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About Us

Redbarn Pet Products began 40 years ago when Jeff Baikie and Howie Bloxam met on a Canadian hockey rink. They developed and have maintained a friendship that has lasted ever since. The friendship that binds them, along with the history they share, forms the basis for their partnership and has helped them build the successful, growing company that is Redbarn today.

The Redbarn Ice Dogs Hockey Team

It started with an idea: why not develop a food that was actually good for your dog? After many months of research and development, the Redbarn Premium Rolled Food was born and as they say, “the rest is history”. The success of the food prompted many requests for treats. Always willing to oblige, Jeff and Howie set to work on the very first Redbarn Treat for Dogs. Over the years, Redbarn Dog Treats has grown into a full range of unique and delicious treats. As hands-on owners Jeff and Howie feel it is essential to keep in contact with their customers. As a result, Redbarn is dedicated to quick response to consumer demands. A request for more natural products resulted in the launch of the new “Redbarn Naturals” range of products.

The Redbarn Founders: Howie and Jeff

From our humble beginnings, the Redbarn team has since grown to include food scientists who work solely at developing new, wholesome products for your dog to enjoy. Our Quality Control Department works tirelessly to ensure that only first quality products leave our doors each and every day to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy. But no matter the number of employees, we are still the close-knit family we started as. Dedicated to maintain and preserve the grass roots philosophy they started with and always unwilling to compromise quality, Jeff and Howie take pride in offering you the best assortment possible. At Redbarn, quality is #1, and it shows!

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