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XL Center Cut Antler

Naturally-shed Redbarn Antlers originate in Canada and are naturally rich in phosphorus, calcium and other minerals. Whether you choose the extremely durable Solid Antlers or the split Center Cut antlers with easier access to the marrow, your dog will love this delectable natural chew. Try a Center Cut XL Antler today!


Country of Origin: Canada, USA 

Shelf Life: 36 mo

Unit Of Measure: inches

Product Dimensions(Approx.):

Length: 7.625"

Width: .25"

Height: .25"

Weight: 2.12 oz

Case Count: 20

  • long Lasting
  • Helps Support Your Dog's Dental Health
  • Naturall Shed
  • Single Ingredient Chew
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors

Monitor your pet while feeding treats and give in limited quantity if your pet is not used to this treat. Do not allow your pet to swallow large pieces and discard any pieces that could be swallowed by your pet, as pieces could cause choking, stomach upset, or blockage. Recommended treat size is slightly larger than your pet's mouth. Feeding on upholstery or carpeting is not recommended. Always provide a fresh supply of drinking water.

Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis

Elk Antler

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A newborn puppy can’t see or hear, has no teeth and won’t be able to control his bladder until he about four months old.