I think it’s important to incorporate wet food into your pets diet. My main reason is the protein source found in wet food verses dry food. Plus my pups and cats love the fresher and less processed wet foods!

  76. Emily

    Love the article. We love to mix dry kibble with wet food sometimes. I seem to find that my dog usually likes wet food better.

  77. Cynthia Stacey

    Wet food can contain less wheat and grains which is better for my cat – keeping my cat healthier. Also my cat prefers wet food because it is more like real meat in the wild!

  78. Stephanie Phelps

    I had always heard that wet was not good for her. After reading this I think I should give it a try and I think she would love any of the dogs wet foods you have!

  79. Susan P.

    My cats get wet food once a day for the extra protein and hydration. They get dry food all day and will eat about a tablespoon of dry each time.

  80. Sandy Klocinski

    I feed my dog wet dog food mixed with a little of whatever I am having for dinner, if possible. I use wet dog food instead of dry because he is a chihuahua and I like the convenience of just opening a little can (and he likes it better than dry) and not having to store anything but I also give dry treats to keep his teeth clean. We’ve not tried the Great Wildwoods food

  81. Jenn Fike

    wet food is great to help keep the dogs hydrated, especially when your kids wont leave the water bowl alone. Its just unfortunate that it costs so much more since I have 2 giant dogs to feed.

    1. Darion Barlow

      Hi Fredrick,

      Thanks for reaching out, you asked a wonderful question! Moist dry food, or semi-moist foods like our Redbarn Rolled Food, are viable options for many pet owners because it shares the benefits of both wet and dry food. Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s dietary needs and then determine if adding more wet food to their diet is right for you and your pet.For example, if after talking to your vet you find your pet could use more hydration, consider adding more wet food to their diet. Hope this is helpful!

  82. J.R.

    We LOVE Redbarn pet products! We would recommend these to friends. We also love what Redbarn is about, you can tell they genuinely care.

  83. J.R.

    Also… I worked at a vet, this article is great! One of the main reasons we used wet food is because of the moisture content! So many dehydrated pups and kitties would come in, and this was one good way to get them hydrated again.

  84. Kristin Gilbert

    I never knew there were such benefits of wet dogfood. I usually mix both wet and dry. My Goldie will love this product.

  85. Dey Suniga

    My picky chihuahua hates dry food! We’ve tried giving it to her a few times and she absolutely disliked it. Some people had told us that wet food was bad if we kept giving it to her so we were so cautious about it. After reading this article I feel a whole lot better and confident about giving her the wet food!

  86. Sandra

    Wet food from Redbarn is a delicious treat for our 3 Labrador Retrievers ! When we mix it with our kibbles, they gobble everything up in 10 seconds! Also a great way to add more moisture to their food! YUM !

  87. Gretchen E.

    This sounds like it might be perfect for our Max. He has a hard time with keeping weight on in the winter now that he’s getting older.

  88. dee

    I forgot to mention that my dogs LOVE the peanut butter and jelly bones that RedBarn makes!!! We buy them as a treat and keeps them occupied for at least a little while 🙂 Thanks to all at RedBarn!!

  89. Bayleigh

    We have been trying wet dog food with our dry dog food and it has been helping out pups! It’s great and it helps picky eaters! They think it’s he best treat ever just to have a little bit of it!

  90. Melissa D

    What an informative article! I never thought of hydration as a factor in the food I feed my dogs. I’m going to be adding wet food to their diets pronto!

  91. Melody

    After reading this, I’m thinking of moving my two plump girls to wet food only, to see if they can lose some weight. I’m already feeding more wet food to an elderly, fragile poodle; easier for him to eat and digest and more moisture for him.

  92. Kim Tompkins

    Living in a very hot dry area and having a dog that doesn’t drink a ton of water feeding a caned or moist food is a must for his urinary health. Till I found Red Barn products this was always a challenge for me with my one boy, but he loves this food and it has been a life changer for him and his health.

  93. Kristen H.

    My cat doesn’t seem to like wet food that much. If I put some in a bowl for her, she’ll usually just lick it, but not eat it. I’ve been thinking about mixing it in with the dry food I give her for a while now, but I’m still not sure she’ll eat it if I do. I really would like her to start eating wet food a little more often, though, especially given the fact that it typically contains more nutrients than dry food and I would like her to be as healthy as she possibly can be heading forward in life.

  94. angela smith

    i’ve always fed my cats and dogs both wet and dry food..i figured wet food would be tastier for them and keep them hydrated.hard food or biscuit i thought would be better for their teeth and make them work their not just chowing down..

  95. Amy Slover

    I have two dogs and two cats and that’s all they eat is can food I think it keeps them healthier and more energized. They love it more than dry food

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