Love them enough to give them the best stuff

About Us

From our humble beginnings in a garage in Seal Beach, CA where two lifelong friends, Jeff Baikie and Howard Bloxam had a simple idea, "Why not develop a natural, healthy dog food?"

From that simple question, our Redbarn Premium Rolled Foods were born. 

That was almost 20 years ago. 

Today, Redbarn has over 400 employees and over 200 types of food and treats for dogs and cats that are manufactured in either our Great Bend, KS facility or our South American Facility in Paraguay.  Our facilities are 100% Redbarn owned and operated to ensure the highest quality and safety of all of our products. 

Redbarn strives to constantly develop new and innovative products.  We have a dedicated staff of food scientists who work on continuing to improve our current products and develop new products.

We also have a extensive Quality Assurance team that works tirelessly to ensure all product that leaves our plants is safe and of the highest quality.

No matter how big we get or how many employees we have working with us, we are still a very close-knit family dedicated to preserving the grassroots philosophy and maintaining an uncompromising stance on quality. 

Jeff, Howard and the whole Redbarn family take pride in offering you the highest quality, innovative, best treats possible.