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The Great Wildwoods Giveaway

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All about Redbarn’s New Wildwood Stews

New Redbarn Wildwood Stew Recipes feature unique proteins like TroutDuck and Quail in a delectable gravy that your dog will love! Like all recipes in the Redbarn canned line, premium protein is the first ingredient. Wildwood Stews are also free from grain, soy and corn. Each recipe features superfoods to support your dog’s health needs, like healthy teeth and bones, and joint health. They’re also made in the USA, so you can trust the safety and quality in every can. Learn more here.

Never tried a wet food recipe for your dog? No worries! Get educated on the benefits of wet food for your pet!




Oré Originals has been creating a legacy of Happy Products for Good People and Pets™ since 1989.

It all began in a small garage in Southern California… Lisa Lowe founded Oré Originals with a love for design and a passion for color, print, pattern and creating useful things.

Growing up in a creative family, life has always been about visual ideas and making them real. Lisa’s California roots play a big role in the Oré esthetic – casual, colorful, sweet, but uncluttered, modern but classic. The result is three unique collections of functional items designed to brighten your day and help make life easy and fun.

The styling that drives Oré’s collections today thrives on the same energy that started it all. A passion for creative use of materials, colorful print and pattern, and a big dream to make products that solve everyday problems… AND put a smile on your face. That was – and still is – what Oré is all about.

After adopting – and falling in love with – an English Bull Terrier named Stanley, founder Lisa began designing products to help make pet ownership more enjoyable and fun. The result is the Oré Pet™ Collection of essential and unique pet items for dogs and cats.

Special thanks to our Great Wildwoods Giveaway Pet Partners!

For the Great Wildwoods Giveaway we partnered with some of favorite Redbarn Pet Partners. Learn more about these wonderful dogs and the humans that take such great care of them!






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There are 33 comments

  1. Nancy Loring

    My 2 dogs prefer wet food but I wasn’t sure if they were getting enough nutrients and vitamins from jst wet food but after reading all of the ingredients in the Wildwood Stews I realize I don;t have anything to worry about. My dogs also love the Redbarn bully slices and the filled bones peanut butter and bacon.

  2. Julie

    I like mixing wet food with my pup’s kibble. It makes her meals more interesting by adding different flavors and a different texture. She enjoys it!

    1. Janet Bolling

      Same here. And much easier to clean up their poop when they eat this than just the wet dog, to figure outxwhy my cat eats paper when bored!

  3. Jennifer P

    I know for cats, wetfood gives them a lot of the water and moisture needed by their bodies, not sure about dogs, my vet didn’t mention anything like that to me for my dogs, just that my cats were better off with both types of foods and that wet foods were very beneficial.

  4. Shelley P

    My dogs love wet food and get it daily. If I only feed them dry kibble they get blocked up. My dogs also love that wet food can be heated because they like a warm meal especially on cold days 🙂 My dogs enjoy the duck Redbarn flavor of can food the most.

  5. Brenda Abrams

    The trout would be real good for my dog’s nutritional requirements he is a red nosed pit bull terrier ” It’s essential for my breeds skin and coat ect… I can’t seem to find trout in any dog foods though we would love to win the trout”, thank you for providing me with this chance at winning !!!

  6. Lora Clark

    I have not tried Red Barn for my terriers, but if it is as appetizing as the treats I always get at shows, mine are in for the long term! I do have a wolfhound and sight hounds have notoriously testy stomachs. I’ve been told by each breederL I have got my hounds from to feed dry and not to change foods. Also, they do not need high protein content.
    L. Clark

  7. Cynthia D

    We give our furbabies wet dog food as a special meal. We mix it with their dry dog food on the weekends, because we as a family all of us sit down together and have brunch on the weekends to catch up with each other. The weekdays are pretty hectic with everyone going in different directions.

  8. Robyn Cobb

    the cat would be in heaven if i gave her wet food only. i know it’s good for her coat but i can’t afford it EVERY meal. the dog…not so picky but does love the wet food.

  9. Audra Hollander

    I like mixing wet with dry to pets that might have food aggression. They try to eat the wet first and concentrate on kicking each dry piece

  10. Darla

    We give one our dog (Darla) wet half time which her grain free dry food cause to do her allergy most food the market she cannt have like beef,chicken,wheat,dairy,soy. She love her trout,bison,lam, duck and alligator dry food and it help dogs healthy

  11. Priscilla P.

    I didn’t know wet food could prevent UTIs. However; my vet recommended wet food for 2 of my older dogs, to help prevent straining when going to the bathroom.

  12. Ellen Casper

    After reading about wet food I plan on having my shelties try Redbarn’s Steak and Egg Stew Canned Dog Food. it sounds yummy for then plus the benefits!

  13. dee

    My dogs love wet food and they get it 2-3 times a week with their kibble. I use RedBarn products all the time, including their peanut butter and jelly bones 😉 The dogs love those!!!

  14. Laura Emerson

    All 3 of our dogs love wet foods. Two of them are older and it is so much easier for them to eat and digest. Our youngest one loves dry and wet food.

  15. Rosanne

    I’ve always given my pet wet brands like this. I wouldn’t want to eat just dry food so I don’t expect them to either. I am sensitive to smells though and sometimes the smell from wet food bothers me

  16. Holli zampano

    All dogs are different in what they like and prefer and what they do best on. My dog gets 9ozs of wet food a day and does great on it

  17. Joann

    WOW didn’t know there was that much of a difference between DRY & WET food…so glad I read the
    article….learn something new every day & 2day I did

  18. Shopper

    Hello, I am interested in your cat foods but they contain D2, which is controversial and may not be a safe ingredient. Why do you use D2 and not D3? Very disappointed that your food contains this.

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