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    Two house kitties and 6 outside kitties – they will love these treats! We try to give treats several times a week, and everybody knows their name and everybody knows “Treats!” and comes-a-running when we call. Love our pets!

  2. Douglas J Poppelreiter

    I have taken on the task of trying to befriend at least one feral cat on my rural property. Anything I can do is worth the effort. I’d like to make a pet out of this cat, but I have adopted two dogs within the last year & unfortunately they seem to want to chase cats, squirrels, etc. But I’m optimistic that things will work out.

  3. jacqueline ising

    in the winter i make sure to keep the apt warm. i also take her for a well visit . if the heat goes out i have a well insualted bed for her

  4. Laura L Cox

    My cats are strictly indoors. Period. I make sure they have plenty of food and water — as much as they want. They have plenty of warm and comfy and cozy blankets and places to play and nap, etc. I do my very best to take care of them. I Love them very much .

  5. Leeannc31

    I have one cat name Morris. A big old Tabby(22 lbs.). He lived outside, you could tell his spots because of the indentations of the ground fit his body. Previous owners used him as a mouser. He is at least 8 yrs old. He now lives as a inside cat. Which he has transitioned beautifully! Has the opportunity to go out but, in a fenced in yard. No salt on the steps during the winter. Sand!

  6. Patricia Biggar

    If you don’t know where your cat is before you leave the house, lift the hood of your car to make sure they haven’t climbed under the hood looking for a warm place to sleep. Many cats die every year from climbing up under the hood of a car, because when the car is turned on, the fan can be brutal to any living creature in its’ path.

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