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Quality Assurance


Redbarn Pet Products is dedicated to keeping the quality of our treats and food to the highest possible standards.

Our Guarantee

Feed your pet with confidence, each and every meal! At Redbarn, quality is #1. We have strict quality assurance specifications in our factories to ensure the freshest product goes out our doors for your dog or cat to enjoy.

Our Quality Assurance Procedures

At Redbarn Pet Products, we work hard to ensure that we manufacture the highest quality and safest pet food and treats. We take our Quality Assurance standards seriously. We continue to invest both time and money into our quality assurance programs: purchasing new machinery, hiring skilled and educated staff, and utilizing up-to-date and improved processing and testing protocols.

Redbarn maintains three fully equipped labs: one devoted to quality assurance physical and chemical testing of materials and product, one for microbiological testing, and one dedicated to product development. Our in-house labs are set up to test pH, moisture levels, water activity levels and salt levels as well as perform microbiological tests such as aerobic plate counts, anaerobic plate counts, coliform counts and Salmonella screening. Our product development lab has capabilities for trial batches of new and improved items in our product line. Finally, we utilize an outside ISO accredited laboratory for additional biological and chemical testing, for verification of our procedures and tests results, and for special projects. Every product that we manufacture in both our Kansas and Paraguay plants is subjected to our high-quality control standards.

Redbarn operates under HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles in both of our processing facilities. Our HACCP program includes multiple required programs specifically designed for our facility and the pet treats and foods we produce. Product and raw material analysis, production and environmental monitoring, and facility audits support the HACCP program.

Contamination: How Do We Prevent it?

To monitor critical points in our supply chain and ensure our suppliers are providing us with the highest quality raw materials, we require a Certificate of Analysis from all of our vendors verifying the correct grade and purity of material with every shipment. All products, moist and dehydrated, are not packaged until Quality Assurance technicians determine that all test specifications are met. Water activity specifications are set to assure the products will not support bacterial growth. In addition, all lots of finished product are screened for Salmonella and other bacteria as specified before they are released for distribution. Redbarn management teams perform monthly internal audits for GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices), as well as regularly scheduled audits for food safety and security. The facility is also routinely audited by FDA and USDA inspectors.

Your Pet's Safety is Our Priority

Together with internal and external monitoring and auditing, we feel that we have industry leading quality and safety protocols in place to ensure the final product you receive is of the highest quality. With this degree of quality, you can feel confident giving your pet our Redbarn products.